Wife wants to try a large cock!?!?!

Originally Posted by capslock It seems pretty invasive the way you grill her about big cock. This has been a DIALOG between us for 14 years now Originally Posted by capslock .. If a women

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Originally Posted by capslock View Post
It seems pretty invasive the way you grill her about big cock.
This has been a DIALOG between us for 14 years now

Originally Posted by capslock View Post
.. If a women kept grilling me about big breasts... making me feel guilty just fore the existence of large breasts out there is stifling
Not trying to make her feel guilty. Quite the opposite. I'm trying to let her open up about something she possibly desires.

Originally Posted by capslock View Post
... You should knocked it off and enjoy your wife
I already do

Originally Posted by capslock View Post
or go out and get fucked in the ass to resolve your own fettishes!
Nope, sorry you are miles away from understanding where I'm coming from on this.
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I've had experience with swinging and it can work, but it can also ruin a relationship. Definetly high risk behavior.

You're getting a bit carried away with this talk about her finding a lover on her on. You need to can that idea.

You might try going with a threesome as long as you don't have to push her into it. If you have to push, bag it. If you have to push for anything, bag it.

I think a big risk here is your getting too focused on sex with others and loosing interest in just sex with your wife. Keep that in mind.

So, keep the big picture in perspective - what you have now and what risk you are taking that might compromise it. Think before you act.

Keep us posted.
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dude...asking your wife to service another cock???...very risky behavior, you seem to want it more than she...keep fantasy separate from your real life..you seem to have it all...try sharing more porn to give the excitement you seem to need...else starting over could be in your future....that is a lonely road you may not enjoy
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Yeah, this is your wife you are talking about... You say you are trying to help her "open up", but instead you seem controlling and trying to force her to fuck some donkey dick for your own amusement, really. I mean if I really wanted to please my wife snausage-wize, I'd get a large dildo ore a pee-pee extender to please her. bring in another person is more than just about her exploring her own curiosities. hence why I think that you want your ass stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey, farting come across the room ! "Pffffft...SPLAT!"
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I just stumbled across this thread and find it very interesting. Youngdane, thanks for posting the question and thanks to all the members of LPSG for sharing your thoughts. The "S" in LPSG stands for Support and it is in that spirit that I want to contribute to the dialogue.

I have been happily married for 28 years. My wife is good looking (honey123 your photos are great and remind me of some of my wife's best features ). I have been faithful to my wife for all of our three decades together, and we have a happy healthy sexual relationship.

Like Youngdane, I am comfortable with my size and know that I perform well in the sack and satify the love of my life. But... I too have the same fantasy.

My wife knows about my obsession with big penises and sexual prowess ... she sometimes helps me get off by role playing and telling me 'big dick' stories. but it is my fantasy it is not her fantasy.

If your wife is willing to help indulge you with stories and role playing that might be a good compromise. If at some point she is willing to go further that is between you and her... if she isn't interested in actually doing the act then you shouldn't push. Like any good lover, you should try to find ways to satisfy one another without pushing beyond the other partner's comfort zone.

I hope I don't sound too pedantic or preachy...

Asking her to help you talk out a fantasy or 'pretend' as part of your foreplay or 'pillow talk' might be a good compromise ... It works for me

I like to write erotic fiction and have posted a number of 'large penis' stories in the fictitious stories section of LPSG. Feel free to print one or two of them and show them to your wife. tell her you 'get off' on this type of fantasy story. If that is too direct maybe just leave the stories lying around the house and when she 'discovers' them you can open up the conversation about your fantasy and tell her you like stories about well endowed men satisfying their lovers. Then, the next time you are having sex, remind her of the fantasy stories and how much it makes you hot! As a good lover she might "help you" with your fantasy... as you should help her enjoy her fantasies.

Inviting her to help you with the fantasy might be a good compromise and keep your sex life fun and safe.

Just a thought.


that Avatar is a big white cock...
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"....school whose friends called him 'moby 'dick' and that he was hung nearly to his knees. this guy dated another acquaintance of hers. She was told by his ex-girlfriend that "girl, he would split you in two!" To me, this implies that she said that she would like to try him, or someone his size to provoke that sort of response....."

It 'implies'??? Dude you have been with your wife for 14 years, and you are still second guessing her? You should have a frank discussion with her to find out what SHE actually wants and feels..

".... Big cock #2-Finally about six months ago, while having sex, I asked her if she had ever been fucked by a big cock (as I have on several occasions, always answered with a "no") . To my surprise, this time she answered with a low, whispered, "yesssss". When I pressed for details, she got increasingly angry. I wanted to know who it was and she was reluctant to share details, the reason being is that she told me while we were sharing about our pasts that she had hooked up with this guy but not slept with him. I had caught her "omission" and I admit that I was hurt by it. I think she was embarrassed to tell me at that early stage in our relationship simply because he was hung. It didn't hurt me that he was hung. It hurt me that she hid the encounter from me. I cant begrudge her for any of it-it happend before I knew her. Admittedly now this is a huge turn on for me."

