Huge Balls

Curious to know how many members have unusually large testicles? I do - my sack hangs down 8" from my groin and has a circumference of 10". I need a lot of support the keep

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Huge Balls

Curious to know how many members have unusually large testicles? I do - my sack hangs down 8" from my groin and has a circumference of 10". I need a lot of support the keep them from swinging too much, sitting on them :-[ and to keep them from being too obvious in certain pieces of clothing (shorts, speedos, gym clothes).
I also cum a huge amount but I have heard that that isn't necessarily due to the size of a guys balls.

Anyone with similar experiences/thoughts?
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Hey, John!

It seems those of us with low hangers belong to an even rarer fraternity than those to whom this board is dedicated (i.e. luxuriously long dongs are more common than large, low swinging balls!)

Mine hang about 7" and are individually about the size of jumbo chicken eggs. It's hard to measure their total circumference because the left one hangs below the right one - the little monsters don't take kindly to being trapped inside the measuring tape - but they are about 12" around, give or take.

Being a show-er and blessed with a larger-than-average erection, I can empathize with most of the posts on this board, but the balls present their own set of problems.

There just aren't enough of us around to have a large testicle group or board of our own - it's been tried by one of the members here and less than a handful of us signed up.

As for the amount of ejaculate being determined by the size of the balls - that remains to be scientifically determined, I think. There is an average amount pretty universally agreed upon, that being about a teaspoonful. So some guys will put out less, some more and all are perfectly normal. I, for one, have to be aroused for a good half-hour before I start any precum, but it is copious once it starts - and the final ejaculate itself is quite a bit more than normal. I don't think it's due to the testicle size, though. Just the luck of the draw.

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I too would qualify on the basis of testicle size for the BBC (big ball club) ... but no way can I claim "low hangers". Everything is packed pretty tight ... but that may be partly because the jocks I have to wear all day every day prevent gravity having its effect.

I agree about the problems; they certainly have a way of getting in the way.

I also agree that a large volume of ejaculate and also frequent ejaculations (which by coincidence I could also lay a claim to) is not necessarily linked directly with the volume of the testes.
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I'm in the same boat as Max, not low hangers but a bit on the big side. The biggest problem is sitting down - do it too quick and they bounce off the seat! :o
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jazz_jazz70: The amount of cum you shoot has very little to do with the size of your balls, although that is an understandable assumption since that is were sperm come from. However, most of your ejacualte is not sperm, it is semen and it is produced by the prostate, not the testicles.

Having said that, if some sexy thing is licking your balls and telling you how big they are and that she can't wait to see how much cum they make...are you really going to argue?

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dave2000: Hey!

Being one of the least hung guys here (7" x 5.75"), it's the size of my testicles that (I hope) makes me eligible to be here - I apologize to anyone who believes this should be exclusively a large penis support group, but as Pecker pointed out there are so few big-balled guys around that I'm unlikely to find sympathy (and people who understand the problems brought by large testicles) anywhere else.

My ball size? When it's really hot they hang down up to 7 inches. The circumference of the sac is 11.5 inches, give or take, (that's when it's cold and the sac is completely drawn up), and my right testicle, at about 3.25 inches long, is slightly the larger.

As far as cum is concerned, it's true that ball size and cum quantity are not linked, as much of the semen comes from the prostate. I read somewhere that sperm production itself might be related to testicle size, with big-balled men having higher sperm counts.
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Dave -

You must have one of two requirements to be here:

1. You must be a male


2. You must be a female

Get one right and you're in, regardless of size.

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Thats a good point dave2000, I hang very low in hot weather and much more 'firm' in cold. While I also have a very large cock, I don't believe LPSG should be exclude guys with oversized balls. The problems and advantages (clothing, appearence, sex etc) are nearly the same.

Of course, the one are the two diverge is it can be very hard to fuck (male or female) with a big cock but just as easy with big nuts.
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I've always wondered what it would be like for a hermaphrodite with big-dick troubles (on either end,) personally, Dave. Can they come in too?
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HUGE_Nuts: ;D

Hence my name here, I too have giant balls. Circumference is about 13", each nut is roughly 3.75" long. They can be a true pain to deal with.

Finding underwear to accomodate them is challenging, but I finally found the right ones. Nuts don't go flaccid, they're always the same size. The bonus outweighs the bad though. I wouldn't rade them for anything.

Ejac volume, is anywhere from 1-2 teaspoons, depending on length of time without. I can shoot great distances. Standing I have shot up to 11 feet, but that was a fluke. Normally it's about 6-8 feet straight out. Straight up? I once shot clear over the shower door and onto the bathroom floor. Lying I can shoot past my head. Thats technique though, nothing to do with nut size.

Anyway, thats my story.

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johnholmeshorse: Like most here, mine are large and low- at 10" around and hang 5-6" depending on the weather. I have found that boxerbriefs work the best, esp. microfiber ones. They keep everything in place without much swinging action going on. It makes it a bit easier to sit, not by much though.

I also can ejaculate a rather large load, probably from kegels as well as pure luck.

We should start up a what underwear, boxers etc. woks best topic like there was on the old board.
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blak9: I don't know the measurements of my nuts but when relaxed they are pretty big. I do sometimes sit on them and I'm constantly readjusting them when I sleep.
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hangin: Several observations:

At 47 years old, my hangers do hang lower than they used to say 15 years ago. I attribute this to two things; it was about then that I started wearing boxers and eventually started freeballing, which I've been doing for about 8 years now.

The other thing is that for a couple years I regularly wore a heavy cock ring around my balls; I bought it to wear the usual way (it came in small, med. and large - I wasn't sure at the time so I bought the medium) but it was too small, though just right once I worked my balls through to weight them down lower. Now unless it is fairly cool they hang lower even without the ring and get sat on a lot, etc.

This brings me to a question; How do you measure the hang? From the top or bottom of your cock? When relaxed, and without the weight of that ring, I hang down between 6 and 7 in. from the top, but since I have short legs - 14 in. to the middle of my knees - that is half way down.
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I hang 7" from the base of my cock on the underside to the bottom of my balls. My nuts are about 3" long. It's really too much of a hang. Its like I am dragging a bag with a couple of tangerines inside. I can feel them dragging down.
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Mux: Me and my bro got big ass balls, his are bigger though. Girls tease us because of the way we walk.
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balls, huge

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