Is It Possible For A Guy To Cum Hands Free While Being Fucked From Behind?

I don't remember happening very much lately but in my early 20s I was so excited with my first partners it happened quite a few time. I think the secret was the foreplay. I would

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I don't remember happening very much lately but in my early 20s I was so excited with my first partners it happened quite a few time. I think the secret was the foreplay. I would be so excited about having a cock up my ass that after a little pounding I'd find myself cumming. It is really nice : )
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Originally Posted by Stretchinit View Post
Yes, definitely! It's happened to me several times.

It helps to have a partner with a long enough penis to reach your prostate...but if you think about it...your doctor can reach it with his finger, so how long does it have to be, right?

All you really have to do is relax, get into it and work your pelvis to help your partner's penis rub against your prostate.

I find it helps if your partner is thick enough to make you wonder what's happening in the first place because the in and out friction on the sphincter plays a key role in this. Then once you start working it to make him feel good in return it all falls into place.

You can't just lay there and grimace cause it hurts and expect to cum, know what I mean? ;-)

By the way...I'd like to differentiate the above from "expressing" cum out of the prostate by massaging it with either the finger, hand, dildo or other device as some have mentioned before.

I have an Aneros, the Progasm model no less, and it's very easy to put that puppy in, squeeze the PC muscles a few times to rub the tip against my prostate and I'm flowing in no time, hard or flaccid. The motion against the prostate is basically a massage that expresses the fluids from the prostate. (Feels great, by the way.)

This is different than cumming, in my opinion. Cumming hands free as I described it above is really more of an anal orgasm. It has all the build-up, tension, anticipation and massive release that's usually associated with a penile stimulated orgasm...but it takes place from the inside out, not the outside in.

Come to think of it, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that my enthusiasm for dildos is directly connected to my desire to reproduce those very feelings. Hmmmm, hadn't thought of it that way before.
Everyone seems to experience somthing slightly different with a prostate orgasm which is good. I have had a few different types as well but unfortunately, I have only had a few, period!

I tried the Aneros, 2 different "models" and got frustrated with it. Although I think I got close once I don't think I have the patience.

And yes, it is just inside and I can easily reach it with my middle (FU) finger so you think it would not be such a project for someone else or using a toy but it is. I know I was playing around with a toy once and I could not fight off the urge to stick the damn thing up as far as it would go. I kept wanting to do that but I kept running into the curve and that is painful.

It seems to me that if a guy's cock is hard as a rock and stands straight up with a big head, like mine, that a face to face and just going in a few inches should hit the spot but it is an art, that is for sure.
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Yes, I don't get fucked often but once had a huge dude fucking me and I came four times hands free within a space of half an hour, the nice thing about it was he refused to let me out of his grip, continuing to fuck me even after I came. I thought it only happened to woman.
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Originally Posted by bigshavedsack View Post
thought ya'll might be interested. just uploaded a vid of me doing this.
That's cool buddy. I don't think I can do that. It must be a trick not very many guys can do, or wouldn't it be more common in gay porn? I've seen it only once, something I downloaded with eMule or eDonkey. I think it is just called Canadian Mounties. These two "mounties" are out in the woods sucking dick around twilight, then they are fucking around the campfire. It seems like the bottom cums a couple times totally hands-free.
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I don't know if it's real in porn, but I've seen a couple in porn. I'm told the most recent Corbin Fisher video showcases a guy that gets fucked to the point of cumming without touching himself.

OC Muscle....if you're ever in Baltimore, let me know...I'd love to feel your skill. :)
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Originally Posted by Kimahri View Post

OC Muscle....I'd love to feel your skill. :)
Who wouldn't?
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Originally Posted by paka View Post
once had a huge dude fucking me and I came four times hands free within a space of half an hour, the nice thing about it was he refused to let me out of his grip, continuing to fuck me even after I came.

<sarcasm>That bastard!!!!</sarcasm>

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I've cum when being fucked. It is a wonderful feeling.
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Cumming handsfree is one of the best things Brian Estevez did in gay porn.
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its the hottest thing a btm can do for the top...
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Only one time did I ever come close to cumming while being fucked. He had a pretty small cock but on one occasion when we fucked in a public bathroom standing up, I guess the angle and rhythm were working in tandem because he was on his way to pounding me into sexual oblivion. I think the only reason I didn't cum was because seeded me before I could reach my orgasm. So I think it is very possible to make a guy cum while fucking him.
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It's totally possible and as an amazing bottom it's my goal every time I get fucked. The key for me is:
position (on my stomach) + thick dick + being really horny = hands free cum session.

I can do it multiple times (both dry and with cum). Anyone in the SWFL area feel free to meat up for a demonstration - it's much better than video!
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I just want to point out that this thread has been super educational. Sometimes when I've gotten a good fucking by a well-endowed man, I had had problems getting off, same experience with heavy manual ass play involving the prostate. I'd precum heavily, and have really intense feelings from the prostate, but I never imagined it being a dry orgasm. I can bring the house down from being noisy, but had never connected the two.
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Sure it's possible! I'm top and that happened to me with a guy I fucked, while he was riding me. He just moved as he liked and he came quite fast.
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hot.. for me, i tend to cum on my back... something about the angle sets me off....
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hands free

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