Best way to take a big one??

I am going to be bottoming for the first time with this guy I am seeing and he has a thick 9 inches and I looking for the best position to take him for the

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Best way to take a big one??

I am going to be bottoming for the first time with this guy I am seeing and he has a thick 9 inches and I looking for the best position to take him for the first time. You guys have any suggestions. What will feel the best and what will hurt the least??
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Noone give the guy any pointers?? I could do with some 2.
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sorry...no advice to offer except for this:

this topic's been covered in other threads...do a quick search & you'll find lots of answers...
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Mate, lie on your back with legs on his shoulders, and let him enter you SLOWLY, stopping often to let you get used to his size. It will work - I've done it so often.

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Although not gay nor a guy, I've had 'my' thick 9,5" anally, so maybe my experience can help you somewhat. My husband's girth is 6+" (glans) to 7" (base).

The most controlled position for me is on top (cowgirl). That way I can take what I'm able to, pause whenever I like and go on when the stretch/pain is reduced enough. Take your time, rush is killing for me. Once I'm all the way down, there's only pleasure left: changing positions is no problem for me after that point. Oh, and: Lube, use lots of it.

Toys can be helpful to get used to the girth as well.

Have fun!

"When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" (Abraham Maslow)

For my loved ones.

Sorry guys, I don't cam!
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flame boy
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For a comfortable and easy position you could try side by side (like spooning). This can help when dealing with a big one!
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I agree with the last 2 posts. Sitting on top is the one my boyfriend likes best, and it is the easiest for me to control. Spooning is the one I like best, but he finds it harder to maneuver. Either way, a big one is tough to take. Go slow and use enough lube. Not to scare you, but in 5 years with the same guy, I'm still not used to his size. It still hurts at first 90% of the time. I hear all these guys talking about it gets easier, and I have not experienced that at all. I wish I did, because everytime it's a big to-do.
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D_season 5
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YES...LET HIM DRIVE...don't get anxious and think u can now take all of it while he is only half way in...ONCE he is all the way in..all the way down...let him thrust to get ur own juices flowing...then...get into his rhythm...any guy with knowledge that he is fuckin a damn near virgin asshole...knows damn well what he has to do to make the fuck work for both of u to enjoy...

ALSO..buy two fresh bottles of AMSTERDAM or similar...u will need to relax as he enters ur hole...and ur gonna be tight...
along with some EROS lube or something...good silicone lube...gets the job done..use to much...and its bad...use to little..its not effective...just a light coating on his breeder...and u should apply the lube to his breeder...mentally, it signals to you..this fuckin piece of flesh..is gonna penetrate me...so, make friends with it...kiss it...lick it...all of it before he plants it inside ur asshole...

position..depends on him...normally doggie is good to start with...then...u should be good to go...u on ur back, he on top, or...u sit on him...front or back...ride him...
or..get ur shoulders to the floor...ur ass in the air...so he only has to deal with ur hole..great way to fuck..and u see his breeder penetrating ur hole..its a nice view...

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I have never had problems with it. And i have taken 2 very thick ones. When i think of them now, i just don't understand. I was virgin too!!! The thing is that i accepted to take them.

A foreplay has its effect too.
Let him eat your ass for a long time, and you'll want him to enter you. That hole is going to want him into you naturally.

But you have to know that once it's done and he starts fucking you is not everything.
Every time i got fucked, i appreciated it at the begining, but 3 or 4 minutes after, it wasn't good for me anymore. So i always asked to stop. Yeah deceiving for my partner...

So you have to listen yourself and no matter the size, if you want it in you, you'll take it very easy, otherwise, since you decided in your head that you don't want it anymore, it won't be good for you.
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if it hurts... scream. he'll enjoy it
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Lying on back with legs on shoulders and plenty of lubrication it's a good way to start.
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Get seriously worked up first. If you REALLY want it, it will be much easier. It's worth putting in a lot of prep work. Get well lubed up - spit and shove doesn't really work with a big one. The easiest position is probably going to be you squatting on top, ideally with something other than him to hold onto for balance. That way, you're in control of how much you take and you can deck him if he thrusts when you don't want him to. (Kidding.)

If he's experienced, you could try letting him take control either in doggy or missionary.

Once he's in and you're comfortable with it, go to town.
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With a smile on your face and think what a Lucky bugger I am

As others have said work up to it, start with fingers, lots of lube.

If a position is not comfortable then try another.
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