Do women like to watch guys selfsuck and swallow their own cum?

It's more along the lines of Ripley's Believe It or Not material, not sexy. Looks a little bizarre, uncomfortable...like trying to contort yourself into a small suitcase.

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B_Mademoiselle Rouge

It's more along the lines of Ripley's Believe It or Not material, not sexy. Looks a little bizarre, uncomfortable...like trying to contort yourself into a small suitcase.

Life is a highway....well you know the rest.
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pic of me, message for more.
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Hi from contortionist

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I dunno... I'd watch (and even encourage) but I don't think I'd get off on it.
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When I first started to selfsuck, I was 16 then, I could only suck my cockhead. After the many years of practice, I've become more flexible and can now suck about 4-5" of my own cock.
From an Asian's perspective, Asian girls and guys I've demontrated it to find it very amusing and mostly get very turned on just wathching. But Im not sure if its the selfsucking that is turning them on or the mere fact that my dick is way above average in size for Asian standards.
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Account Disabled

Love this thread and all u ladies!!!! :)
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So where are all you selfsuckers in the chatroom??? I always ask but there's never anyone there who wants to show me. Too bad
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I agree with the opinion that they just dont get it. They are just wired so differently.
sometimes it seems like Women have a small fraction of our sex drive and capacity for eroticism.
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Originally Posted by petite View Post
I wouldn't have known it existed if I hadn't joined LPSG! Yes, I think it's sexy.
Hi, im 30 and i can self suck. I started when i was 14 yrs old. Hit me up ladies if ur interested in viewing. I love to show
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Originally Posted by Desirevous View Post
So far from what I've read, it's obvious that lots of men enjoy watching other guys selfsuck, self facial, lick cum, snowball and so on. But what about women? Do you ladies enjoy this?

I for one absolutely love it--it's so incredibly hot to see a man eagerly licking and sucking his own cock and then swallowing his big load. I love when guys get into a position when they can shoot on their own faces and in their mouths...it makes me horny just thinking about it.

So how about it ladies, do you like this like I do?
Nope.. for me selfsucking is what a guy does in his own spare time..

When i'm around his dick is mine..and mine alone..
I'm not sharing it..

And watching it..doesnt do anything for me either..

I did see a selffuck once on a video..and even though it freaked me out a little i sorta got turned on too..

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I can do it, (watch my pics) and would reaaly like to find a woman who gets off on this :)
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Zalder, we are here! Hang out in the chatroom so we can meet for cam2cam
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I'm in France, so that make things more complicated, but whoi knows ^^
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I had an ex who could do this. I had not even thought of it until he told me and I was in complete disbelief and demanded he "prove it to me". Well, he did and it was incredibly hot. I loved it.

Because of this incredible ability, he was also able to pass along some pretty darn specific advice as to how he liked to be sucked.

I also love to watch my SO masturbate, but it has to be in person.

Please don't PM me unless we've somehow "met" via a thread or are members of the same social group. I won't respond.
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self facial, self sucker, self sucking, selfsuck

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