Nude yard work

The last pic in the OP looks p'shopped.

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The last pic in the OP looks p'shopped.

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D_Ollyvalle Treegirth
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Originally Posted by verycuriousblondie View Post
Do all men shave their pubes now?
no. duh.
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Originally Posted by verycuriousblondie View Post
what age do u get a big bush? I am 18 and not a big one at all.
some do and some don't. it's hereditary. just keep watching it!
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The term should be working naked. How much of this there is around the home in N.Z. is unknown. Nobody is working naked gardening commercially in any N.Z. city. In rural areas it is a little bit different. Within the WWOOF movement there is some tolerance for nudity, not in every case, mind you. WWOOF affiliates which, in turn, came out of the "back to the land" allow nude work, such as the Wilderland Trust. In the1970s working nude was very common in these communal arrangements and was used for publicity purposes within the "underground and alternative press". There are some farms today which allow nude work, outside WWOOF, but advertise this through word of mouth. Maori males commonly worked naked gardening and with other tasks such as hauling logs out of the forest, in pre-colonial times. Howard.
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Originally Posted by HellsKitchenmanNYC View Post
The last pic in the OP looks p'shopped.
Really? it's not, I don't have photoshop, but hey whatever.
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no nude yard work here...I'd probably be arrested on the spot!
I have one old neighbor who has NOTHING better to do with his time than to observe EVERYTHING that happens over here...but I don't get too upset..I'm pretty sure he'll be dead soon...
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its cool but i dont do it ;)
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Id be arrested for being the Nude woman in the neighborhood.

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Nude yard work? Where is live you'd be devoured alive by mosquitos and deer flies and greenheads...and a few stray horse flies, step on bees, yellow jackets and bump into hornets...

I've upped my standards. Now up yours.
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I neglected to add that last year I had a naked job offer working on a organic farm north of Wellington. The position was live-in farm labourer (Mon-Fri). There was a cottage provided. The owner lived in another house on the property. The offer had to be declined as I had another job and commitments which couldn't be got out of. There were some initial discussions. The proposed arrangement was that I could be naked all the time if I so wished, but in the vicinity of the house had to be a little careful as there were sometimes visitors. The woman owner was a naturist was not nude on the farm. The reason for this was that the previous labourer was hostile to nudity. Howard.
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Nude yard work whenever possible!
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That is a beautiful full sun specimen. would it also do well in the shade?
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smoothy: got some freakin nice pics there...

yep - I get right into nude yard work. Especially with mowing the lawns. Got a hedged boundary all the way through so it's nude city for me most weekends & days off!

Just being nude feels great to me on all levels. I don't even wear underwear... ever. Am an old fashioned nudey horn hehehe
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My lawn and garden are at the front of our property, so I would not have the option to do yard work naked from the waist down. Darn! I have a pair of red microfiber athletic shorts that I wear for yard work that always look great when I'm working it in the garden.
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Do all men shave their pubes now?

No---I believe men should look like men; not little boys-leave the pubes--only trim if necessary.
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nude, work, yard

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