Aftermath of Anal Sex

Ok, I have a question for all of you who have had anal sex. I have recently met a new guy to fool around with and he's 20 and he had never had anal sex

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Aftermath of Anal Sex

Ok, I have a question for all of you who have had anal sex. I have recently met a new guy to fool around with and he's 20 and he had never had anal sex before he met me.
So these past two times we have met up we have had anal sex and I was always the top for him. Each time he said that he had a fantastic time and his orgasms have been amazing. So obviously he is having a good time, but this is where my question comes in...
Every time he cums and I pull out to take the condom off, I notice that there is some blood on the condom. So, am I going too quickly or too far in him or too fast? I'm 7.5 inches, but since he is new at anal sex I have never gone all the way in since it would probably hurt for him. What's up with this blood that is coming out of his ass after anal sex? Is it normal for a guy who is just starting anal sex to bleed a little? Like I said though, he isn't in pain and he really likes to bottom.

Can anyone help me out with this?
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You need more lube and more time. There SHOULDN'T be any blood. He might not even know that something tore. It's eniterly possible. GO SLOW at first. He's 20 and prob hasn't done it alot. You can be getting fucked and not know something is wrong esp if y're trying to please someone and not saying if it hurts or not. That's not good. As a top YOU need to know this and go slooooooooooow at first.

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hi...i suspect...he is doing some of the driving? and he must love this new sensation in his ass...and rightfully so...i think i would just add a bit more lube...and maybe spend a bit more time eating him out prior to penetration...
and are u using poppers? might help to slow him down with him wanting to drive...
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I agree with HellsKitchen...

you need to slow down, use much more lube and take time to open him up more.

you might not be causing any significant physical damage however the possibility of him self-infecting himself with bacteria entering an open wound in the anus can have horrible effects, not the least of which is an infected fissure.
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more lube! but he might also have hemmorhoids which might be bleeding before you even start doign anything.
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Right Slurper PLUS if he's feeling any pain and not saying it b/c he wants to please yo that's not good. You BOTH wanna have fun doing it. GO Slower...put some fingers in first to relax it and when you feel he's a bit more relaxed go for it but still go slow at first. Kiss him when you first enter. This always helps me relax more.

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Awesome! Thank you for the replies! I know for a fact I am not like thrusting or anything during it haha. I remember bottoming for the first time. I go slow. Yah, I will ask him again if he is in pain at all because if he is I would slow it down and try something else. Like you said, Hellskitchen, we both should enjoy it.
Thanks :)
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Matt don't stress too much.....just realize there ae ways to make it work great for you both. Trust me at 20 I might not have said it hurt and let someone do something. Did u mention to him that you saw blood and ask him if it had hurt? remember it takes two to tangle.

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can someone tell me what a popper is?
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A popper is a stimulant that is inhaled.

Something to consider here too is that your buddy may have internal hemhoroids. And the anal sex may be aggravating them.
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and are u using poppers?
i would hope they aren't.

as i've never had anal sex, neither giving nor receiving, i can't comment fully. i guess all i have for say is try more lube? how thick are you brah? maybe you're tearing him up a bit at the entrance point? or it might be internal hemhoroids, as nc said?

but definitely ask him if he's in pain. he's younger than you, yah? he might not want for admit he's in any kind of pain because he doesn't wanna make you feel like you're doing something wrong. i think he might feel like he has for impress you or something.

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He might not be feeling the tearing that's occuring, if the injury is coming from inside. Tell him to get checked.

But I'd take alot more time, more lube...more time...and see where ya go. You sound like you're actually taking this young guy's welfare into consideration, which is great! Not all sex partners are as caring. I'm sure it'll sort itself out with a bit of help from the doc and your tender, hot monkey luvin'!

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You could be tearing tissue..but if its only a little...it may be from an internal hemmoroid. It's always good for him to get checked.

Prep time is very important for anal.

Now...Next time you have anal, We want pictures!

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