Longest foreskin I've ever seen!

Originally Posted by quietguy Is it really that long? Is he just holding his cock up against his body to make the foreskin look really long? Dude, pulling your penis into your wouldn't make your

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Originally Posted by quietguy View Post
Is it really that long? Is he just holding his cock up against his body to make the foreskin look really long?
Dude, pulling your penis into your wouldn't make your foreskin THAT much longer.

Regardless, I think he needs one of these:

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damn those are freakishly long

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not original, more like one of those stretched ones, note the large opening
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the image has been removed, im curious what it looked like, please put in a link!
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Yeah. This thread is useless without pictures. >:-(
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Post the pics!

No you may not!
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yea repost photo plz
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Mine is one of the longest I have seen .. but do see some good ones in the pool showers - a couple of footy players in my area would give me a run for my money!
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Utebikerboy, that looks great. I'd love to see more.
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Where is the pic?
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Too bad the picture's gone.... Any chance at posting a link?
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Mine is really long when I'm soft. The only bigger one I've seen was in the changing rooms after swimming once, a guy walked in with a good 2-3 inches of skin swinging around!
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I remember having a long foreskin. BUt it is a "logical" memory, I don't have much "visual" memory fo it. However, there was a time in the showers at the gym where there was a guy of about my stature, and when I saw his dick, it instantly revived my memories "Hey, my foreksin was just like his". And it conformed that I much prefered my shortened foreskin (I was still semi cut at that time) that that long ugly ant eater and felt sorry for the guy.
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now this is what I call long
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I love a long foreskin i had no choice I was cut at birth
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foreskin , longest

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