Hard at the sauna

orcohen666: Hi guys, a question- i'm 19 y/o, totally straight. recently i started to go to the swimming pool at my university. We have a sauna at the men's locker room, and i found it

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Hard at the sauna

orcohen666: Hi guys, a question-
i'm 19 y/o, totally straight. recently i started to go to the swimming pool at my university. We have a sauna at the men's locker room, and i found it really fun to use it after swimming. usually i go there with my swim suit, but yesterday i entered the sauna just with a towel. a guy was lying there, totally naked. he was playing with his schlong (i dont think he was jacking off of something like that, just touched it- it remained soft). he had a really long one (i guess about 6-7" soft)- and after 1-2 minutes- my cock was getting hard. real hard (mine is 9" hard, and he probably noticed). i ran away immediately.
as i told u- im totally straight, so i wanna know-
did u ever got hard / seen anyone else getting hard in the sauna/locker room etc.? what was the situation?
what was your / the others' comment?
do u think it means im bi or something?
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blak9: This hasn't happened to me. However, I can say that this action doesn't make you bisexual.

If you said that once you saw it, you had the overwhelming urge to grab it and suck it, then you would probably end up being bi.

I'm far from an expert though.
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bradleeM: Orco

What do you think made you get an erection? Has that ever happened to you before? From what I understand if a person is totally str8 there is no way seeing another guy naked is going to give one a hard on. Could it have been something else that triggered that reaction? Have you had a mutual jerk off with one of your friends before this incident? Maybe your seeing the long cock being fingered reminded you of a previous jerk off with a friend. Have you watched porn before? If you have done that and jerked off to porn then maybe seeing the dude finger himself reminded you of that.

Why did you leave? Because of your erection?

I would not worry about it too much. When you return to the sauna see what your reaction is to a guy with a smaller package. If you get another erection then you are probably bi. Whatever you do enjoy yourself , safely.
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The showers at my gym have a steam room & sauna. I have seen a few hard ones emerge from either from time to time. Once I did come out with a hardon and got lots of attention. Generally I don't let my self show too much though!
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stewartb17: You had a normal reaction - not bi or gay. Seeing other peoples genitals - especially being handled - is arousing to most of us; altho some don't want to admit it.
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[quote author=orcohen666 link=board=meetgreet;num=1036532925;start=0#0 date=11/05/02 at 13:48:45]do u think it means im bi or something?[/quote]

From a gay man's perspective, the answer is probably not. Here's someting to think about:

Why does all STRAIGHT porn, intended for a hetero male audience, feature men with big dicks, the bigger the better? Why is it that in straight porn, it is the guys that are the stars, get their names on the video box, and the women are for the most part just sort of extra, necessary to support the male star? Why aren't the women promoted as stars, with the men being secondary? Why aren't the male stars poorly endowed?

The producers know that the straight men viewing the film will get aroused by seeing endowed, virile men having sex, so they arrange their films around these elements. But these viewers aren't bi or gay. Nevertheless, male sexuality at least helps turn them on. The usual theory as to why this is so is that men watching the film identify with the men acting in the film, and feel themselves playing in that scene in the male role. Obviously, the more male sexual prowess of the actor, the better for those having a vicarious experience watching him.

So, you don't have to be bi or gay to get aroused over some other guy's dick. You saw another man who also obviously had a big dick, and could identify with him on that mutual basis. This made you think of your own big dick, and your own sexuality, your own prowess, what you could do with your dick. He was probably horny, since he was fondling it a bit, and you identified with this feeling, too.
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kyle: You just finished exercising and stepped into a warm, wet environment to relax. Just the slightest hint of sexuality could set anyone's dick to rise! Hell, I get a hardon after exercising with no other stimulation - sometimes during!

Don't worry, orc. You're as straight as you wanna be.
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orcohen666: come on, reactions
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D_Martin van Burden
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You're getting them, aren't you?

