Bodybuilder Penis Size

So if testosterone made your dick grow at puberty, and made you start making seman, why don't bodybuilders, who are PUMPED full of testosterone have monster dicks and loads?

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Bodybuilder Penis Size

So if testosterone made your dick grow at puberty, and made you start making seman, why don't bodybuilders, who are PUMPED full of testosterone have monster dicks and loads?
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Most were not body builders during puberty....plus, the advantage of test. is how nature choose to use it. I have a bigger dick than some of our school's top athletes, its all in how nature allows your body to grow (we are programmed to have a penis of a certain size)
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yeah it's really something we can't control

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The thing to remember is that bodybuilders only pump themselves full of testosterone during the growth phase of their training cycle. This phase finishes long before they enter competition, so when you see them on stage they certainly aren't pumped full of the stuff - in fact they usually have considerably less of it than the average guy.

I can tell you that when a bodybuilder IS pumping himself full of testosterone during the growth phase, it has a massive effect on his sexual performance. His libido goes through the roof and his penis gets massively big and hard - sometimes even causing priapism, which sounds great but actually needs medical attention. Theres no doubt this makes the penis larger - because it is stretching and filling out the blood vessels - but the change is not really permanent.

The problem is that if you take the wrong substances, the testosterone is coming straight from the needle not from your testicles. In fact, your body soon begins to ask why your testosterone levels have suddenly rocketed and in an effort to restore the balance, switches off your testicles entirely. If this goes on for long, your testicles shrink permanently through lack of exercise. This is why you sometimes see bodybuilders who have virtually no bulge in their trunks. Sad to say, these guys have almost emasculated themselves. Of course things are much better these days - at least if you get your substances from reputable sources. Bodybuilders cycle so that they arent on dangerous stuff for too long, and there are substances that get your testicles to pump up their testosterone production rather than relying on whats injected.
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Your body will jump in test, and will retaliate by increasing estrogen. This is not beneficial. As far as pumping oneself with test during growth phases, the body does will actually increase serum levels of testosterone with more muscle mass. This is just a natural reaction to increased muscle. The body better regulates the natural increase without the estrogen backlash.
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is there such thing as penis philosophy? lol

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If the size of a man's penis was controlled by hormones then you might be right.

But it's not.

Penis size is determined by one's genetics.

In which case, no amount of testosterone is going to make up for a genetic "deficiency".
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There are many myths about bodybuilders and bodybuilding. As has been said the times that testosterone supplementation would be beneficial to penis size would be very limited. A few medical conditions could delay development in such a manner that testosterone supplementation could cause a size increase, but in a normal post-pubertal male odds are very much against it.

This is like the shrinkage of a penis from bodybuilding and or testosterone supplementation. There is no such thing as penile shrinkage other than E.D. which can be caused from this. The main problem in professional bodybuilding that fuels this myth is the size of everything else when compared against the size of the penis. A male can have 8+ hard inches and if he also has 30+ inch thighs the penis and testicles are going to look very small.

With a few rare medical exceptions excess testosterone will not enlarge a penis beyond it's pre-destined genetic length.
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At one point I had 35 inch thighs. They did sort of dwarf my penis and testicles even though I was well endowed. No, I was not nor have I ever used steroids.

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i boned a bodybuilder in high school. 8" uncut and a body to die for.
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