First time having anal sex

I am going to have anal sex for the first time in a couple of days, and I'm a bit nervous, but most excited. I will be the receiving part. It will also be the

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First time having anal sex

I am going to have anal sex for the first time in a couple of days, and I'm a bit nervous, but most excited. I will be the receiving part. It will also be the first time I'm having sex with another guy. The reason why I'm telling this is that since it's my first time, I'm afraid that something might go wrong... do you have any advice about how everything should happen and that it becomes most pleasurable for me? For example hygiene, safety and so on... thanks! By the way; his penis is approx 7 inches long.
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lots of lube?

lol, have fun fella :)
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In my own case, when I received for the first time, it hurt. The guy at the time was my b/f. He had a penis probably around 7 or so also, with good girth; I never measured. He was "gentle" with me and we used lots of lube. I had him take it out very quickly; I even tried to "get used to it for a while" but I felt like I was splitting in two.

I have had two b/f's in my life, the second one I am with now. He is actually larger than my first b/f; to be honest that didn't matter to me. I wanted no part of anal and only after being with him for a long time did I attempt to "give it up" again. With him I was able to get past the "initial hurt" and enjoy it. Many times I have had anal with him since and most of the time (not always) I get the initial hurt. It hurts good at first then that goes away.

For me personally anyways, I only bottom with b/f's. If you want to be certain you are clean, I used fleet's at first. Never had a problem. All I can say to you is take your time, have him understand that NO means NO if you hurt too bad, etc.

It is enjoyable with the right guy for me.

Make sure you are ready to receive him, fingers first maybe, etc. Don't rush or you will deeply (pun intended) regret it.

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"
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it hurts like hell the first time
make sure u have LOTS of lube

im hot
so suck my dick, bitch.
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clean yourself, buy an edema kit, do it few hours b4 the meeting. If is the first time you should learn how to relax your sphincter muscle, doing so, while he his trying to penetrate, will probably make you feel you need to have a poo, and if you are not clean, you can ending up to shat yourself on his cock! I know horribol story of people spraying all over bed shit! So that is my firsth advise!
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don't expect that you are going to be successful on your first attempt at taking a cock up your ass. that is an unrealistic expectation that could result in disaster.

a couple of personal stories to prove my point:

first story: my first several attempts at getting fucked up the ass were complete failures. lots of pain, i lost my erection, i nearly passed out it hurt so bad. then i finally had a guy who took a lot of time with me, showed me how to relax and open up my hole, lots of lube, and working my hole with his fingers. this was a long prep process - maybe 30 minutes or so. then when he finally got his dick inside of me, he just held it there with only the head inside and talked me through the process of relaxing and pushing back against his cock to open things up. when thrusting finally began it was slow and easy. it resulted in one of the most incredible orgasms i have ever had. i was yelling and screaming with pleasure (and i am not a screamer). i have LOVED anal sex (top and bottom) ever since. i suggest being on your back with your legs over his shoulders - that way you will be able to have constant eye contact with each other. others may have their own opinion about the preferred position for your first time.

second story: fast forward a couple of years. i had an anonymous hookup with a guy. business traveler in his hotel room. married guy who was determined that he wanted to have his first experience of getting fucked up the ass. and i mean he was DETERMINED! he informed me he had condoms and lube. i show up to learn that his form of lube was just ordinary hand lotion (first trouble sign). i really tried to do all the right things as described above. but this guy had an incredibly tight ass that was not yielding to my enticements. at his insistence, i finally got inside of him. i asked him repeatedly how it felt - was there any pain? - did he want me to stop? he was insistent and determined that i fuck him. mainly for his benefit i drove myself to orgasm as quickly as possible. when i finally pulled out, i was horrified to see there was blood all over the place (thank god i had a condom on). i had literally ripped him up. i felt horrible about it all, but i was pissed at him too because he never said word. don't be stupid like this guy. if your body is feeling pain, it is trying to tell you something.

