Do women like to watch guys selfsuck and swallow their own cum?

So far from what I've read, it's obvious that lots of men enjoy watching other guys selfsuck, self facial, lick cum, snowball and so on. But what about women? Do you ladies enjoy this? I

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Do women like to watch guys selfsuck and swallow their own cum?

So far from what I've read, it's obvious that lots of men enjoy watching other guys selfsuck, self facial, lick cum, snowball and so on. But what about women? Do you ladies enjoy this?

I for one absolutely love it--it's so incredibly hot to see a man eagerly licking and sucking his own cock and then swallowing his big load. I love when guys get into a position when they can shoot on their own faces and in their mouths...it makes me horny just thinking about it.

So how about it ladies, do you like this like I do?
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The first time I saw it I was curious and surprised and didn't really think about it in terms being turned on. I think watching self sucking is hot and it makes me wish I were a man who could do that. Have mixed emotions regarding the swallowing their own cum though. I guess the hotter the guy the hotter the act (which makes me wonder if it's about the swallowing at all LOL!)
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I'm sure some women do.

Not very helpful am I

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I can suck the head of my penis and have done this with four girls, and discussed it with a fifth.

Girl 1: Was quite neutral to it, she continued sucking me at the same time and never commented on it.
Girl 2: She sucked me in the sauna and i also went down. She said afterwards: "Wow, that was pretty hot", but never asked about it again.
Girl 3: Said "oh, i've never done that before", but seemed neutral.
Girl 4: Was quite shocked, and thought it was a bit nasty.
Girl 5: (during conversation) was very impressed when we talked about it. She never saw it though.

So, apparently the reactions vary. My general impression is that it doesn't in fact turn on girls, they can be curious and impressed at best.
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I don't think women share our reactions to our penises or our cum. They just don't understand.

That, or they're more rational about the whole thing.


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D_Euclitia Liplocque

I would be interested..but I dont think it would be a huge turn on. But you never know if you don't try hehe
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Since I posted this question I've asked some other women what they think and overall they think it's really HOT. I've turned a couple of them on to some sexy selfsuck videos over at xtube and they loved them.

Any of you selfsuckers or self facialers want to cam with me and my friends?
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Desirevous im on yahoo if you want to PM me. I would be happy to show you.

Woman who are into self sucking is a good thing. Something which is refreshing to learn.
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Account Disabled

my wife loves watching me self fuck...more than self suck
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If anyone wants to watch me selfsuck just ask :D
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I want to see that you can, and never again. It's not sexy to me I guess, but just the fact you can bend your body that way is super cool, but it's not "hot" I guess, to me. But, I have always wanted to be a contortionist and run away to join the circus :D I love being flexible, that's why yoga and Pilates is so fun!

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I've tried but my flexiblity results in me falling short by about 3 inches :(
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I actually can do it, but never really did it. I just feel no desire to do it.
That does not help much with your question tho.

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I think I would find it interesting, but then I would want to help.

I hate porn with a heavily made up, stripper shoe prancing, screaming fake woman that shows off her ass while talking to the camera man for fifteen minutes then gives a ten minute blow job, while gagging till she almost vomits with black make up smeared every where ending with cum in her eyes and a smile for the camera.
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self facial, self sucker, self sucking, selfsuck

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