veiny large penises

miniver_cheevy: :o have you ever discussed veiny penises on this board? i have a very large vein coursing down the center (top) of my penis. (i mean, as i look down on my penis, i

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veiny large penises

miniver_cheevy: :o

have you ever discussed veiny penises on this board?

i have a very large vein coursing down the center (top) of my penis. (i mean, as i look down on my penis, i can see the vein very clearly and prominently -- when i'm erect as well as flaccid.) i used to consider it very unsightly and for many years i hankered after a "perfect" veinless penis.

older and more experienced as i now am ;) i have noticed that a lot of guys with large penises (especially guys with the thick kind like mine) often have this same large central vein, which often usually buries itself or disappears within the penis halfway down. mine sort of does a 3/4's turn before it goes back inside my penis.

i wonder if i didn't have this large vein my dick wouldn't be as thick, so now i am glad for it, and quite proud of it, as it is mine and it makes my penis more unique and distinctly "mine."

i also like the other kinds of veiny penises -- like for example: the penis that has smaller veins coursing all over it, especially when it is very very erect and pulsating. that to me is totally beautiful and masculine and hot.

so, what do you dudes and dudettes have to say about veiny penises -- do you like them or do you hate them? do you think they're ugly or hot? do you all have any issues about the veins that make up your large penises, etc., etc.

please disregard if this topic has been discussed ad naseum on the other renditions of this board or on other threads.

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Hi bill,

To my knowledge, I can't recall much discussion (if any) about veins around here, at least so far. *(There have been a few threads in the past that mentioned the subject abstractly or rather in vague reference, that's all.) *Really though, it's an interesting topic.

I'll begin the discussion. I have rather prominent veins on each side of the shaft but not so much on the top side proper that you describe.. *I also have your noted network of "smaller veins" that appear; then disappear rather randomly and even mysteriously. When one thinks about it, it's fascinating how those veins "come and go" so to speak within such a delicate thin-skin-network if you will. *And, like you, my veins are obvious even when in the flaccid state. I even have (somewhat) prominent veins and capillaries in the scrotum skin. *I have noticed this especially as I age.

I'm not sure whether the degree (or the size) of the veins would actually correlate or contribute directly to the development of a larger penis...but I can speculate there is obviously some connection...blood supply is *imperative to a larger erection. I can't believe larger men would have any more veins in the organ either per se but, instead the veins may be more "developed" as more blood is required to fill the increase volume demands in a larger-than-average size. *Afterall, the circulatory system is going to have to compensate to handle the increased volume of blood required to fill the corpus cavernosa erectile tissues within the shaft.

Virtually all of the larger penises I have seen in person (or via the net in pix) indicate large veins to some degree. Come to think of it; I would have to say it's these big bulging veins that make many of the larger penises such "monsters"....almost mean and ferocious looking in character!

Most men have no problem "living" with the look of *prominent veins in the penis (some guys and gals actually call them appealing) and the only instance of trouble from them are the infrequent occasions of "thrombosis" or clotting/inflammation of these veins. *This can be a painful condition and occasionally can lead to more serious circulatory conditions including impairment (which could perhaps lead to erectile dysfunctions for some.)
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brad2002: I love large veiny penises. I think they are beautiful. I am not the most veiny person, but my penis has a lot of blue veins showing through the pale skin and a few very thick veins sticking out from the skin of my penis. My veins are mostly on the bottom side and the sides. I remember a guy who had a big veiny dick with veins on the foreskin. Mmmmmmmmm.
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