How many times can you jack off in a day

honestly brah, i'm lucky if i find enough time for jerk off once

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honestly brah, i'm lucky if i find enough time for jerk off once

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Originally Posted by surferboy View Post
honestly brah, i'm lucky if i find enough time for jerk off once
There is ALways time to wank, mister!

I have been known to do a 6-7x in an afternoon if by myself, bored and online! That doesn't mean every single day but often enough that my cum rag drawer has to be sorta full!

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"Just fuck me."

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High school and college I could have maybe 8 if it had been a couple days and I had time to kill.

Now, I can't imagine having that much time. For one, I don't like to just wank and bust. I take my time. 8 times a day now would be a full time job. 3 is pretty common for me though.
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Usually 2 or 3 times a day,defo at least once a day. Have done it around 7 or 8 times when Ive been board all day but dont get the time for that very often.
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4 or 5 was my max. I like to enjoy it and usually go for 1x or 2x per day.
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Originally Posted by surferboy View Post
honestly brah, i'm lucky if i find enough time for jerk off once
strange...why can't you find the time to j/o? And don't tell me you don't do it. ALL guys j/o.
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I think 4 is the most I've ever managed. Never really have that much free time. But that was in the days when a session could be 3 hours long.

Now I feel challenged to try for more. Like when the kids move out.
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No more than 5 with cum still coming out.
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id an ex who used to like fucking me approx 8 times a day if he had time but the norm was 3-5 times.....i loved his cum bb too.
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My personal best is 9, during the college holidays.
I was home alone for a couple of days so I entertained myself!

Friends over one night and a play-day the next,

On a normal days it's at LEAST once but generally it's 1 when I wake up, 1 when I get home from college and 1 before bed. But obviously this can vary.
I.e more stuff to do = less jacking
Less stuff to do = more jacking.

Anyway, long post!
My iPhone comes in useful haha

Warren x
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Not sure if it is possible to contribute to this without sounding insulting...but am glad someone else mentioned the thought that "does not one person have a job?" too. Seriously, if you have time to interefer with yourself you need to get a proper job and do more sports.
Secondly, if you feel the need to, you're simply not working hard enough; I dont want to get technical but lets hope an other scientist or doctor will confirm this.
Before my masters I worked as a chef in a good hotel. I didnt think about sex for a month. I also went to the gym between shifts. There was no question of wasting vital energy like this...Personally I think that's a plus. Does anyone know of a cultural difference between Europe and America? Because most posts are from Americans and I have to wonder what is in your water or what you eat.

But am genuinely worried about the posts that sound honest, coming from "most guys" whose norm is to try and bust their balls everyday...something I can only medically see as an illness. This is not meant as an insult. Am trying to do research to improve male health. Which makes it more suspicious when guys just over look this point...Dont make it cum up again


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2 or 3 times

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Last time I noticed, it was three. I usually masturbate at least once a day.
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Comfortably? Twice a day. I can do a third time, but it usually takes forever and I hardly cum at all, or the orgasm is very weak. . .or even non-existent.
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3. Any more than that and it physically starts to hurt.
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day, jack, times

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