I wanted to know.
I was hurt by it.
It's a huge turn on for me..

What about 'she' or heaven forbid, 'we'??

"Now, since all of this has come out, I have explained that if it would be pleasurable for her that she should find a well hung lover on the side. She has seen and experienced bigger. As long as the relationship is physical and safe, I have no problem with it. Her pleasure is extremely important to me. I would also like to have an MMF or MMFF with her. She likes when I mention the idea of doing a DP. Sometimes she says she doesn't think bringing someone into our bed is smart, but other times (when aroused) she is all for it. I really want it to happen."

... YOU have explained to your wife how it would be pleasurable for HER??? Are you serious?

You are actually going to tell another person what THEY should do to feel pleasure...?

Can you not see that this entire piece is all about YOU and YOUR needs? You are trying to push/cajole/coerce your wife into something she is obviously not totally comfortable doing.. Sometimes you do that for long enough and people will go along with it just to please their partner (and maybe to shut them up) and that NEVER works.. You cannot make someone be what YOU WANT them to be..

Can't you tell from her defensive nature about these questions, that she may not want to move in that direction?

What we say in the heat of passion, and fantasies we have, are often completely different to what we actually want to happen in the real world..

Listen to your wife, man.. She says she doesn't think it is a smart move, but I guess you don't want to hear that do you, because that's not the answer you're looking for?

Are you just going to keep at her until you get her to do what you want, regardless of how she feels inside about it?

"In closing-I am not a cuckold waiting to happen, I do not want to be dominated in any way and do not consider my self small or weak. I really am ok with my size. I AM, however, fascinated by watching my wife respond physically to a huge cock. I love my wife and am committed in the extreme to giving her the ultimate sexual experience, whatever that may be for her."

I, I, I, I, I....

Why don't you have a real discussion with your wife about this, rather than trying to gain snippets of information during the heat of passion (or when she's drunk) which steers this whole thing on the course YOU want it to take? You're choosing to ignore the things she says which don't comply with your fantasy ['She doesn't think it would be a smart move'], and desperately grab onto anything she says which may.

TALK to her and find out what you want, together...
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I grow weary of these cuckold threads.

Get your testosterone checked, work out, raise nitric oxide in your system, take your wife on a hot date, and fuck her like a man.
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The whole angle of your questioning points to this being your issue. So women aren't supposed to want a big cock? What's wrong with that? Do you like big tits or a big shapely ass? Of course you do? Women who say they wouldn't prefer at least 8-9 inches with comfort are f...in liers plain and simple. In fact I just wish women would say such? Do guys bang small breasted women of course they do, do they not bang then because they don't measure up? Hell no. Same with fat, skinny whatever women. This bugs you thats why you keep questioning the hell out of her. Did you ever think she loves you for a host of other reason's yet she still looks at a guys bulge? Of course she does, and his ass too. Lets get something straight not one guy on this blog small or large did any damn thing special to have what he has, its not a statement on his value or character, its Gods blessing period. I know this is a strange place to mention God, but didn't he give us what he got below? Of course he did, in other words live with it. If you both procede to allow other people in your relationship as you wish do so, I say for your sake get yourself some bonus too. In fact since its always more difficult for the guy to arrange strange if she wants the goods I suggest you tell her to set up the ladies, if she's hot like you say the hot bi's will come running, simple as this if you want whats behind door A then you need to set up door B for me. Play Monte Hall "Lets make a Deal" ok maybe a little before your time. I'm out.
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Thats so wild. I feel the same way. I guess its..."since you can't have a big cock"' maybe watching it is next best. I have had similar interaction, talk about it before sex and sometimes it seems to turn her on a bit more. But when I talk to her at other times it's, "do you really want to see me with another man"?
I'm fascinated as well, and find the one post where the guy said his wife wanted to was very erotic.
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my wife often talks on whats app with her friends about big cocks. we are currently on holiday and one evening i drunkenly suggested a trip to a nudest beach. she loved it whilst the beach was reserved i noticed a guy with his wife getting aroused looking at my wifes pussy. at the tome i thought nothing of it. since then when we have sex all i can think of is this guy getting hard looking at my wife. i have a fantasy of my wife fucking a gym fit young guy with a big dick, she seems to share this talk in bed.but also likes big dick talk with her friends do we take this further or leave as just talk to get off on ??? my wife is attractive and enjoys attention
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Try fisting that'll shut her up!LOL
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to the OP..have you ever considered making your cock bigger?? most guys can gain close to inch it both dimensions by stretching, jelqing routine in about 6 months. I did.
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Swinging lifestyle is a good way to explore your sexuality.
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Well, considering this thread is from 2008, I really hope he figured out what to do.
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Originally Posted by JohnnyRoulette View Post
Well, considering this thread is from 2008, I really hope he figured out what to do.
If he didn't, maybe she did.
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cock, large, wife

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