Loser Gets Fucked Wrestling, Part 1

"Okay, Donny, assume the position," I ordered my boyfriend, a blond, smooth, white skinned succulent piece of chicken. "I donít know why weíre fucking in the morning," he said as he planted his knees. "I

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Loser Gets Fucked Wrestling, Part 1

"Okay, Donny, assume the position," I ordered my boyfriend, a blond, smooth, white skinned succulent piece of chicken.

"I donít know why weíre fucking in the morning," he said as he planted his knees.

"I told you, Iím wrestling this afternoon and I donít want to get a boner."

"Oh yeah, right, youíre supposed to be Jason the Straight Muscle Dude whoíd never get a hard on wrestling another guy naked."

"Yeah, and Roger wants you there too, after I described what a beauty you are, a legal age beauty too."

"Fat chance youíd get me in a naked wrestling DVD. Itís degrading, scrambling on all fours while the camera guy chases around trying to get a good shot of your balls and butt hole."

I shut Donny up by rubbing my cock between his soft white ass cheeks in a dry hump (dry humps were all the foreplay I usually wanted). Then, after fingering the thin wispy golden hairs around his anus, I plunged my cut cock into his velvety hole and was soon stroking rhythmically and moaning with pleasure. It was all over in five minutes. After wiping myself off with a towel I said to Donny:

"Youíre in a lousy mood today. You made that stupid joke again."

"ĎIs it in yet?, ha ha.í"

Donny takes enormous satisfaction in the fact that his cock is bigger than mine. Heís always whipping out the tape for a measuring contest, as if we hadnít done it before. "Look," I told him once, "it isnít that yours is so big, itís that mineís on the small side." Kind of a lame argument, I admit. Donny had just smiled. Today, as we lay on the carpet side by side wiggling them, the sight of his pure white uncut cock got me excited all over again. I bent over and grabbed the shaft and drew the foreskin back, exposing his glistening pink cock head, then dove deep down to the base. It didnít take him long to gush a load of cum which I sucked up dutifully.

In the tub together afterwards Donny face clouded over. Oh shit, here we go again. "How come I never get to top?", he said. Donny resented that in the 10 months weíve been hooked up together Iíve always been the top. I always have to explain to him that Iím a top and heís a bottom. Look, I tell him, I love your baby fat and all that but Iím simply more muscular than you, and two years older. Alpha males simply donít get topped by guys like you, sorry.

After a pause he continued his whining: "Youíre a shit, you know."

"What now?"

"I hate it when we go to the gym and you ignore me when your muscle buddies are around, like you didnít know me."

"Well, if you took the weight lifting more seriously and built up your body and didnít spend half the time in the shower room you could join the conversation..."

Later during the drive to Bareass Productions Studios for the shoot I tried to explain to Donny why I liked my part time job so much. Beating a guy in a wrestling match is supremely enjoyable; to crush him, to use superior muscle power to make him submit strokes the ego like nothing else. But to do so when both of us are totally nude takes this to a whole higher level. To see your defeated opponent spread there on the mat, naked and humiliated while you get to prance around and pose for the camera is tremendous fun. So far I was 5 and 0. When we arrived at the mat room of the studio Roger the "director" ogled Donny shamelessly, and said: "If you want to stay and watch youíll have to strip...hey, Iím joking."

"If I strip so do you and that camera guy over there too, not that I want to see you naked."

"Donny has a bit of a mouth," I explained while striping but Roger didnít seem to mind. He turned to me and said:

"Oh, by the way, this match is with a new guy called Mark. Heís in the next room stripping. Itís going to be a loser gets fucked match."

"But my fans know me as a straight boy. Straight boys donít fuck."

"Well, the Loser Gets Fucked series sells more. Bottom line."

Donny said, smirking: "He might be a big motherfucker."

"Donít worry. Heís smaller than you and two years younger," said Roger to me.

Oh, good, I thought, a barely legal. I was shocked by Donnyís attitude, but I guess any long term relationship exposes certain tensions. But how could I lose to a younger guy, a guy I never heard of before, someone new to the Bareass stable of talent? Just then Mark strode into the room completely naked. Hereís what my eyes took in as he walked towards me to shake my hand: all over tan on a lean but wiry muscled build - long, very long cock - floppy brown hair above a thin featured handsome face - circumcised - black hairs on lean muscular legs - washboard stomach - huge mass of dark pubic hair above the long cock - brown nipples the size of quarters - cock shaft a medium brown, eraser pink dickhead. I was stunned. My previous opponents were not nearly as good looking as this guy. Stupidly, the first words out of my mouth were: "I see you donít trim."

"Well, with this thing I donít need to." As he said this he grabbed his snake at the base and ran his fingers along the length, flipping it upwards, wiggling it a few inches from my abdomen, at the same time staring at my cock and severely shorn pubic area. Roger, the camera guy, and Donny all laughed. I forced a smile but my face felt hot from the insult and I wanted to deck the arrogant prick. Roger produced the tape measure he always kept in his back pocket and measured Markís cock properly, starting at the base and following a long bending curve downward. Mark just stood there, right hand on his hip, left leg jutted out, peering down at his cock with a goofy smile on his face.

"Seven inches, even" came the official verdict from Roger, who added "what do you feed that thing?" I, meanwhile had inched away from Mark to avoid the tape. Mark smiled at Donny.

The camera started to roll as the bright blast of artificial light was switched on, exaggerating as always my feeling of nakedness. Mark and I oiled ourselves up; then Roger gave the direction to oil each othersí backs. I began on Mark first. When he turned around I noticed there wasnít much meat on his brown ass; eying that and the few hairs clustered lower down at the ass crack caused a stirring in me. Should I oil his ass too? In straight boy wrestling you just oil the back, but this is loser gets fucked, I thought. Maybe itís okay. Iíd seen the DVDs, it was done sometimes. So I gently ran my oily palms over Markís small tight ass. Different from Donnyís round soft bum. But fear of arousal cut my work short. Getting a boner in the wrong circumstances was the ultimate in uncool although Roger would have been highly amused. When Mark did me he returned the compliment by kneading and gently slapping my ass. If I hadnít fucked Donny that morning I probably would have stiffened up right then.
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Please continue. Great start. I want to hear about the demoralized top getting to be the btm.
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Very hot story! Can't wait to read more!
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The second part is there, just look for it labelled Part 2.
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More More More
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gr8 story

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Great start,I am a former hs wrestler,love to here these type stories,I wrestled a buddy and I lost and had to suck him off,but I was willing!!!

fucked, loser, wrestling

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