BIG ASIAN DICK Gallery! - On the net within 2 weeks - Help me!

Hey guys, I've been doing some "research" on big asian dudes, and I want to get all the photos I've collected on the Internet in an album. I'm a blond white guy with a big

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Thumbs up BIG ASIAN DICK Gallery! - On the net within 2 weeks - Help me!

Hey guys,

I've been doing some "research" on big asian dudes, and I want to get all the photos I've collected on the Internet in an album. I'm a blond white guy with a big cock who's sick of people judging people based on size; however, I'd like to prove that there are definitely some big asian cocks out there and prove it through pics!

1) Do you recommend an album site? Is Flikr good enough?


2) If you'd like to send photos of yourself or other asian guys's big ones either post them here or msg me. Can be just the dick or with face.

Let me know, and I'll set the photo album up within the next week or so. Also, I'll have a separate album for hot asian guys (non-nude) and pics of asain guys in interracial relationships. Breaking stereotypes! :)

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post em in ur gallery

Cock on cam. On most days.
Yahoo! ID:longpokingdevice
P.S-Guys,im really flattered that you wanna see,but letting guys watch just makes me soft.So,cams not for u.
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I better be on there or else ^^
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Asian_zd, can I definitely include you? I want to be careful about not putting any guy up there unless I know he's wanting it to be out there. Honestly, I'd raher it not even be a sexual thing and more of a "stop being idiots; here's the proof" kinda thing...although I'm sure it will not be just that. :-\ haha

I don't want to use the gallery here because I'm not a full member and only full members can view lots of photos. I want it to be accessible by everybody jsut by doing a search for it.

tips and pics appreciated! :)
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Can I just post the pictures in this post so people can view them ahead of time, or do I have to link to them...meaning I'd already have to have found a site to place them all?
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Please keep us informed what you are doing.

Especially in Japan I have seen a lot big ones.
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D_Roderick Beresford Stiffington IV

I love asian guys, I can't wait to see this gallery. Stock in tissues and lube is going up!
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Im looking forward to the gallery of big asian dicks. There are hundreds of pics out there with asian guys with 7",8" and bigger dicks. I hope then that this MYTH of asian guys having smaller dicks than other races would cease. GOOD LUCK.
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Please post them in the thread so we can all see. I love big Asians, but they're hard to find.
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Did it ever get posted
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Does 6 inches count?

The meaning of life? Some people spend their entire life trying to find the answer to that question. Maybe it's best for you to admit that you'll just never know... - Unknown source
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Since buffnla has yet to come through, I've taken the initiative and posted my own collection of big Asian dicks:

Rice-Size: Big Asian Cocks

Contributions more than welcome.
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Quite possibly the best collection of photos I have ever seen!!!
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lets get more, i know these guys are out there, there just to modest to show off!!!
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Will any Asian do? It's usually East Asians that are said to be smaller. I don't think that's the case for West Asia, but I did read about it in regards to South Asia.
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asian, azn, big, cock, long

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