How to get Whiter Semen???

any possible way to make semen whiter or thicker?

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How to get Whiter Semen???

any possible way to make semen whiter or thicker?
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Why? