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rgear2: [quote author=jed001 link=board=meetgreet;num=1080142090;start=0#4 date=03/24/04 at 17:04:30]I recall going to the local public swimming pool. When I was about 9 years old. Beside seeing lifeguards in speedo. Was the embarrassing fact before getting into the

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rgear2: [quote author=jed001 link=board=meetgreet;num=1080142090;start=0#4 date=03/24/04 at 17:04:30]I recall going to the local public swimming pool. When I was about 9 years old. Beside seeing lifeguards in speedo. Was the embarrassing fact before getting into the pool, in the dressing room, one had get naked, take a shower, and then stand before a lifeguard or attendent checking out ones endowment. When he gave the ok, wave you on, then on with the swimming trunks and fun time in the pool.
I haven't been to a public pool for many years, and just wondering if those rules still apply ?[/quote]

When I was 8 or 9, they used to make us take showers before being allowed to go swimming also. There was always a teen posted by the door which also was adjacent to the showers. You had to walk through the showers to get to the door to take you to the outdoor pool. The only difference is that we took the showers with our swim trunks "on".

I have visited that same pool as an adult and the practice of having someone sit at the door to make sure you took a shower has stopped.
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rgear2: [quote author=vkngsxgd8 link=board=meetgreet;num=1080142090;start=0#6 date=03/24/04 at 1910]I too remember vividly checking out older guys at that age in the locker-rooms and showers of the local pool, what impressed or caused the most "awe" I would say, was size, coupled with a big bush ... especially for some reason if the bush was black, that sudden revealing of dense black hairs against white skin, and then a big pendulous floppy-cock and balls poking out of it all, made a very "big" impression indeed.[/quote]

Your comments sum it up also very well for me. The size, the big dark bush, big pendulous cock....all left a big impression on me as well.
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[quote author=benderten2001 link=board=meetgreet;num=1080142090;start=0#13 date=03/25/04 at 23:47:10]

Luke, I have covered my PE methods (in the "Making it Bigger" section) to the point of ad-nauseum by now.
I truly have innumerable posts over there pertaining to many PE ideas and topics. . . . you are correct that the extra attention from PE (if properly and responsibly done) DOES improve the strength and overall health of the penis...particularly for older men. *'Glad to read of your success thusfar. * ;)
Ben: Your reply really steered me in the right direction and after reading all of your prolifically informative posts, a simple "thank you" seems awfully inadequate.
All of the time required for PE is much easier spent knowing that a guy like you has experienced similar dedication, reaction and success. Thanks for your encouragement.

Knowing that this is a slow process, I'm not going to measure until after three months. Although I make every effort to be objective in my amount of increase, there are days when I'm sure I'm thicker than the day before. It's become quite an interesting quest, Ben, as I'm sure you know. ;)

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rgear2: Hey,
I think when you guys started talking about PE (penis enlargement), it went away from the topic of the original post.
Does anyone else have any contributions about seeing lifeguards or other men in the lockerroom of a public swimming pool when they were young that left a big impression on them?
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rgear2 -- I don't recall any specific one 'standing out', I guess, bcause they were all such a feast for my eyes. I do know that I always was excited preparing to go to the public swimming pool and getting to be in the dressing room, always hoping to see other naked boys/men. After being able to look at the life guard's package all the time in the pool, it was pretty exciting to go to the dressing room while he was there, just to see how the package looked out of its confinement. ::)

Thanks for bringing this thread back on tract.

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Inwood: Almost hate to say it but I don't think I even paid attention to the lifeguards except to make sure they didn't blow the whistle on me.

I guess I just loved to swim so much that that was all I thought about.
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awestruck: My best friend had a very large and beautiful penis. I observed it growing from age 10 or 11 until we were in college. I can still visualize his uncut penis flopping vigorously as he strolled through the locker room. I never saw his erection but he looked to be about 7 inches flacid. He was very proud of his penis and bragged that he was 12 inches. I'm small now but when I was 12, I was probably about 2-3 inches hard. The contrast was amazing. I really admired him and enjoyed hearing about his sexual exploits. He also like to confirm with me that he was bigger than other guys. I enjoyed letting him know that he was the Big One. Only one other guy was bigger but that is a different story. Anyway, I think this lead to me having strong bi-sexual urges all my life.
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If we're telling lifeguard stories then I've got one. My, then wife, and I were at a local Y. There was a young, black lifeguard. He was wearing a pair of jammers. They look like biker shorts to me. But my wife and I saw what looked like a fat snake going down his leg. I mean REALLY fat! We just looked at each other and our eyes bulged. She does not look at porn so I think seeing a bulge that big shocked her. Haha.
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But nothing shocked you tho?
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im 18 right now, and when i go swimming with friends i sometimes hide their clothes so that i get a chance to see them naked
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. . . and has your "sometimes hide" produced any interested results you can share?
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Originally Posted by Imported View Post
rgear2: When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I recall going to the local public swimming pool. I remember seeing the lifeguards who, back then, always wore those tiny speedos. Some of those lifeguards had very large bulges. I remember thinking or imagining that they must be very huge to make a bulge like that in the speedos. There were two lifeguards in particular who I can still remember vividly. They had the largest bulges of all. I should point out that all the lifeguards were about 16 or 17 years old and on the highschool swim team.

I had the opportunity to see these two lifeguards change in the lockerroom after the pool was closing for the day. I saw them both on separate occasions.

I remember waiting to see what was going to fall out of those speedos. And what I saw left a permanent impression on me. Being 8 or 9 and seeing these huge soft, heavy cocks come flopping out of the speedos was an incredible sight. I'd guess that they must have been about 7 or 8 inches soft.

Does anyone else have similar recollections about being a child and seeing huge soft cocks or otherwise for the first time? Either lifeguards or elsewhere?

I remember when I was young about 9 or 10 and went to the beach with my family the life guard area was a few feet from where we sat on the beach and I remember this certain lifeguard had on a light red speedo very brief type, and every time he would stand up on his hi-chair I saw a hugh bulge and I always said to myself WOW he must have a big dick
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