Is It Possible For A Guy To Cum Hands Free While Being Fucked From Behind?

Originally Posted by kingdong9 I remember topping a horny bottom and made him shoot his load by banging his hole, then I kept going and made him shoot again. As a horny bottom I can

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Originally Posted by kingdong9 View Post
I remember topping a horny bottom and made him shoot his load by banging his hole, then I kept going and made him shoot again.
As a horny bottom I can tell you it happens and I love it. Any stud who makes me cum this way basically owns my ass and can fuck me until he is satisfied.
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Yes, definitely! It's happened to me several times.

It helps to have a partner with a long enough penis to reach your prostate...but if you think about it...your doctor can reach it with his finger, so how long does it have to be, right?

All you really have to do is relax, get into it and work your pelvis to help your partner's penis rub against your prostate.

I find it helps if your partner is thick enough to make you wonder what's happening in the first place because the in and out friction on the sphincter plays a key role in this. Then once you start working it to make him feel good in return it all falls into place.

You can't just lay there and grimace cause it hurts and expect to cum, know what I mean? ;-)

By the way...I'd like to differentiate the above from "expressing" cum out of the prostate by massaging it with either the finger, hand, dildo or other device as some have mentioned before.

I have an Aneros, the Progasm model no less, and it's very easy to put that puppy in, squeeze the PC muscles a few times to rub the tip against my prostate and I'm flowing in no time, hard or flaccid. The motion against the prostate is basically a massage that expresses the fluids from the prostate. (Feels great, by the way.)

This is different than cumming, in my opinion. Cumming hands free as I described it above is really more of an anal orgasm. It has all the build-up, tension, anticipation and massive release that's usually associated with a penile stimulated orgasm...but it takes place from the inside out, not the outside in.

Come to think of it, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that my enthusiasm for dildos is directly connected to my desire to reproduce those very feelings. Hmmmm, hadn't thought of it that way before.

True 6x6 cock with a penchant for cock rings.

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It never happened to me, but I heard about it. I hope I experience it at least once in my life.
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Originally Posted by w2btm View Post
As a horny bottom I can tell you it happens and I love it. Any stud who makes me cum this way basically owns my ass and can fuck me until he is satisfied.
Yeah, huge turn-on for the top too, esp if he can hold off and trigger 2 or 3 (my max) explosions from the btm non-stop before offloading himself. 3rd time may need a helping hand, tho'. Surest way to keep a horny TB happy!
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yes and with and without ejaculation
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I can. But only if my nips are getting plenty of attention throughout.
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Originally Posted by epi_sin View Post

…has never happened to me from behind before.
Must be something about the angle [whips out a handy protractor & plumb-bob].

As johnnyx says though, a real anal orgasm is quite different from just getting worked up enough that continual fucking is enough to push you over the edge.

The prostate is inside you towards your dick, not towards your back. Few inches inside from your balls. Try getting on top, you can adjust the angle easily like that. Also if your on all 4s and he holds your chest and pulls you back a bit, thats a pretty good angle too.
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Man, that must be feeling great...wish I had that treatment guys
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Originally Posted by CUBE View Post
Man, that must be feeling great...wish I had that treatment guys
Try a dildo, every guy has a prostate
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I've seen it happen to lots of guys, but never cum this was myself. An ex b/f of mine use to take guys home for a bit of 3 way action and I witnessed him make quite a few of them shoot hands free. It's real sexy to watch. I've been milked with a finger probeing my prostate and that felt fucking good, but have never cum hands free during sex.
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I can cum without touching my cock if the guy is hung. A sling helps and some mild restraints and lots of dirty talk
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Ring teasing...the perfect gay male to male technique for training a new bottom or even driving an experienced bottom crazy...

The key to this is that the top has the control and is very considerate...

I insert just the head, very gently, into the ass of the bottom and hold it there. (One key to making this really hot
is talking dirty to the bottom.) "You want a little more?" And you let the whole cock slide in slowly and then withdraw
but only out to the head. Again leave it in the anus for a moment. Now tease the ring with just the head a few strokes.
The key here is to vary the number of strokes before thrusting fast and deep...do not let the bottom know when
you plan to go in full cock. Ask your bottom if he wants more...then a full deep hard thrust.

Now again withdraw out to just the head locked in the anal ring. Let's say this time you tease that ring about six times...
Don't warn your bottom that you are going for the thrust. Maybe thrust seven times and withdraw and hold. Talk dirty to
him...ask him to beg for full cock...each time you come out to the ring, vary the number of ring teases before the thrust.

The key here is not allowing the bottom to know what is going on. In fact, a sling and a blindfold on the bottom and restraining
his hands and feet can be hot as fuckin' hell...depends on your trust level with him. And of course the dirtier the talk,
the louder he will moan and beg.

I once spent nearly a full hour doing this to a hot guy who wound up shooting a huge load without my milking his cock, he
was so turned on.

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Many guys have cum while I was fucking them without touching his dick. It's all about changing the angle until you find the prostate (he will let you know by his reaction). Once you hit it, I've found it more about the rhythm. For instance 2 or 3 shallow thrusts (just an inch or so) and then one deep to the balls thrust. repeat, repeat. Again, he will let you know what's working. If you keep the same rhythm, he begins to anticipate what is coming (haha) and on one of the deep ones, he will have a massive orgasm. It's really hot for me as the top too to be able to fulfill my partner like that. Once you have the recipe for someone, you can do it again and again. This happens more for me when on top, but I think thats the best angle to get to the prostate. It has happened from behind too - just aim for that sweet spot. It's all about paying attention to your partner to see what's working for him. Once you figure that out, your set. It is even easier / better if during foreplay you have discovered what else he likes - nipple play, dirty talk, kissing, etc just add that in. Okay , now I need a shower.
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LOL ... Brad, maybe we should do a video demonstration for them, then post it. ;-)
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I'm game SexySf. PM me and give me your address.
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hands free

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