Spencer from Fratpad

Many thanks to quintin for the multiple posts. I've only seen the Travis/Spencer one so far but I am sure the rest will be just as fantastic. In regards to the Travis/Spencer vid, I don't

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Many thanks to quintin for the multiple posts. I've only seen the Travis/Spencer one so far but I am sure the rest will be just as fantastic.
In regards to the Travis/Spencer vid, I don't know about you guys, but that is not the first time both of those guys have done that! Unless FratPad had them 'practice' off camera in order to get comfortable with each other before the actual shoot, they both seemed to know what they were doing in the shower trading BJs. Now I know it has been said that guys give the best BJs because they know what feels good, I think in this case these guys have done some experimenting before or something is not being said here. My opinion/food for thought.
The issue with Spencer and the f-word sounds strange. He seems to be enjoying himself (although Travis seems to be enjoying it more-right up to the end when he stares at Spencer shooting) in this vid and other previews I have seen. I know he knows that his audience is probably 90%+ guys (if not more)-so it would seem odd for him to involve himself in this situation. Also as previously mentioned, he sure did give a pretty convincing BJ, with tongue action and all. Either they pay extremely well and he is totally motivated by the money or he is hiding something-and not very well I may add. Whatever the reason, I would hope the other guys in the house would talk to him about it instead of blogging about it. If they let him continue to do it, they are almost as bad as him. They also brought him back and he is in Season 4 of the FratPad-so he can't be disliked too much? That said this was a fantastic video none the less.
I had heard/read that Diego and Shay did a similiar shoot as a special live event on the FratPad site one night. I do not think it was made into a video (I may be wrong) and at least one other 'couple' did a shoot too (I don't remember the names). They supposedly did it on their own and "accidently' left the tape in the camera for others to 'find' it. Whether that is a marketing ploy or it really happened remains to be seen. I do not know if that is available in their videos either. I guess I would have to look at the site and see if in the 'store' these are included on any video sets.
Lastly; Daniel-the college wrestler is quite a site and I can't wait to see that vid-I have a thing for college wrestlers. There are two other guys on the site that were National Champion wrestlers at the University of Nebraska last year who did solos for FratMen. They got found out and kicked off their team. They are known as Nash and Cal on the site. Due to potential lawsuits, etc. all of the face shots have been removed from any preview posts/pics but you can still see the complete vids if you are a member (for now until they are asked to remove them?) Nash's real name is Paul Donahoe and Cal's name is Kenny Jordan. I'm sure you can google them to get more info. Cal/Kenny is done wrestling. Nash/Paul tranferred to Edinboro University and is a senior where is is the #1 ranked wrestler in the 125lb class in the NCAA. He won his Conference championship title and is now going to the NCAA wrestling tourney starting March 19th to defend his title there.

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anyone have, or know where to watch, the infamous spencer/travis video? i keep hearing talk about it, but have not seen it
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Spencer is an absolute sweet male -hot sac, too!
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Originally Posted by ItalianShowOff View Post
Thanks so much! I really love watching these frat hunks playing around.


You know what would be totally awesome?
If you had a vid of Ricky (on right): http://queermenow.net/blog/wp-conten...chasericky.JPG

I did some digging. Another duo, less interaction.
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Originally Posted by justcurious80 View Post
that spencer/travis seen was cool...anymore 'bromance' style videos from fratpad/fratmen tv like that one?
Forgot about this one. Shay and Diego fool around. A little hotter than Spencer and Travis.
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you're welcome.
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Originally Posted by gogogadget View Post
Holy God, are there any other videos of the guys jerking or sucking each other? Travis/Spencer was so hot!
I did some more reseach since my last post (#46 of this thread) and it seems that many of the duos are just 'special events' they have in what is called the 'antics' section of the FratPad site. I guess they announce it ahead of time when it will play and you then can can do a pay-per-view streaming at the time of the event. It is only for members. It seems it can get expensive too. Then the duo is available in pay-per-view replays until the next duo happens and it is gone. So the Diego/Shay do is no longer available. The only DVD they have made for purchase so far that has duos is called 'Fratmen Sucks'. It has three duos on it and sells for $50 on the site. On it are Dean/Diego where Dean gives Diego a blowjob, Jayden/Sam where it just says a hand massage turns into a tongue massage(?) and the Spencer/Travis duo that has been graciously posted here for us to see by quintin at post#18 of this thread (which makes it even more 'valuable' now with this knowledge). The postings I saw at another site of the members of FratPad that did see the Diego/Shay duo said it cost them $80 (WOW!)to watch it but it was worth it. Although most of them did complain that they wished they could've download it for that price. Unless FratPad decides to sell it at a later date it is cyber history (unless some clever techy figured out how to download it? if that is possible).
So it looks like you have to be a member and pay additional to get to see the 'harder' duos (where they do more than massage or yank on each others willys or shower together), which I understand there has been about 8 total so far and they happen approx. evey 3-4 months.

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Holy crap! Thanks for that Ricky vid. Personally,I think Ricky's the hottest!

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Boy do I feel like a goof. I didn't see quintin's post (53) right before I posted my last one (54). I was going by info I saw on the FratPad site and another blog that deals with vids from FratPad and FratMen when I responded. WhereveR/However you got the Diego/Shay vid quintin it is extremely appreciated!!!

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Thanks quintin for the great videos as well!!
i'm wondering if anyone has any videos of Chase i think he's really hot!!
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Who at fratpad has the biggest thickest leakiest schlong?

I've found that lube, time and the lust of the receiver make almost anything possible.

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Originally Posted by quintin View Post
I did some digging. Another duo, less interaction.
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is it just me or does this video stop part way through? is there a second part to it?
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Does anyone have the video for Nash?
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fratpad, spencer

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