Is this normal? I think my pussy is too big + Cuckolding

Firstly, I'm very committed to my boyfriend/husband (common law relationship, call it want you want, i use them interchangably). We've never had a great sex life. Mainly because when I'm very very wet, I cant

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Is this normal? I think my pussy is too big + Cuckolding

Firstly, I'm very committed to my boyfriend/husband (common law relationship, call it want you want, i use them interchangably).

We've never had a great sex life. Mainly because when I'm very very wet, I cant feel him and it slips out a lot.

He's just under 6" inches with average girth about 5". Perfectly normal size based on statistics.

He's the only guy I've ever been with also.

ok enough rambling here......my or 'our' problems are:

1. As a stated before, the hornier or wetter I get, the less I feel him and the more he slips out.
2. I have a big pussy. I practice all the kegals I want, but naturally, I have to be squeezing my vagina a lot to even feel him!
3. It makes a lot of positions impossible because either he slips out or I feel nothing. Any position where I'm bent over or my back is to him, I just cant feel him at all. I really have to squeeze to know what exactly he's doing back there.

So....in light of those problems what do you suggest?

I also have a slight situation with another guy at the moment.

There's this really nice guy at the gym, lets call him B. He's extremely hot, very kind, not a player, gets along with my boyfriend and he really really has the hots for me. He has been basically chasing me over a year now and still flirts with me (respectfully as he knows I'm in a relationship). He any my BF have recently developed a friendship as well.

Now, I'm bet you're asking where this is going. Does she want to cheat? Is she trying to justify it? etc. Nope, this situation is a bit different.

My bf occasionally uses mentions that I should take on a lover who has a big cock. I don't know whether he was serious or not, but he brings it up regularly.

Fast forward to 2 weekends ago. My BF got back from a baseball game where B was also playing. I can't remember how it came up, I think I asked him if the Asian guys on his team really has smaller cocks....my fault I guess.....anyway, he told me that B had a 7" flaccid penis! WOW WTF! My bf then told me that if I ever wanted to try another guy with a big cock he'd be perfectly fine if it was B.

So....since then he hasn't brought it up. But OMFG I'm finding my self sooooo attracted to B now. Today at the gym, I was just lusting crazily after him. So much so that when B came over to talk to me my pussy was just pulsing. LOL I know this is beging to sound like a sexy story but it's true.

Well unlike the typical erotic story, nothing happened. However, right now I'm home alone feeling super horny. My bf hasn't come home yet but I'll be all over him as soon as he gets home. However, I may not feel that much :(

What should I do? My bf hasn't brought up anything with cuckolding (he doesn't call it that, but you know what i mean) or B in the last week and a half.

Should i suggest it? Now I do love my BF, what I have with B is just pure lust. B and I would not be compatible in a relationship, friends or FWB would be fine ;)
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I'm not going to address the cuckolding as I have no experience there and think it's kind of freaky.

If he is 6x5 he has slightly above average length and girth. Very slightly. This does not mean you have a big or too big pussy. It also doesn't mean he has a small dick and should be cuckolded or ridiculed unless that is an emotional need of his. It may mean you should try using toys which are bigger than he is as part of sex.

So avoid: doggy, reverse cowgirl, and spooning positions. That leaves like 50 other positions not to mention locations and surfaces. Cowgirl in a chair is always fun.

FWIW: Every man I have ever been with has said I was tight. Yet when very wet, even the 8x6 guy would occassionally slip out in certain positions.

A large, pretty penis is a wonder to behold.

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Originally Posted by vanessa_c View Post
What should I do? My bf hasn't brought up anything with cuckolding (he doesn't call it that, but you know what i mean) or B in the last week and a half.
Maybe he hasn't mentioned it lately because it was getting a little too real for him. Be honest. Talk about your feelings, and encourage him to be honest too.

My wife fucked with our hung friend for years (no MMF action, although we did that with other men), and I really got off on it. Fucking her when she came home from fucking with him was some of the best sex we ever had. Your guy may not be wired to enjoy such things, but talk it through.

How does he like the sex that you two have? Maybe you should do more 69 since there seems to be something of a mismatch between cunt and cock here in strictly physical terms. But the physical is important, so try to address it honestly and creatively.

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Hi Vanessa, first of all: you're not the only one who needs more girth to be able to feel what's happening inside you. Women just seem to come in sizes as well as men.

