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here's the best cunt i found... http://www.nudiki.com/wiki/images/th...i_8q6it_11.jpg http://www.nudiki.com/wiki/images/th...ai_8q6it_8.jpg http://www.nudiki.com/wiki/images/th...ai_eNlD8_2.jpg

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D_Aston Asstonne
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Dammit bro!i fuckin luv this site!Im a bonifide pussy addict.
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'"Cunt" is such a foul word. What happened to good ol' "pussy"?

Fuckin hate that word, except for name-calling.

Originally Posted by JasonDawgxxx View Post
Here is a website where woman send in pictures of their cunts.

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I don't need to fight to prove I'm right.
I don't need to be forgiven.
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cunt is an awesome word, one of if not the best! if you wanna see it as negative, you've god some kinda hangup you need to deal with
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Oldest failed comics in the world (yet they keep churning em out) are guys who's sense of "humour" is to point and laugh at female pudendums. Grow up boys, this isn't the 6th grade.
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i'm on it every chance I get!
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beautiful Website

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This is the prettiest pussy I've ever seen....

Medicine Tips+Sex+Weight Gain
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