I was about to say 'til someone else beat me to the point: hardons can become as contagious as yawning. If the sight of his manhood in turn prompted a reaction of yours, it's normal. And, dare I throw it in, entertaining the thought of sexual behaviors even isn't enough to deviate from heterosexuality. Perhaps -- and there's no light way to put this -- if you developed some feelings toward not just that one particular man, but men in general, then you would have your doubt. Otherwise, man, don't worry 'bout a damn thing.
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wondering: My masseur (quite a legitimate one) finished up with my legs, the last time. *When I got up off the massage table, I was sporting a partial woody. *I apologized. *He was pretty cool about it. *He said not to worry. *At my age, I should be able to control it better.

Oh well. *Years ago, a girlfriend nicknamed me, "Sempre Erectus." *I would get an erection at the drop of a hat.

Excuse me, I just dropped my pencil.
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FieldRatt9: Don't worry about it. It's a natural body function. Happens to me alot. I always use the sauna nude. Just a towel to sit on. First time it happened to me I was in the sauna alone laying down on the top bench when 2 guys came in. I put up one leg to shield my floppiness. My back got too hot so I sat up. I noticed that one of the guys had an erection. They were talking as if nothing. I'm straight but the site of his erection started getting me erect. I didn't know why? So as I got up to move my towel enough to cover myself they looked at me and laughed. The guy with the erection said why hide it...flaunt it. We're all guys, it happens plus I don't think you have enough towel. We all laughed. So...don't worry about it. I don't always get an erection in the sauna but if I do...I apologize and enjoy the heat.
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Aussie9: Yep I agree with all these comments. I regularly use the sauna at my gym after I work out. I always go naked (I don't think it is healthy to use a sauna with trunks or shorts on). I regularly get a hard-on in there - must be something to do with the heat!.

Those of us that are huge hung are accustomed to other guys taking a look. I am proud of my big cock and don't mind others enjoying the sight (and that makes me harder) More ofen than not other guys (str8 guys mostly) get a hard on also. It tends to start a chain reaction and has, on more than one occasion, started a mutual j/o session.

Some guys get embarrassed at first but when they realize others are not worried they relax. It is not uncommon to see guys in the showers after their sauna still sporting a boner.

So I wouldn't worry too much.


9"x 6" cut
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bkozy54: Getting hard in the sauna after seeing another man touching his genitals doesn't necessarily have anything to do with a persons sexuality. As human beings we rely on our senses . . . as such, seeing another male naked and then to see him touch his genitals is a sensual experience. In our culture, we are so hung up about nudity, particularly looking at another naked male. We will sneek a look but unlike women, most men would not consider just looking at another male, taking in what his body looks like much less making any comments about it. We isolate ourselves in our fear of male nudity and our fear of what it may mean or imply about our sexuality.

It is normal (especially after exercising - getting all the endorphines going) to become aroused. You could get aroused even if you were alone, just enjoying the sauna and feeling the sweat on your skin. Don't worry about it, enjoy it. What, if anything this says about you, is that you are open to your senses (all five of them).
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hungpup: hey bro...i use the showers in school every day. I always catch guys, that i know are str8, checkin me out..and sometimes thay get a woody. I also wrestle..and alot of times guys im wrestling with, who are also str8, get woodies. So i wouldnt worry about it dude. Im bi and i can tell you guys arent either bi or not..i think most guys are "alitle" bi, its just a matter if they act on it or not.
Peace out!
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FieldRatt9: This is kinda funny. I just got back from the gym. This morning after a few rounds of raquette ball, some weights and a swim I took a shower. Being sunday morning it was pretty quiet in there. When I walked to the sauna there was a new sign on the door. NO MASTERBATION ALLOWED. I laughed and went inside. There was one guy in there. I asked him about the sign. He said that the night before some guy was masterbating when he had some kinda seizure. Then the door opened and it was a gym staff guy. He looked at me and asked if I had read the sign. I smiled and said yes. After he left the guy in there asked me why I he asked me and not him? Not sure, might be because I usually walk around with an erection. We both laughed. I noticed that he was looking in my direction more after that comment. ;D
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