I second what bi mmf said, honesty is the key.

"When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" (Abraham Maslow)

For my loved ones.

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BTW.....i just transcribed the convo my BF and I had 2 weekends ago when this came up after responding to a PM.

We were just talking about the different body types of the guys on his baseball team and how th asians were alot smaller built that the others...so anyway here's the jist of what followed.
me: "So are asians guys just smaller built?"
BF: "hahaha...you mean if they got small cocks?"
me: "well yea...so is it true?"
BF: "well more or less....they both appear smaller than average, but not tiny"
me: "i see....just about your size then" (teasing)
BF: "whatever...i'm like the 3rd biggest in our team baby"
me: "so who's the biggest?"
BF: "B is...by a large margin too"
me: "really??? how large a margin" (news to me so I was a bit surprised)
BF: "well lets just say I'm sure if me and Aziz were fully hard, he'd still be bigger flaccid"
me: "WTF? how long is it?"
BF: "i'd say about 7 inches soft"
me: "wow.....is it real?" (dumb question i know)
BF: "hahaha i suppose it is.....man Jason should be in porn or something with that thing, or at least be some kind of player"
me: "I know....he's quite goodlooking and a nice guy, he really could be such a player if he wanted"
BF: "Thats just how he is baby....not that kind of guy....he's definetly a guy I'd let you be it if you wanted"
me: "What? and u'd be ok wit that?"
BF: "B is a good guy, and he'd knock your socks off with that ting...i'm sure you'd love it"
me: "well i don't know...it mite be nice"
BF: "I won't mind i'm serious"
me: "ok...cool"

What do you guys think? Is he serious or not?
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I think the more pertinent question really is...are you for real?
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Yeah pretty much everything I was going to say has been covered. Talk to him openly about your feelings and with warmth and affection for him reassure him that its a purely physical thing and that your needs are met in every other way. Try first asking him how he'd feel about a MMF threesome with B as that way he's still included plus it sounds a bit like he has a man crush on B.

If the talk of taking a larger lover was purely talk and he is uncomfortable then there are other options, there are toys, fingers and tongues. While it might mean that unfortunately vaginal intercourse may be purely for his pleasure that doesn't mean you have to forgo completely

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D_Fulbert Ashplant Babbage

Have to agree entirely with RR above ... especially the part about the man crush.

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ok this is going into new territory here....a MAN crush?

Is that for real? and does that mean he's a Bi or gay (doubtful on that)?

Is it typical for a guy with a man crush to want the that guy sleep with his woman?

This is getting a bit weird now (as if it wasn't before).
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Could just be envy. I don't know what to suggest, I get very wet too.. but I'm tight.

I'm female... check the pics..
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D_Suckleberry Hound

Invite him over, have a bunch of drinks, and then tell him you heard he was big and you want to see...
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It's all about the cock. Been saying it for years.
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You could try one of these gyneflex kegel exercisers GyneFlex - doctor-developed resistence exerciser for pelvic floor muscles. They're kind of like a thighmaster for your PC muscles. Also check this site out too Forums - The Orgasmic Diet , they talk a lot about how the proper nutrition and vaginal fitness can make women multiorgasmic. And if that still doesn't work there's vaginal rejuvination or even the "g-shot" which is supposed to make a woman more orgasmic. Also, are you into anal? If he's average then he should be more than substantial for anal sex if you're into that. You could have a vibrator in the front and your boyfriend in the back.

If you want some info on cuckolds then check this out http://www.cuckoldplace.com/ It seems that the best way to bring up those fantasies is during dirty talk while having sex. I get very turned on by cuckold fantasies but I still consider it a fetish. You could possibly become dependant on that lifestyle even once this boyfriend is long gone. I mean it's bad enough when kids walk in on their parents having sex, but it has to be much worse when mommy's getting it from some "stud" and daddy's in the corner beating off. Plus, some of those people get really extreme like impregnation, the husband not being allowed to sleep with the wife or even feminization of the husband and him being castrated. Very weird.
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I would say go for it, your boyfriend is open to it, you like the guy, he likes you, why not. I would say at least try it once and see what happens. Be safe, be responsible but have fun.
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4 him to say that, id say go for it! talk to him first tell him how u feel, then make up ur mind. just be carefull he will be able to fill u, and please u like ur BF can't and that can b trouble!
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