Sucking your own/tasting cum?

bastian: How many of you out there have sucked your own cock to see what it is like? I was able to do this a while back (5-6 years ago). I had a girlfriend that

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Sucking your own/tasting cum?

bastian: How many of you out there have sucked your own cock to see what it is like? I was able to do this a while back (5-6 years ago). I had a girlfriend that talked me into trying it. She would get hot and let me do just about anything I wanted to her, if I would let her watch me suck myself. I have never sucked another guy, nor wanted to, so I don't think this is a gay tendency. I tell myself that I did it because I could. Small men seem to envy dogs being able to do it.

I was not into letting other guys see me do this, for fear of being labled as gay. She convinced me to show one of her male friends from out of town one time. He too was able to do this, but he enjoyed eating his own cum. I was talked into shooting into my own mouth once by her. I was curious to what it tasted like. I can honestly say that it wasn't anything I would buy if it came bottled.

How many of the rest of you (since by length you should all be able to do this) have either sucked yourselves or tasted you own cum. I would guess I am not the only one that has done this.

Share your thoughts.
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felipe: I have tasted my own on several occasions: 1) I came so hard that I shot into my face and mouth 2) After giving me a blowjob the guy kissed me and I felt the cum in my mouth and 3) I tasted it out of curiosity. Sorry, but I don't dig my own cum, don't like the taste. Yeugh
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I have sucked my own, but it's not as fun as it sounds. As for tasting cum, I've done it, but don't like to.
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fitdude: Can relate to felipe (hola, que pasa?) except mine tastes OK. They say it has to do with what you eat, etc. :-/
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Auto-fellatio is not my favourite activity, but I have done it. As for swallowing my own spooge ... hell, yeah. How can I expect anyone else to swallow my load if I'm not willing to do it myself?

Ars longa, vita brevis: CARPE SCROTUM!
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Jim22cm: I have been able to get about 1 inch of the head in my mouth, that wat I have shot my load directly in my mouth.
(can't call it sucking my own dick ... I just wasn't that flexible).

Later on, I have been drinking and eating my own cum.
I don't dislike it ... though I'm not very fond of it either.
It's just the horny thought that makes it 'nice' to eat it.
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Tasting cum... pffff... I admit being very curious, of course I tasted it. Must say it was not the best menu I tried.

Anyway, it's taste is related to what you eat. Drink pineapple juice constantly and the taste will change.
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felipe: Hey FitDude!! I am a healthy guy, loads of fruit and vegetables and gym every day!! I just don't like eating cum, whether mine or others! hehehehe, although sometimes I do dig sucking off someone special :-) Apparently oranges and celery are good for semen taste, and the opposite with alchohol and smoking.
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fitdude: Felipe, although I don't mind it, I'm not big on cum either UNLESS it's the result of sucking off a hot dude! So, I guess we sort of agree?! :)
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biggbenn8: Could as a kid... accidentally rolled off the bed (was about to cum and thought I heard a car in the driveway)... bit my back on the edge of the bed, have never been able to do it again...

as to eating your own "spooge"? sure- saves clean up...I consider it 'recycling'

anyone else here self-fuck?
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thingsteal: I'm still a couple inches away from self-sucking, but I have in the past shot a load into my mouth a few times. It was a curiousity thing and kind of a big turn-on.

My wife has always had reservations about taking part of my load in her mouth, even though I've had chicks suck me off and swallow whole loads in the past with no complaints. I figured I might as well experience my own just to see if there's something particularly nasty about it. To me, it was no big deal. It didn't have any taste, was slightly warm, and was thick but not gag-inducing when I swallowed it. I didn't tell her, but as time has progressed I've cheerleaded her into thinking maybe it's not such a bad thing for her to do. After all, I'll eat her pussy for up to an hour and drink all of her juices while she's cumming her head off. It's only fair.

There was a slight payoff was a few weeks ago when I got a surprise BJ. She's usually good about figuring out when I'm gonna shoot and enjoys watching me ejaculate, but I fooled her and held on and got one shot off into her mouth before she pulled away and dribbled it out onto me. She got turned on big-time and was surprised how there wasn't any taste or anything. I think I might have gotten her (us?) over a hurdle. Who knows? Hey, at least I've done it myself and don't have a problem with it.

Time to do some Yoga. Maybe some day my lips and head will touch.
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ditch3: Yeah - I also self suck, although I don't do it as often as I'd like. The taste is so-so and I go through stages where I'll swallow it - sometimes I want to, sometimes I don't. The hottest thing I think is when you cum into your hand and then lick it from there. It's easy to suck yourself down when your dick is in your mouth but when you 'actively and knowingly' take it - Cool :D
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biggbenn8: As to the 'taste'- a few notes- smokers ejaculate tends to be more bitter...(the nicotene). Also- if you 'plan' on ejaculating into someones mouth (I know...planning? for a man?)- try to avoid eating asparagus as it creates a horrifically bitter taste.

I have heard a diabetics ejaculate is supposedly "sweet"... can anyone back this up/ refute it?
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fitdude: Have self-sucked when I was just a "kid." Do it only sometimes to save on clean-up. Besides, now that I'm a "big boy," I have lots of help from my friends! ;D
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kyle: I sucked a couple of inches when I was a kid to see what it would feel like. (That's when I knew I had to find someone to do it for me!) I was never interested in my own cum, however, I always swallow when I blow my boyfriend. :D
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