Do You Like to Expose Your Penis In Public Places?

Hello People, do you like to expose your penis in public places like showers in swmming houses, etc? And if it is so, why?

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Do You Like to Expose Your Penis In Public Places?

Hello People, do you like to expose your penis in public places like showers in swmming houses, etc? And if it is so, why?
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I would love to, but i am too shy and afraid to get in trouble. Also in showers I am afraid ill get hard, my cock gets hard so quickly and easily.
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D_Rawkesbye Deadheade

I don't generally go to locker rooms or communal showers specifically to expose my penis but if I happen to be there I'm usually not one to shy away from letting other people see my private. After all, everyone in the room's got one.
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only when i am pissed. then i only flash at my mates. i would never get out infront of someone i did not no!!!
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I don't shy away from it...but I don't necessarily try to expose myself to others who are not wanting to see it either. If you in a restroom or a locker room your going to see penis...who cares!
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D_Jared Padalicki
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I'm not there for exposing, but don't mind if they see, totally different idea
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D_Frederick Fuzzynuts

i dont go to places purposefully to show off but i am not afraid to be in the nude in showers or changing room etc and only flash if i am very drunk
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I don't do any inappropriate flashing. I am totally fine with taking off my clothes in places where it's OK, however.
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I agree with magnum_t69 I dont go to public showers etc, because I'm afraid I'll get a 'boner" and be embarassed - I too get hard easily
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Not into public exposure unless @ gym, etc. Hey, want to look - fine with me!

Happy with what I have and proud of it!
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Yeah, I've always had a degree of 'excitement' when exposing my privates to onlookers in the dressing rooms, especially when I see them getting aroused when looking at mine. Shameful? Naugh, just a bit naughty.
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yup..at the fitness club, in the showers, sauna and steam room, and during the warmers months at the nude beaches
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Sure. I've flashed in plenty of public places. When I lived in Monterey, CA. I used to flash this lady everyday on her way from work while she drove past my house. She could see me from about 30 yards. I eventually met her at the NCO club on Fort Ord and we had sex the same night. Later I told her the guy that flashes her everyday was me. She was kinda embarassed to admit she was turned on by both of me. Sorta like Clark Kent and Superman. You can't recognize superman without the glasses. lol
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Fuck, Wrist thick10, that's a huge cock you have!
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not shy at all go dared to streak throught the park at 6am the other mornin.... did it ... bt i was pissed .... still wud hav done it if i wasnt .... though i lost a good pair of calvins

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