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This is a great thread lol!!

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This is a great thread lol!!

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I'm going to start a thread about hot fighter Leigh Remedios. Look out for it.
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I didn't mean to convey that anyone had a problem with the video. I find it to be about one of the hottest ones out there and it might all make you think about "why"? There are no erections and no sex and I still find it hot? It's because (for me) it's men being men without sexuality and "penis" focus. I thought about me being naked in the lockerroom and it has to do with my "body" and not my dick. More videos please LOL My problem is when pictures appear of swimmers, divers, or wrestlers in revealing clothes and the parents freak. HELLO...they are so proud of putting their kid in a sport that has minimum clothing and have the nerve to act surprised. They WANTED to show the kid off or they wouldn't put them in the sport. More videos and pics please :)
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I must be use to locker rooms.

I found this movie uninteresting.
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Originally Posted by spongebobsquare07 View Post
I guess so. Just found this.

"The picture is a fake; Oscar De La Hoya has let the world know that he, like most Hispanics, is not circumcised. In fact, he has a rather long foreskin.
I guess he isn't that concerned about reaching minumum weight, then.
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Originally Posted by spongebobsquare07 View Post
i found this hot vid. it's kinda long though. but it shows what happens inside the wrestling locker room and shows some nude weigh-ins at around 40 min of the clip. the whole vid is 150 min of locker room and nude guys action. :)

Its All Gay - Spycam in Wrestling Lockerrooms 1
interesting vid but makes you wonder, about how many ounces do you suppose they save by taking off their shorts? And yet, they all have a full head of hair and full pubics.

Oh, that's right, they're all in high school!
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Originally Posted by josh762 View Post
)http://www.lpsg.org/images36/attach/jpg.giffighter.jpg (45.9 KB, 192 views)
The guy in the third pic has the type of body that turns my plow. Doesn't have to be hung if they have that type of body.
Anyone know of the name of the Discovery Channel show/documentary this is?

Originally Posted by ColonialBoy View Post
I have it and I'm not posting it because some of the kids could be underage.
I have a copy of the Franco video, which is about 30 mins of nude weighins.
Could you at least tell us the official title of this video that was so refered to over and over?

Originally Posted by AG08 View Post
In my experience, wrestlers are not shy about being nude and showing off their physiques.
I was using the Bradley shower because I hate the stalls.
I remember when I was in hs, we were at an away meet and we the swimmers had just finished showering, speedos and all, some of the guys were such prudes, but then the wrestling team came in stripped off there singlets and then they all like say 20 30 guys proceeded to head naked o the shower room, no quams about it at all. I so didn't consider the whole speedo factor when deciding to join the swim team, since they don't have to shower naked since there uniform is designed for water, the seniors took theres off though, and I'd always have mine off least by the main part of my shower so that I could rinse the clorine out of my suit to ensure its live.

Definatly loved the bradley poll showers that we had, I'm honestly not a fan of stalls at all, since I never know how much they've been cleaned and really don't like the idea that my ass might be getting someone elses germs if I accidently touch the curtain or wall that is still wet from the previous guy. i bet janitors hate shower stalls too, so I really doubt they ever get properly cleaned, since an open shower room just sorta hose it down and its done. without all the nooks and crannys for bacteria to live.

Originally Posted by BCH View Post
It's how "straight" guys get to compare their dicks to others, so call it what it is. Parents, do you know that water polo gear doesn't have to be so revealing? Yes...REALLY!
Compairing is a way of life, I know that I definatly could have used some more comparing opportunities growing up, as I had some in jr high and my freshman sophmore years of hs, but then I didn't really have the chance again until I was a freshman in college, and these were the growing years so I was always curious. I stil haven't seen an uncut dick, thought that should be changing this weekend.

Originally Posted by MichiganRico View Post
Another naked weigh-in pic. It's the second in the series. Sorry for the others, but the "no attachments" rule doesn't allow me to post it separately.

fmforums > Naked Weigh In Lad Lee Remedios pics and news
Anyone know more about what the title of this video is? Or any ideas on where to find it to watch?
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Originally Posted by BCH View Post
AND...how did Ken get the tape?
...and why did he wait TWO YEARS to report it, hmmm?
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I think either he was enjoying the tapes himself, or he didn't want to cause further embarrassment to the guys.
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He should have just said no to steroids.

Instant gratification takes too long.

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I don't expect Dela Hoya would do that... anyways, he's hot!
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Originally Posted by ckatt View Post
This video is f'ckin HOT! love locker room vids...and this one is perfect. Thanks spongebob.
DAMNNNNN... that was hot.
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Originally Posted by matt121matt121 View Post
Anyone know more about what the title of this video is? Or any ideas on where to find it to watch?
i found this. it's only 24 secs though.
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i also found these.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg naked_weighin1.jpg (25.2 KB, 5413 views)
File Type: jpg weighinshock.jpg (86.2 KB, 7213 views)
File Type: jpg naked_weighin2.jpg (24.4 KB, 5473 views)
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naked , weighins

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