First time you had anal sex

Hey guys! Post up your experiences of when you were first penetrated. How big was it? What position were you in (doggy, ride etc)? Were you nervous/excited? How did it feel? Were you hard? Did

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First time you had anal sex

Hey guys!

Post up your experiences of when you were first penetrated. How big was it? What position were you in (doggy, ride etc)? Were you nervous/excited? How did it feel? Were you hard? Did you use a condom or lube? How did you prepare for it? Was it what you expected or better? All that sort of stuff.
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My first time, I was either 19 or 20. He was my first bf, not too big, but that didn't matter. I don't know about anyone else, but I wasn't all too prepared for a foreign body in my ass.... it hurt. It hurt alot. He penetrated.... and I told him to stop seconds later.

I was hoping to like it... I love it now, but you need to figure out what works for you before you have someone else try and discover that on your behalf. It's your ass after all.

Every day is a great day
when you're in proper mind.

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I've not yet
rarely I wonder what it is like
but just thinking it makes me feel awfully painful.
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The first time I had anal sex. I was 18 and had been with a guy for a month and one night I had him put on a condom and put lube on it and on my hole and pushed inside me slow for the first 5 min cause it hurt. I was Lying on my belly and he fucked me realy good for 30 min and made me want more.
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Thanks for posting! Anyone else wanna share?
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I was impaled by the famous Elvira Smith who possessed an erect clit of over 3 inches in length with a circumference of 3.50 inches. (There was an article in Popular Mechanics about this lady in 1959). The experience was incredible. When Elvira orgasmed at stroke 56 I believe her clit literally retracted and has never been seen again to this very day.
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I went to the island off Ibiza off the coast of Spain for a week the summer after graduation from HS (1982). After hitting this over the top, out of this world nightclub there called Amnesia until about 3 am, I was buzzed and walked down by the beach. I sat down on a rock wall and noticed this guy sitting a few feet away (I didn't initially see him when I sat down). We struck up a conversation and it turned out he was 26 and visiting Ibiza from Denmark.

He scooted closer and we talked for maybe 15, 20 minutes. Out of the blue he leaned over and kissed me.

We made out and messed around. We then found an area nearby that had fishing boats out of the water that allowed us some privacy. We got in one and messed around. He ended up fucking me, without lube...just spit, with a thankfully not too huge but very nice uncut dick. It was pretty hot.

We hung out for the next three days before I had to fly back home. I ended up getting nailed a couple more times and returned the favor to him.

What's really funny is that I had my very first m2m oral experience when I was 16 as an exchange student in Germany, so does that make me a Euro Whore, LOL.
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My first was at 19 after id split up with my gf. She refused to even let me try because of my size, but her dirty mate was on hand to comfort me through the split. I think she just wanted to bed me as she said that she new my gf wouldnt let me shag her ass, but that she would be willing.

We were both pretty drunk, wed already shagged, and i then got to work on her ass, rimmed her for quite a while, lubed me cock up and her hole, and then started to try and pentrate with my cock. Took some time for her to get comfortable, we did it doggy, but eventually managed to get my cock in. Fuck me it was awesome. After a bit, she produced a toy from her drawers and asked me to insert it in her pussy whilst i fucked her ass.

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I was in college, he was an older graduate student. We were at a party, i was stoned/drunk. He took me back to his place. He took me to his bedroom. he undressed me and laid me stomach down on his bed. When he started lubing my asshole, I was too stoned to resist. I soon understood the connection between pain and pleasure. Yes, it hurt, but I couldnt resist. Yes, it was pleasurable
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The content of the post has been removed and we request that all members read the rules and follow them in the future.

Members found to be continuing in the same manner after the posting of this warning, will be subject to further actions and sanctions up to and including reviewing your continued participation at LPSG.

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It was with my current boyfriend.. we had tried once but it didnt really go well and we ended up not doing anything. At the time, we weren't together because I fancied someone else and he was aware of that. We were friends but.. really, we had an ambiguous relationship.

The real first thing happened when, well I don't drink... and he had fun making me drink... and after, we parked somewhere and ''it'' happened. I can't say I remember much of it though.. Like I said, I don't drink, so I lost quite a bit of what actually happened. I never felt bad about it though... I never felt anything about it actually, it just happened, no big deal. I only remember the position, I was facing the car seat (which was lowered) and that's it. I don't remember whether he or I came, whether it hurt or not. I have no special feelings or resentment towards that moment. It's fine, makes me laugh actually when I think about it.
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I had just turned 20 and it was with my first bf, we've been dating for a month and he started fingering me and using saliva to lube my hole up. I was on my stomach and he had 'hugged" me and slowly started inserting his dick (8 inches) inside me. It hurt so bad and I hated it. I really hated it. He was really passionate about sex (and so am I) and he was really good at what he did. But his dick was just way too huge, and I've been an "anal sex" virgin and my hole was just super tight. In other circumstances it would be awesome, but back then, I was just so fucking nervous and lost on how I should feel about it.

I did it couple of times more and I hated it even more. I did it only because I really loved him. Continuing the story and getting side-tracked: I ended up breaking up with him because I moved a ocean away.
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it's really odd, but I don't recall the first time being penetrated

I have some memorable experiences of being penetrated, but not the first time

my first sexual encounter, where I topped, I remember vividly, but not the first time I received

Hey! I know what to do with a drunken sailor!

NZ All Blacks rule!

Vancouver Canucks rule!

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西 !
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where are the female responses??? I want to hear about normal anal not homo sex! come on ladies?

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Ummmm? gordon69, correct me if I am wrong, but it does say "Hey guys! Post up your experiences of when you were first penetrated..."

Start your own post about 'normal anal' sex and leave us be, to carry on talking about what can only be presumed from your wording as 'abnormal' homo sex?!!?

Usually helps if we read texts before commenting, call me old fashioned!??!?
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anal, sex, time

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