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Originally Posted by bigtoad Lee's sexy...bet Farrah misses that..lol. I'd like HIM to tie me up and whip me!!!!!! lmao...WOOF! ooh, maybe THAT'S why they broke up? He really got into the S&M on BV,

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Originally Posted by bigtoad View Post
Lee's sexy...bet Farrah misses that..lol.

I'd like HIM to tie me up and whip me!!!!!! lmao...WOOF!
ooh, maybe THAT'S why they broke up?
He really got into the S&M on BV, and tried to get her to tie him up and whip him!
She wasn't into it and that caused the break-up?

Excuse me a few minutes while I whip something else...!
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Lee really tried to get Farrah to tie him up?
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Originally Posted by Cochranfan4life View Post
So would I. I bet he has as much hair down there as he does on his chest.
Now that's a Wagon train I'd like to be on!!!
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I was so into him when i was a kid, I think it was the first time I realized I was into guys.
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Well I guess there must be something to what you learned because while living in California, I learned through a gay friend of mine that his mother, well connected to and live among the stars knew a lot of salacious stories on Rock Hudson AND Lee Majors - that neither were true closet cases but rather they were kind of protected in their circles. Supposedly they did hang out together but no knowledge of whether they ever played with each other. I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.
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Lee and Rock did have an affair.
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Originally Posted by bigdicksarebest View Post
I heard that he is bi...Has anyone else hear this?
A LONG time ago I got into a website called the "A-List" (I think it has since been defunct).........the guy was obviously an insider on LOTS of celebrity gossip. His comment on Lee: Lee majors -- the 6 million dollar homosexual!
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I had a crush on him in "The Big Valley." Lately he is doing ads for hearing aids. I almost ordered one until I called and was told the price.
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Lee Majors has been well protected in Hollywood through the years as was Rock Hudson until he got AIDS. In the late 70's I befriended a Hollywood insider that made it clear that Majors was crazy about the boys and wasn't a closet case by any means. I somehow wasn't surprised as this guy was my fantasy lover already. :-)
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He's my fantasy, too. Anyone know about the size of his cock?
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Originally Posted by Cochranfan4life View Post
So what happened between him and Farrah? I thought they were a hot couple. You know Lee was sucking Farrah's hard nipples every night. Lucky woman!

All the pics of him are so hot!!!

Tardis..the third pic of him he looks alot like Richard burton. I love the facial hair. I love all the pics. He is just smoking hot. I always check out his bulge when he wears those tight blue jeans. and as I've said he has a nice ass. He was so buff in "The Big Valley" but he was even more so during "The Six Million Dollar Man". And he gets whipped alot in "The Big Valley". That is very erotic. I guess he gets whipped like the bad boy he is! :)
Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. Those scenes where Heath's equally hot brother Nick would challenge him to a manly fight (shirtless) and then proceed to kick his ass were very erotic.
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The eroticism of that show made it all the more. I love when he got tied up and whipped although I don't want to see my man get hurt. :(
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Now it all makes sense!!!! Many years ago I was in a guys apartment in Sydney Australia...There was a Christmas card on his mantlepiece from Rock Hudson.....I was surprised and said "How do you know him?" he replied that he met Rock in LA and stayed at his house. Told meLee Majors was there at the time (Six Mill $ Man was on TV then)and walked out of a bedroom naked....and his cock was half way down to his knees....swinging from side to side...Ryan O'Neal apparently has a cock 10 1/2" hard.....So from that I guess Dearly loved, beautiful, now departed Farah loved 'em big.....
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Must be his bionic cock!
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D_Relentless Original

Bionic Bollocks, Lee Majors was not gay or Bi, i do not believe that for one minute. Proper evidence please.

btw, i think Lee is better looking than his son.


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