Ever had a friend be jealous of your big cock/package?

Hello boys! I know i get jealous of my best friends boobs, and i mention them ALL the time! Do any of you have a male friend like me? who just can't stay off the

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Ever had a friend be jealous of your big cock/package?

Hello boys!
I know i get jealous of my best friends boobs, and i mention them ALL the time! Do any of you have a male friend like me? who just can't stay off the subject?
Have they ever asked to see it? Even though they are str8? Who do they bring it up in front of? do they hit you in that area?
Thanks xx
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Is this a boring set of questions??
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I had a male friend(more of an acquaintance) that dated my old gf. the old gf and I did not break up on the greatest of terms. she was showing far too much interest in him 2 wks before our spat. and although his appearance was calm, cool, totally "together" dude, I knew he was desperate for pussy and treated gals like shit. so with me out of the picture, they date for about 2 weekends. I run into him mid week, drinking, by himself. I give him the cold shoulder, he says, "Deb and I are done." O, yeah? "apparently, I don't get the job done, she compared me to you, called me "just a boy". she called you a "dumb fucker with a horse cock". I laughed, nothing I had not heard before. do you have a big cock? I had heard you did from other girls, but this is the first time I fucked some gal who you have fucked." I pressed my jeans with my hand around the outline of my cock, and said I'm not huge, but large enough.

a couple days later, I run into her and she is with gfs, drunk. we say hello, start out friendly, but within 15 minutes, she is hitting me with her purse progressively worse. we are asked to leave the bar. so outside, she is swinging her purse at me, and cussing at me. she's pretty drunk, I'm laughing. I finally grab her by her wrists, she drops her purse, and I give her a big kiss. she enjoys it briefly and tries to hit me, saying I ruined her with my big cock. she had apparently bedded down a male classmate after school that Friday, hoping to find Mr Goodbar, and I guess this guy was not Mr Goodbar either.

months go by, I am dating around, getting laid from time to time. I don't see the old gf much, hear she is dating different guys. one evening, outside a bar, she blindsides me with a her purse. I had no idea she was there. drunker than ever, yelling at the top of her lungs, "this big cocked bastard ruined me, ruined my life." I finally get her settled down, she is about to pass out, and she is saying "I ruined her, no man compares to you." about this time, her sister pulled up and took her home. I tried picking her up one night, not drunk, but with my male friend loitering by, and he got his smart mouth running, "slut don't want me, gonna take mr big dick home." well, I didn't, I did call her a few times, but we never hooked up again. and my supposed friend? i stayed on the speaking side, but we never ran around again. he made a few comments to almost all the gals I took out, even my present gf, my wife. he became such a loser.
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I had a few friends who did this sort of thing in college. There were a few who liked to highlight my size, and some who were more transfixed on the fact that I'm uncut. They loved to bring up these two things all the time. While it was a little flattering, in a weird way, you can imagine that it got old very quickly. Of course, they knew that I'm sort of reserved about these sorts of things in real life, and that only made it more fun for them. I could roll with it, especially after I realized that many guys wish that this was what their friends jagged them about. It was all in good fun, and it didn't involve any of the drama that the above poster talked about.

Incidentally, my girlfriend also had comments made about her breasts (she's a nice, full 34c) by some of her (and my) friends. I think the moral of the story is that people like to point out and hold on to (no pun intended) things that are different. Size is just one of those things, and in my group of friends, being uncut was, too. As long as it's in good fun, I don't think that it causes any real harm.

He's a girthy one...
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I had a couple of friends that were i guess jealous. One would bring it up in an almost upset tone. The other was the opposite. I thought he might have a crush on me for a while, but i don't think so now. He would bring it up when we were alone, when we were at parties or especially when we were trying to pick up girls. He only asked to see it a few times when we were alone but would lots of times walk in on me with a girl or try to get me to show them. I know I am big but not that big so i guess he just had a pretty small cock.
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Never a friend.
but a girl did once. she said it looked beautiful and she wanted one so she could just whip it out and play with it sometimes.

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Yep, a fair weather friend whom I drove around town after he lost his liscence. He took one gander while pissing off the side of the road and he changed. seems he was used to getting all the attention from the girls, but once i balled one of his exes, she began fawning over me. He tried fighting me about it, but one good hammer to his mouth changed him.

Ya ain't seen an attitude like a North jerseyan attitude. Hey,hetero 5'10", 185 lbs, brown/black hair, hazel green eyes, 10.5X7.5, looking for that very special romance.

I'm not interested in getting PM's from complete strangers, nor do I wish any solicitations about cock size, getting together. etc. So trust me when I tell you that you will be deleted from my message banks and put on ignore.

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My best friend admited to being jealous of my bigger size just tonight actually, he is just slightly below average, probably in the 5 inch range. It was just a small comment though, nothing huge in our relationship or anything.
Besides he has the stamina of the fucking energizer bunny, so all ballances out I suppose.
Remember once he was doin his girl for 3 hours... had to call it quits and finnish with oral cause she was so sore and tired out (college suite-mates). Think if a larger guy was able to do anyone that long it would kill em lol, so I guess all have their own blessings in that department.
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Yes. Eventually we weren't friends anymore. His jealousy got them better of him and I got tired of his stupid emails and vms about my size and how pissed he was that PE was working for him.

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Yes. I've had a few friends who were very bitter about my size. Honestly no idea why they were like that.

Hung BI Guy in Charlton, SE London. Always looking.
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Originally Posted by sandie305 View Post
Hello boys!
I know i get jealous of my best friends boobs, and i mention them ALL the time! Do any of you have a male friend like me? who just can't stay off the subject?
Have they ever asked to see it? Even though they are str8? Who do they bring it up in front of? do they hit you in that area?
Thanks xx
He walked in on me getting head at a party and noticed certain things as he put it a couple days later. He asked out right how long I was. I was fairly comfortable with him and told him. He got really excited for me, you like holy fuck man you just got signed to play in the majors excited. The very next day he was like so look I was telling Lindsay (his GF) how big you were and we were talking about how shes never seen one over 7.5 and how she wants to see it. I was kinda shocked and offended that he was outright talking about it to other people. Then he was like so you wanna come have a 3 some with us? I think I choked on what ever it was I was snacking on. I did it the first time which was pretty amazing and had a ton of fun, and eventually did it a couple more times before they broke up. I thought thatd be the end of things, but they weren't after that it was like his goal to set us up with one or more girls for the weekend. He said once it was like watching porn live. I thought this was great it was no work for me and he had a scary ability to convince good looking girls to listen to him. He start to get to be a little much eventually because he'd bring up whatd we do in public around other people or say things like your just mad cause he has a bigger dick than you. He was kinda obsessed and eventually told me he wanted to make real porn. I didn't really want to be doing that at 18 and was quite creeped out by his more recent behavior and started to avoid him.

P.s. we got dicks like jesus.

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I have a friend who has seen me in the shower and now won't quit talking about it in front of our other friends. And there is one dude who now, every time the guy thats seen me brings my size up, has his wife talk about how big he is.


I would say that Quercusone has about the same dimensions as Mandingo (but perhaps a bit thicker)...
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awesome thread
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D_Smeg Suckface
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~I'm apparently referenced as a unit of measure at my friend's company.~ O.o

big, cock or package, friend, jealous

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