Mutual JO and oral pals

OK, so I've been reading through different threads and haven't seen anything on this subject, so if I'm double posting forgive me in advance… Before moving I had a buddy that I used to swap

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Mutual JO and oral pals

OK, so I've been reading through different threads and haven't seen anything on this subject, so if I'm double posting forgive me in advance…

Before moving I had a buddy that I used to swap hand and blowjobs with that I met while I was working in the clubs in LA. At first the only time I'd see him would be at the club talking with mutual friends or waiting for a drink at the bar. Then one night my car broke down and since I was on his way he offered to give me a lift home, so I took it.

On the way home we were both feeling pretty good and were just shooting the shit, talking about stuff guys talk about. When we got to my place he decided to hang out and have a few beers. While I got some beers he noticed a porn in my DVD collection that wasn't with the rest of "the stash". He admitted he was a fan of adult film, especially stuff as hard as the DP compilation he was holding. He asked me how good it was and I told him I hadn't had a chance to watch it yet. As I set the beers on the table he suggested we check it out then.

I’ve watched porn with plenty of my str8 pals and nothing happens, and yeah, sometimes I’d help a buddy out. So I didn’t expect anything more than to watch a bit of it, we’d both get worked up and then he’d split to relieve his pressure like I would mine. Boy was I in for a surprise!

We sat on the couch drinking our beers and commentated on the hardcore action on the screen. We talked about how hot it was watching a hot chick get dominated by two big cocks, both pounding her holes. My pal was leaning back on the couch, a beer in one hand and the other rubbing his crotch, telling me how hard he was getting. He then asked me what I thought as he stared at the growing bulge in my jeans. At that point I knew I was in for a fun night, so I started to rub the growing erection in my pants and told him I was throbbing. I wasn’t long before we both had our cocks out.

My friend was a real good looking black guy, the same age as me. Both attractive in face and body, he was 6’+ with a good natural build and a huge 10” veiny monster that was getting harder as he pumped it. Just the site of that giant piece of meat got me harder and he noticed. It wasn’t long before we were both naked on the couch, stroking our hard cocks. Soon we started rubbing each others thighs and hips with our free hands, getting closer to the others cock with each pass. After a short time teasing each other we each took hold of the others hot, hard cock and started stroking them together, both moaning as we would grind our hips into each others pumping fists. We were both getting really into it, pumping and grinding each others dicks harder and harder.

After a while he leaned over and started kissing my chest and licking my nipples, sending a shiver down my spine to my hard-on. Before too long he was kissing the head, then the side of the shaft. His hot breath on my erection making it throb harder. Then he opened his lips and slid his mouth slowly around the head, then down the shaft, slowly licking as he returned. He had a gifted mouth and knew exactly what he was doing; slurping and stroking my cock, sucking it hard and pumping it fast. Before long I was at my limit and couldn’t hold back any more. I told him I was going to cum and he pulled my cock out of his mouth and pumped out a gusher of a load that got all over me, including my face.

He sat back up on the couch nest to me and I started stroking his cock again while I caught my breath. Not to be out done and in the presence of such an awesome cock, I happily leaned over and started sucking long and hard on his monster meat. I have a real thing for cocks bigger than mine, so I was happy to take down as much of it as I could and choke on the rest! I took turns sucking his cock and balls, trying to get both his swollen nuts in my mouth at once. I wasn’t able to get all his dick down my throat, but I got most of it and was enjoying doing it. Almost as much as my friend was, as I could feel him getting harder and throb more and more in my mouth. Every time I’d look up at him with his cock in my mouth he’d shudder.

Soon he was ready to blow to and so I leaned back and told him to put his cum with mine, on my face! (What can I say, I’m quite the slut, LOL!) That was all my pal could take as he leaned over my face and with a loud grunt he shot a big gooey load all over my face. Damn if his cum didn’t taste awesome!

After that we got together on and off for a while, meeting each other for lunch break quickies or an evening whack session. We even got together with some chicks and tried some of the poses form that porn we watched. But I’ll tell those stories some other time.

I want to hear your hot stories about similar experiences. Let’s keep this one rolling!


Gotta love DP, a pole for every hole!
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damn, wish you were in England! lol
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That's one hot story!
Thanks for sharing!
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I love good fiction.
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mutual, oral, pals

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