Perfect size girth?

I've always wondered, what is a perfect sized girth? I've heard of "pencil dicks" in which, I don't even know what size that ranges to be, then I've heard of "massive" in which is probably

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Perfect size girth?

I've always wondered, what is a perfect sized girth? I've heard of "pencil dicks" in which, I don't even know what size that ranges to be, then I've heard of "massive" in which is probably anything about 6 inches. I've seen people say perfect size is 4.5 - 5.5, then I've heard women say they'd perfer ones like 6.0. Maybe those were the women that chase for top quality penises. Idk, I'm confuzzled. I'm 4.5 in girth and 7.2 - 8inches in length (I'm saying - 8 inches because if I push the ruler to the pubic bone, it measures up to 8 inches.. so if I lose some weight, it would be just there). I'll post pictures later on. All in all, I don't want a damn pencil dick. Though, I'm happy with what I got. :)
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I have just under 6" in girth but no where near your length...6.75" here. While I like my girth it makes me look shorter than I am.
Guess I got to loose the weight to ;)
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D_Rawkesbye Deadheade

There are slimmer ones than 4.5" around, k1NG. Your stats sound impressive. Put up some pics for the rest of us to enjoy. :)
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The perfect girth always a interesting question. I'am 5 3/4" girth with a lenght of 8 1/2" .I always feel I would like to be bigger in girth. It seems the shorter your cock is the thicker it is. Most women have no problem with my size but some have.
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It's difficult to determine when a penis size (length or girth) is the "perfect" size.

It is a matter of tastes. Some women like lenght, some like girth, some like both....

For instance, usually people talks about 8" length x 6" girth as the "ideal size". Well, the fact is that there are many women who will feel pain if they are fully penetrated by a 8" penis.

Also, I'm 6,5" girth and, besides my wife (we have been living together for more than 10 years now) I didn't have the chance to do anal sex with none of my occasional sex partners in the past, at least at the first time we fucked.

As soon as they saw the girth of my dick, all of them refused to put it into their asses. With some of them I was able to do anal once we have fucked several times and they "get used", so to say, to my girth.

So a big girth (6" and above) might be impressive and eye-catching but also can be a hassle if you want to fuck the ass of your partner the first time.

And also, there are women who won't have any problem to put a 7" girth into their asses while there are other who will feel pain if a 5.4" girth cock fuck their asses. It depends on the woman and her tastes about it.

But, even so, if anal isn't a must for you, there's no doubt that a big girth might be "perfect" because it fills mouths with blow-jobs and provides (in theory) a deeper stimulation of clitoris and labia with penetration.

As I said, the "perfec size" varies depending on personal preferences and tastes. It's not an absolute valid for all people.
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I'm 6' in girth, which I thought was waaaaay average up until last year. I'm pretty happy with my girth although I wouldn't mind 6.5 - nothing over that # because its excessive and non practical.

and aside; also, guys that do that penis pumping to add thickness...it looks entirely disgusting and I don't count those modified dicks as anything but freakish...I don't think they've quite mastered surgical girth enhancement either...

having said that..I don't know what a generall pefect girth would be..to each his own.
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D_Polyphebus Hammertoe
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I'm "only" 5.5 in girth, and pretty much every guy I have been with has had a problem taking it. I've heard it would be perfect for a woman's needs, but that's not where my preferences lie lol.
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i am 6 to 6.5 in girth depending on my level of excitment and hydration! and most every girl i have been with has had some trouble! I have never had anal sex not even with my x wife. I have to be real easy at first until they get used to it.. some do and some dont.

My wife however loves it but it takes her a while everytime to get to the point where she loves it
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I'm 6" girth and never had any trouble with vaginal intercourse, but I've only had anal sex a couple of times, and I met a few women who liked anal but refused my girth. The only trouble I ever had was from my length (7") and a girl with a very short vagina. When I have gotten feedback, it was that a thick girth is good and it feels nice. Look at the sizes of dildos in adult stores: generally a bit thicker than 6".

Ideal girth from my experience wtih many lovers? Don't really know, but I would suggest about my size or perhaps a little thicker. Which isn't to say 4.5" is unsatisfactory, but you asked the question on 'ideal'.

There was a study done on length and girth using various size dildos and electronically measuring the subject's arousal. The 'ideal' penis was between 7" to 8" long, and 6.25" to 6.5" girth (The Ideal Penis Size - The Penis Size Preference Chart: preferred penis size, penis shape and penis looks.)
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Girls seem to think my girth is bigger than anything they have seen, and the most ideal they have ever had. At just over 6 inches all up and 6.5 base.

7.25 (NBPL) x 6-6.5
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I'm with you cbrmale,
The perfect size totally depends on the size of the reciever
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D_Themistacles Wombbroom

My wife says " I like them to be big enough so that I get all I want , plus a little bit of pain if it goes all the way in" For her the perfect size is 8" by 6". Anymore length and the guy too frequently hurts her and any thicker causes too much stretching and discomfort.
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D_Clifftonne Copperclappers

As a straight guy with a 6.5" girth at base, I like to think mine is perfect! As only a few women I've fucked have commented on the size of my cock, favourably, I don't have much to go on. The only drawback is with women with very tight pussies, needing a lot of foreplay and sometimes lube to get all or most of it in, or when I'm fucking a woman in the ass, obviously. My conclusion from fucking a lot of women over a long period is that it's not so much the size, length or girth, as the way you use it that matters.
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D_Themistacles Wombbroom

I have to disagree with you, topquartile. There is no comparison between my wife's reaction when I fuck her, and when a really hung guy fucks her. I can't believe how excited she gets and how long she wants to fuck guys whom she just met a few hours ago at a swing party.

How no women could react to your girth, which is huge, is unbelievable.
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D_Jared Padalicki
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I'm glad with the size I have, but don't know if it's good enough
Depends on te girl you fuck I believe. Some like thick, some less thick. I don't think that there is exactly a perfect size in girth.

girth, perfect, size

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