Do women like to watch guys selfsuck and swallow their own cum?

I stared self sucking at about 22. It is just hot in so many ways for me. Its forbidden, kinky, breathless. I've only done it in front of my wife a few times. Shooting in

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I stared self sucking at about 22. It is just hot in so many ways for me. Its forbidden, kinky, breathless. I've only done it in front of my wife a few times. Shooting in my mouth? Yup!
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always avalible to do it for you D...hit me up
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I am not sure. May be some do, but most - no!

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I just posted a few pics. Leave comments - would luv to know what the Girls think
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I reposted the pics! Leave comments! I've been selfsucking since i was 16. I can get 5 of my 8 in my mouth - sometimes more. I can Suck on my balls too!

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Originally Posted by Desirevous View Post
So far from what I've read, it's obvious that lots of men enjoy watching other guys selfsuck, self facial, lick cum, snowball and so on. But what about women? Do you ladies enjoy this?

I for one absolutely love it--it's so incredibly hot to see a man eagerly licking and sucking his own cock and then swallowing his big load. I love when guys get into a position when they can shoot on their own faces and in their mouths...it makes me horny just thinking about it.

So how about it ladies, do you like this like I do?
What do you think about my self facial pics?
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i love to watch guys do that! i'd love to see on Skype sometime :)

add cass86497
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Originally Posted by big_tits4big_dicks View Post
I want to see that you can, and never again.
I think that pretty much sums it up. The knowledge that you can do it is probably enough for women. And to be honest, it's not exactly the most attractive thing when a guy (like myself) selfsucks; it involves muscular strain and isn't exactly too "graceful".

Genuine measurements (not fake) : 7.5" x 5.5"

Holla at ya boy
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thats so awesome to see women into this!

e mail me i would love to share with a woman!

i love to self suck in different positions and swallow or let the cum drip. also into trying the self facial lately and have never been watched live by a woman but it turns me on soooooooo much thinking about it!

ps....brought this up to my ex and she thought it was gross and didnt even want to talk about it with me
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I can self suck, these days I can only get the entire head in my mouth, but in the summer days I manage to get half my penis. It's a bit weird, but the cold is taking it's toll in how flexible my muscles are, and the summer I'm usually allot more relaxed making it much easier... I do sometimes cum in my own mouth, but whenever I do that it's because I don't want to clean up the mess afterwards, as I really don't like the taste of it
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I had an ex who used to love it. I used to do it sitting on edeg of the bed and she would push my neck down to get more in my mouth. I never came in my mouth, but she used to snowball me sometimes.
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Wife and I were watching some porn on cinemax or some Chanel the other night. They had a brief clip of a guy sucking himself. She about lost it. Giggling and was amazed. Then she looked at me and said can you do that? Lol. I told her no! I'm too old and not flexible enough. When I was in hs I could lick the head. But that's it..... She still thinks I can. And wants me to see if I can.
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i can self suck! pm me!
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D_Judith K Rantz

Originally Posted by Laidey View Post
I think I would find it interesting, but then I would want to help.
I think this is closest to my answer. I've never had a guy do that in front of me or mention doing it... But who knows? If a guy ever does it in front of me I'll come back and let you know my thoughts.

I don't know if I would like him eating his own cum though. The thought doesn't do much for me.

Originally Posted by nudeyorker View Post
So be selective and picky because if you hold out for the best you will wind up like I did - living and loving someone who was worth waiting for.

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i'm not flexible enough, but i do shoot in my face and mouth all the time. I once asked my wife if i could cum on her face and she said no, and how would i like it if i shot my load in my own face. I said go ahead and i laid on my back on the floor with my feet on the bed. she jacked me off and when i started cumming she aimed it into my mouth. she was laughing so hard that after the first few shots she couldn't aim any more. it was one of the hottest moments we have had, her laughing at me getting a facial with her aiming. she had never done it again, and i have asked her to, ive done it to myself with her watching, and ive told her i want her to jack another guy into my face (which she says she wont do). she has also let me give her a facial a few times, but not the all over mouth open drenching you see on the web.
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self facial, self sucker, self sucking, selfsuck

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