Any M2M gym sex stories?

I really love to hear true accounts of m2m sex action happening at the gym. If you are a guy and have ever had any hot sex action at a gym with another dude, I'd

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Any M2M gym sex stories?

I really love to hear true accounts of m2m sex action happening at the gym. If you are a guy and have ever had any hot sex action at a gym with another dude, I'd love to hear about it!

This could include catching a peek at another dude's dick while he was exercising or having hot action in the steam room, lockerroom, or sauna. I myself sometimes get hard while exercising and, since I wear nothing under my gym shorts, I like to let the head of my hard dick peek out just a little sometimes while I'm on the tread mill or on the stationery bike.

So, if you have any true experiences with stuff like that, please share them with me--either on this thread or with a hot private message.
I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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wow, I really need to go to your gym -- nothing like that ever happens at my gym!
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I'd like to hear more! Come on people, Share!
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Okay I have a real story here. This was a few years ago, but I was at the gym by myself. Did my usual workout, and headed to the shower. I undressed and walked into the open room shower. There was another guy there, about 5-6 years older than I was (22 years old). He wasn't bad looking, had a nice build with muscles and a flat stomach. Also noticed that he was already at half-mast. He had 8 inches or so. He stayed in the shower with me but didn't come over or anything. I had a difficult time not getting a hard on. I decided my back muscles were sore I got into the hot tub next to the shower area (no clothes). I thought he might follow me in, but after about 5 minutes I saw him leave the shower and go into the steam room. He had a throbbing hard on. It took me a few minutes to build up the courage, but by this time I had a hard on also and hadn't gotten any in a while, so into the steam room I went. He was sitting right by the door. I got nervous and sat on the other side of the room. it was really quiet, only the hissing of the steam every few minutes. I hear him say "do you mind if I enjoy looking at you?" And he starts to stroke his cock. I say no problem. Again silence except for him stroking and me siting there with a big hard on. I think I started to pre cum just watching him. I took a bold step and said "I think I can help you with that". I walked over, full hard on and all and grabbed his dick. I played with it for a while and then got on my knees and put it in my mouth. It tasted so good. He had a big vein that got me really hot. I tried not to blow my load right then. I sucked it for about 5 minutes, the whole time wanting to have him blow his load in my mouth. Just before he came he tried to pull it out, but I didn't let him and swallowed it. He then had me stand up and he started sucking me off. I only lasted like maybe 30 seconds before I had to let it go! After I was done I heard someone outside the steam room, who sounded like they might come in. I quickly grabbed my towel and left the steam room. Got dressed and ran out to my car and left. i was a little embarassed, but it was fun anyway. I still jerk off thinking about it sometimes. The guy saw me at the gym later than week and gave me his phone number, but we never hooked up again. I moved shortly after that into the city and changed gyms.
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Thanks for the great response, Wallstreet913!

I've discovered that if any actual sexual contact action is going to occur at the gym --even at a str8 gym--, it usually will happen in the steam room or (my personal favorite!) in the dry sauna.

I've seen some real whoppers at the various gyms I've been to. There's something about a sexy, muscular dude working out at a gym in a T-shirt and skimpy gym shorts that really turns me on. And it could involve gay guys, bi, or even str8.

Please, guys, if you also have some hot, true experiences about gym sex, please share them. Thanks!
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I have jacked off in a college sauna with 8 guys, been sucked off there too, shot my load in various places around the gym, jacked off mulitple guys at steamrooms thru the years, ... I don't have time now to give real details, but suffice it to say that i think gyms are the HOTTEST fuckin place for sex.
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I've jerked and played with guys in the steam room a lot, but this one is my hottest experience.

I was home for Christmas and went to the Y for a workout and to see what I could get into. I worked out and hit the showers/sauna. This hot jock guy came into the sauna: late 20's, nice musclular build, a little hairy, average-sized cock and cute. He looked really straight and aloof, so I figured he wasn't looking for anything.

He went back and forth from the sauna to the showers a few times and I followed him back and forth. He pretty much ignored me and I was getting a little worried that he might get annoyed, so I just gave up.

So I go to the locker area and I'm in the last row in the back. Low and behold, he comes and has the locker right next to mine! I'm totally dressed except for my shoes, and I think to myself, fuck it, I'm going to make a move. I bent down to pull a stool over to put my shoes on. I put my face about a foot from his cock and looked right at it. I sat down and left my face right there.

All of a sudden he grabs his cock and flops it up and down with his right hand and my head with his left hand, and pulled my head on his cock! He grew to about 6.5 or 7 and I blew him for a while. Then he turns around and spreads his ass, then reaches back and puts my face in it. He had a great bubble ass, a little fuzz, and a really tight pink hole. I normally wouldn't do it, but he was fresh from the shower.

I ate him out for a while, then stuck my finger in. He didn't like that and pushed my face back into his ass. I was jerking him the whole time and felt him start to shake and felt his hot load shoot down my hand. I wiped my hand on my towel and left. It was really hot and a miracle nobody caught us as it was fairly crowded. By far my hottest experience.
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Iv had some pretty good shower times..Im also work out at Y, iw as wondering how some of u guys were blowing each other and eating ass wihtout nobody disturibing you..My favorite time is when u check out a guy not knowing if he is interested and he starts to play with his cock. Iv given blow jobs in the shower while another guy keeps the look out. Given head in the steam room and recieved head in the steam room. Also have taken a guy back with me to my place after jackin our dicks and we fucked, but thats about the hottest i get, hopefully when I go to workout today, ill come awau with a good story
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So many times I couldn't possibly hope to remember them all.

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Maybe not from the directions you are staring at
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All is full of love.
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I've had quite a few gym hookups. One that comes to mind is one I had at a well known gym popular here in LA. I had worked out and was taking my shower. In came this white guy. Nice looking, in good shape. We nodded to each other and continued showering. He starts staring at me and getting hard. So do I. We're both stroking our cocks and looking at each other. We're also trying to watch the entrance to the showers so we won't get caught.

Anyway, we're both rubbing soap all over our bodies, lathering up, tweaking our nipples and stroking our cocks. Getting hotter and hotter. He turns around to show me his arse. He starts rubbing soap up and down his crack as I watch. All the while I'm getting harder and harder. Then he purposely drops his shampoo bottle and steps out to pick it up. Whilst doing this he's actually wanting me to fuck him right there! It was so hot that I step to him and placed my hard cock right into his crack. (No condom, no entry I believe) He stood up and starts grinding his arse on my cock! I'm grabbing his cock and chest right there in the middle of the showers. It didn't take us long to at all, maybe a good half minute. That was really hot.

I actually cracked a fat (got a hard on) while typing this. Time to handle business guys.

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right!
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