Redheads: hot or not?

Hella Yes ! Red headed women ! Oh Yeah !!! My X wife is a Red head .....about 4'11'' long red hair ,green eyes ,38DD 24 36 , soft milky white skin, shaved ......OMG !

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Hella Yes ! Red headed women ! Oh Yeah !!! My X wife is a Red head .....about 4'11'' long red hair ,green eyes ,38DD 24 36 , soft milky white skin, shaved ......OMG ! if it wasnt for her being a Firey Red headed bitch ?!?! I'd still be married ! LoL..... As far a pubic hair or men ? I have to agree with Xcuze
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I Love Red Headed Men!

They're so hard to find. I tried convincing my partner to dye his hair red but he totally didn't go for it.

For some reason, I'm attracted to them....especially the fire crotches!

***Telephone Pole: The male penis, described as seen at his most magnificent and in his full pulsating glory. Used to describe a cock of particularly impressive size, standing stiffly erect and at attention, proudly displaying every inch of his full height.***
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Originally Posted by d-low1 View Post
I am with you.

My personal favorite at the moment: Christina Hendricks of Firefly and Mad Men fame:

She's a goddess if there ever was one.
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I married a redhead, so I guess you can chalk another one up for redhead hotness.
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D_Kissimmee Coldsore

Originally Posted by voyeuristic View Post
Apparently Scotland has the highest amount of gingers per capita at 14%! The wikipedia page on redheads is really interesting; I recommend it.
Yeah baby! We're everywhere up here :D

I've always found redheaded girls to be in general, pretty lovely. Quite surprised by how many positive comments there are for guys though, I thought we were all supposed to be ginger mingers.
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Account Disabled

Originally Posted by BS76 View Post

She's a goddess if there ever was one.
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What Eric Stoltz? He's a pretty hot. (and a nice sized cock too!!)
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Married a redhead here...5'7'' tad chubby, HUGE boobs....SOOOOO damn hot...and a nympho too!
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Three of my friends have married redheads, but generally redheads don't do much for me. I've actually only ever seen four redheads topless or nude (none of them are my friends' wives) and to be honest only found one of them attractive. Nicola from Girls Aloud does nothing for me, though a positive role model for other redheads. It must be that I prefer brunettes, as pale skin is Ok by me.
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I am a partial redhead, as I have dark brown/red hair but with fully red pubes. just look at my pics

I don't really like other redheads, dunno why just my preference.
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Depends on the shade and skin tone. Some are most ugly, but the right combo is better than anything. I also really, really like the type of body scent found on reddish haired types. One hot straight trucker I used to do had an ass that smelled like truffles:) Yum! One reason I get so worked up over Robert Pattinson in Twilight is his alabaster skin and that auburn hair:)
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A red bush is about the sexiest thing I know . . . .


Check it out, guys! I'm blogging every sex act I have this year (Oh, wait - I'm still catching up on last year!).

Just posted: Cocksearch has a taste of ANOTHER gen-u-ine blond.

New post as of Friday, 4/9
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Yea. Redheads can be very hot. There's a guy in my building that is incredibly hot.
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Yes. Nothing more to say but a resounding yes!

After explaining to my ex about a teacher who stuffed his pants in middle school:

"You don't need to stuff your pants" - her
"Why?" - me
"You know why" - her
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Yes! Especially if they have green eyes.
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hot, redheads

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