Family Nudity

My girlfriend and I are staying at her grandparents house this week end and its been a strange morning. This morning I woke up and had to pee so I put on my robe and

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Family Nudity

My girlfriend and I are staying at her grandparents house this week end and its been a strange morning. This morning I woke up and had to pee so I put on my robe and headed to the bathroom ( old farm house only 1 bathroom) as I headed down the hall he grandmother came out of the bathroom and she was completely nude I stopped she just passed by me and said “good morning and happy thanksgiving” I was very surprised. After I had pissed I went back to my room and told my girlfriend what had happened and she said “oh ya they are very open about nudity in this house I should have told you” she also said that she can ask them to cover up. I told her no its there house they should be able to do what they are use to. A little late I had gone in an taken a shower and was standing at the sink shaving and the door opened an in walked her grandfather nude he went over to the toilet and stood right next to me and started to pee. He had a very long penis with very long foreskin I could not help but look and I watched him pee. I had never been this close to a guy peeing. When I realized I was staring I looked up at him and he just smiled I said I was sorry he said not reason to be curiosity is a very normal thing. He then finished peeing and got in the shower. After I finished shaving I walked back to my room naked carrying my robe it felt kind of strange but also ok. Anybody else have any stories about family nudity? Did you grow up in an open family? Is you family now open about nudity? I don’t ever remember seeing my parents naked.
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briefsmanmike sounds like they are just a really open old couple. Does your girlfriend also walk around naked when a her grandparents house?
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yes she does she also is very open about nudity at home also. I am getting more use to being open. I am likeing it. its going to be fun to see what happens this week end.
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Also, living in a home with 1 bathroom might be a BIG factor...

with no women in the household we have a 'no locked bathroom door' policy (unless you are 'sitting')
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My parents were rarely nude. I only remember seeing them nude on VERY rare occasions.

I don't know about my other three siblings (only one still lives locally), but I'm a home nudist. Growing up, it was rare for me to have on more than just shorts, while others were wearing multiple layers.

in short, life is too short, so do what feels comfortable TO YOU, Mike.
(and thanks for being mature about it being their house, "they should be able to do what they are use to.")
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Briefsmanmike if the gf is walking around naked then that has to be a positive I think!!! Why don't you throw caution to the wind and try it yourself this weekend!! I am sure no-one will mind! May make the gf horny!!
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Originally Posted by briefsmanmike View Post
Did you grow up in an open family? Is you family now open about nudity? I don’t ever remember seeing my parents naked.
I was raised in a nudist family so I've seen my parents and family as naked as long as I can remember. It is something you do have to tell people about before you b ring them over though so folks can throw clothes on if it bothers the guests.
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dad would often walk naked from the bathroom to his bedroom after a bath, never seen mother less than fully clothed

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My famiy weren't nudists at all, and i saw both parents naked throughout my life, from being very little i would share a bath or shower with either mum or dad, and there were no issues if one walked in on another,although we'd always knock before entering no1 would panic about covering up.
i was given my 'comfort space' during my early teens, and all worked out well, I slept nude from a young age,(8 or9) by my own choice and and both parents knew it was my choice for comfort.
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The one of you that grow up in a nudist family or are nudist, when you warn your friend about your parent or the way you lived (if you are nudist) did it happen that visitor or friend felt very confortable and got naked to at your place?
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Well this morning was kind of interesting. I woke up early about 5 am had to pee the bed room was dark and I could not find my robe and did not want to disturb my GF by turning on the light so I thought what the hell and just walked to the bathroom naked. After pissed I decided to go down and make some coffee and since no one else was up I just went down naked. So I went down stairs and was making coffee and in walked Hank (GF’s grandfather) he said “good morning, have you brought in the paper yet” I said no so out he went to get the paper naked. When he came back in he said “ how about pouring me a cup” so I did and we sat down and read the paper and had coffee sitting next to each other naked. I kind of seems very normal not strange at all. I asked George is they go naked around the house all the time. He said ya that friends who are uncomfortable will call first before coming over and the one who are ok with it will just drop by and they sometimes will go naked also what at the house. He said the one neighbors who can see into the house is ok wit it he is an older gentleman who has turned into a nudist himself. They also keep a robe by the front door incase someone comes to the door. He said they have surprised people a couple of times he said the UPS driver is use to them so the just answer the door naked when he delivers something but the other day they saw the truck so Doris just answered the door naked and it was a relief diver and she supervised him ( Doris had extremely large mature lady boobs and the largest nipples I have ever seen) she said that the guys eyes about popped out of his head but other than things like that now and then there are not any problems. So I have just been hanging around the house naked and it seems very natural. So I am getting ready to go with George down to his Club for a swim George swims a couple of times a week for exercise. He did tell me it’s a men’s club and the all swim naked and its mostly older men so this should be interesting.
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great story congrats on getting comfortable with being naked.
I love being naked whenever I can I hate clothes always have always will.
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We are not nudists but we go naked from bedroom to bathroom and back. Rule is not to lock doors. I have peed too with my daughter's ex-boyfriend shaving at the sink right next to me. Never given much thoughts about what guests would think. I've been brought up like that and brought up my children like that too.
Friends of my son were very easy too. I have seen them peeing naked while I was showering.

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We are nude in front of many of our guests, as we are nude a lot at home. We do tell people beforehand and let them decide if they wish to come over, with or without their kids. Letting people know ahead of time is good, whether you are nude all day, or just nude at night and can be seen making bathroom trips.

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well seems like a very open and nice situation, can't wait to hear the rest of the visit!
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