brothers size

Did any of you guys ever have rivalry over your dick size with your brothers ? Mine saw mine once and he was so jealous as it was so much bigger than he used to

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brothers size

Did any of you guys ever have rivalry over your dick size with your brothers ?

Mine saw mine once and he was so jealous as it was so much bigger than
he used to call me a freak of nature
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SR_Manny Manparts

I've seen my brother's, but we've never had any sibling rivalry!!
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I have three brothers and we see eachother naked alot. Grew up with the four of us in two bedrooms and one bathroom, and we work out at the same gym with open showers, LOL. No rivalry tho, we are all pretty hung. My oldest bro is the biggest, and there's only like an inch or so difference between the rest of us. The only rivalry we have is with the size of our biceps, LOL.
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Saw my older brother as a little kid. It seemed big then, but I was a kid, so it was different. Anyway, I dont know now. There is no rivalry.
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Ha ha both my bros hate my dick. They dont measure up
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that to me is a sick topic and I think you all need help!
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Originally Posted by laughatbig View Post
that to me is a sick topic and I think you all need help!
Why do people who hate topics have to make a comment in them? STFU.
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I never knew I was well hung. Even while I was a singer in a rock band--okay, I was shy.

One evening, I was a party at my brother's house.

At one point, I was standing next to my brother, and in context of the conversation he said, "(NAME) doesn't wear any underwear." (NAME) being me.

I stood there not knowing what to think. "What is he talking about? I do wear underwear," I thought to myself. "How would he know anyway?"

I didn't understand it for years. Until one early evening, after a sound check at a club, two girls walked up to me and commented on my budge. It was delightful news to me.

Some years later I remembered what my brother said: and the only reason I could think of for his comment, was that he trying to under-size me in company.

I dunno.
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As weird as it sounds, yeah. Me, my brother who is 1.5 years younger than me always used to see who was bigger. Being the older one, I was always more "matured" than he was. Haven't checked in about 4 years, but I always came out on top.
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"but I always come out on top" .. lol.. nice :p
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I never seen any of my brothers "tool". I would be just curious if it would be the same size since we came from the same place.
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Interesting thread. My brother is a year younger and 5'9" tall, where I'm 6'2" tall. I have always been a little bigger, but he looks bigger because he has a smaller frame and is shorter. I'm guessing he's about 7-7.5 " long and close to 6" around, compared to my 9" x 6.5". We both fucked twin sisters in college so I've seen him with a hard-on more than once.
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D_Wedderelet Wonderwang

i dont have a brother but i have always compared with my male cousins. one of them was my age and we were in the same class in school and we would jack off together with other friends. He got REALLY jealous of how much bigger my meat was than him. i became one of the most popular guys in the class cause it was always a contest of who had the biggest dick. though i lost to my best friend, who was black and had a monster cock, all the other guys knew i was packin a thick meat pole. my cousin got made fun of cause he was small so he tried to take it out on me by tryin to get the others to make fun of me. we r ok now though, and i still have a bigger cock.

my younger cousin and i have always had a fun game of tellin each other "u wish u had a big dick like mine" and other comments. we jack off together alot just for fun and still have fun w tryin to prove who is bigger, but i beat him pretty easily
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I don't see what's so weird about it. It's just basic sibling curiosity.

I've seen my brother's penis when it's hard and our cocks are very similar although mine is a bit thicker. All of my cousins that I've seen on my mother's side are similar as well, although I've only seen them in their flaccid state when we were younger (pre-puberty).

I'm curious to know if he was a lot younger than you at the time, or if he is your step brother, i.e., do you have different mothers or fathers?

I've seen other brothers in locker room settings and they almost always appear similar when flaccid. My brother's best friend however differed a lot from his brother but they had different fathers. Those two I did seen erect but I knew at the time they were step-brothers so it didn't phase me.

Just curious. Any others out there who have brothers with drastically different genitals?

I find it interesting...not weird. We're all here to see the variety nature has to offer...so what's the difference?

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i haven't seen my brothers penis...howeve it came up in conversation last summer. he said that he was 6", after i assumed he would be somewhere near the 8" mark, he asked me why, and i said that i was just under 8".
So thats quite a big difference.
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brothers, size

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