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I should be responsible and say make sure you have a condom...but if you've been with the guy long enough and you're sure you're clean, then don't if you don't have to ;) It's the most wonderful feeling when you feel the warmth inside moments after his big finish :) Enjoy it...it will be something you'll always remember.
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Originally Posted by adam1177 View Post
I should be responsible and say make sure you have a condom...but if you've been with the guy long enough and you're sure you're clean, then don't if you don't have to. It's the most wonderful feeling when you feel the warmth inside moments after his big finish :) Enjoy it...it will be something you'll always remember.
I have to agree with this recommendation. Using a condom is wise for all the reasons we know, but it will only enhance the experience if you can safely avoid using one.
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I really must disagree with the above two replies advocating no condom. Primarily because you can never be 100% sure, and the consequences of getting it wrong are so severe.

You can make the putting on of a condom part of the erotic foreplay. Get him hard and roll the thing onto him yourself. If your lube is in sachets, open them beforehand. There's nothing worse than trying to tear open the second sachet with slippy fingers.

Anyway, can you really feel the warm spurt inside you? There aren't that many nerve endings in the rectum. The pleasure of being fucked mainly comes from prostate stimulation, I understand, and the psychological pleasure of being receptive. And how do you cope with the spunk liquifying and running out of you 20 - 30 minutes later?

Your first time recieving, there is almost bound to be trauma and bleeding, unless your partner is a patient and gentle expert.

And if it's your first time with a man, I recommend getting to know his cock first before attempting to pleasure him with your ass.

And yes, LOTS of lube and fingering and relaxing first. From watching vids of women in action, I'd suggest you try to think of engulfing him, rather than just allowing him to fuck you.

But I'm no expert, just my 2c worth. I hope it's good for you. Let us know how it goes.

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ALWAYS ALWAYS use a condom, better being safe than sorry. The first time I was on the receiving end of anal sex, both me and the other guy were lay on our side spooning. That way you have full control and can ease back onto his cock as slowly as you like. Knowing your in total control will allow you to relax far easierl. I had little or no discomfort the first time, even though the guy was fairly well hung. Breathing is very important too, breath out as you bare down and push back onto his cock, that will make penetration far more comfortable and much easier. As everyone has said loads and loads of a good quality lube, pleanty of forplay rolling the condom on being part of that. Relax as much as possible and enjoy. Once you have experienced the delights of anal sex you will keep going back for more.

Let us know how you get on. Good luck and enjoy.
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Condom use is up to you, just be smart about it. Think with your brain, decide ahead of time what's right for you and your situation BEFORE your partner arrives on the scene so you're making the decision with a clear head.

But as for anal, you can almost definitely achieve very pleasurable penetration the first time *IF* you and your partner are willing to take things slowly. Make sure he absolutely preps you with one finger, then two, then three.... Even if he has large fingers, or a smaller penis girth, aim for him to get three (to maybe even four fingers if he's more girthy) -in a bunch, not all side by side- comfortably inside you with a bit of movement before he attempts insertion.

Anal sex is overwhelming and so incredibly intense to me, and I don't even have a prostate! I wish you and your ass the happiest of times, just remember, be safe and go slow.

get a nice, slightly thick lube of high quality that lasts a good long time. Silicone-based lubes are fantastic for anal, especially. Once I discovered how much better anal was with a top-quality lube, I never bough cheap again. Maximus is a great lube for everyone from anal beginners onward, and my personal favorite, Uberlube, is the ultimate lube for all your needs, but it's a thinner lube which I've heard may not be the best for a first time.... at least, according to the saleswoman in the sex shop I spent half a day testing lubes in.

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I have a long term partner who I trust implicitly. We never use a condom. We both got tested early on in our relationship and he is tested annually due to employment.
Anal sex for me is an important part of our loving relationship. We are both versatile, but more often than not I am the receiver.
I would seriously consider buying a “male douche” (Sensual Universe Warning Page) if you think you are going to try anal sex more than one time. First it is the perfect way to make sure you are completely clean. Secondly, it is the perfect way to get use to having a penis inside of you. The pleasure of the warm water alone is intense. Be sure to expel all the water after you finish cleaning up or your partner could get soaked when he penetrates you. I would suggest waiting at least a half hour after you finish cleaning up to let your body absorb the residual water. The part you insert is pretty soft and penis shaped. It has many pin sized holes in it to allow the water out.
I have tried many lubes and although we mainly use saliva now, I still enjoy water-based Frixion lube(Sensual Universe Warning Page).
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lots of lube,
start with a finger insertion then possibly two
take your time,
find the position most comfortable for you and your partner

enjoy :)
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