Erection during physical exam

My doctor is a family friend who I see around. I have had a semi before and am always arras to get a full hard on. It is weird cause sometimes I will shrivel up

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My doctor is a family friend who I see around. I have had a semi before and am always arras to get a full hard on. It is weird cause sometimes I will shrivel up and others I will almost get hard. I am straight too. It is kinda awkward at times.
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When I had to have the team doctor or trainer check me out, I would usually have a semi. I was/am a horny guy. One time the trainer jokingly asked me "Doesn't that thing ever go down?". Now a days, I just hang there, going to the doctor is just not that exciting to me anymore...lol.
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i did once but only a semi. glad the check was over before i got fully hard.
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I have. It was an older doctor who, as he was examining my penis as it started to get hard, told me that this was completely normal and asked if I wanted him to stop. Of course, I said hell no! :P
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When I was about 19 a doctor was examining my penis and balls and I was getting turned on. He pulled my shaft from side to side to look at my balls and it was getting hard. I was looking down at him and his face was about 6-8 inches away from my cock. He looked up and I was looking down at him. I said nothing and he stopped and said everything was fine.
I will tell you if he had stated giving me head I would have let him.
By the way he was extremely good looking.

I had another time where a doctor had his hand in my pants when I was recovering from being put out after wisdom teeth extractions. That time I knew he wanted to feel me and I later found out from someone else that he did the same thing to them. That was wrong because I had no say in the matter.
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This topic has been well discussed in the past. That stated, an erection, a semi, or leaking pre-cum is a normal reaction to an examination for a hernia, the digital prostrate, etc.

I have been a teaching associate at a medical school. Our teacher instructed us to say to the medical students if an erection happened, or a semi appeared or pre-cum leaked out to remind the student that it was a normal reaction.

In fact we told the students that the best comment to offer was something like:

It seems that everything is working as it should.

Please bear in mind that about half of the medical students now are females.

No problem. The training was conducted with groups of four or five students in each session. Of course there were boys and girls in each group. Also, the training was recorded so no one could say anything was inappropriate. This was for the protection of both the teaching associate and also the students.

No problem.
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Originally Posted by jason_els View Post
A time will come in your life when you'll wish you could get hard during a physical. Enjoy the ability while it lasts.

LOL, I have to agree. If as a teen I would have had a physical I am sure I WOULD have got a boner. But today at 36 I doubt that it would happen....not that I am impotent, but those sudden erections just do not really happen that often any more, only if there is a reason, something that stimulates me directly. And I doubt I will find a physical particullary exciting...(I am having one today, by the way, but I doubt anything will happen).
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Once--sprang a full one with a general physical when I was 18. Recently resisted progressing beyond a semi, however, when the urologist was testing foreskin function by rapidly capping and uncapping the head for what must have been at least 15 times. I wondered whether that was really necessary...nevertheless, if he had continued just a few times more..... Then had just the shrinking opposite in an Amsterdam clinic once--no one warned me that it would be a female doctor.

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This is something ive been wondering about, as im off to the doctors soon for a check. Being straight i think i'd get quite embarassed if I even got a semi!
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I get an hardon everytime i go in for an exam but thank god it usually goes away by the time the doctor comes in, i guess that means i am an exhibitionist
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I either get a semi or a shrunken penis. Why can't he just just calm down?
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Ah...prostate checks- my doctor has learned when checking mine to have a towel handy, I normally leak steadily, but touch my prostate? I literally drool like a dog in a hot car.

My doc simply grabs the towel and wipes/cleans the resultant 'puddle', Its normal and natural.Once he accidentally (I really do believe) 'punched' it a tad, I grunted and with out thinking pushed back (sorry, horny day lol)
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I have a female Doc....and she did my initial exam a few years back...she was sitting face to face with a fully retracted penis [ck my gallery] while checking my balls...I often wondered what she thought and what her response might be if I were to ask her....

The "teenie weenie", wishing I was large!
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never had an erection, had a nice chub when a new female doctor gave me the hernia cough test, she reached under my gown, her head was turned she was so embarrassed, her hand grabbed my cock, "oh my!". she conducted the test, and then muttered that someone else was going to have to do this from now on, and left the room. I worked with guys who only let male doctors look at them. it bothered me a little but thought "oh well, wtf, let's get his over with" . about 2wks later, i was walking my dog, and ran into the doctor, she was getting in her car, renting a duplex in our 'hood. "oh, hello. hi! oh, it's you!" and she ducked in her car with her hand over her mouth. she was embarrassed again. a yr later she treated a knee injury for me. she had matured some and was a really a good doctor. then she moved away.
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Originally Posted by smichaelsmd View Post
I get an hardon everytime i go in for an exam but thank god it usually goes away by the time the doctor comes in, i guess that means i am an exhibitionist
I guess that I am right there with you in referencing being an exhibitionist. In a locker room I usually swell up when removing my clothes. This always happens when instructed to remove my underwear during a physical exam. The arousal usually goes down; however, I always wonder if the doctor says to himself ... "this guy has a large penis." I only wish he would say it if he thinks it!
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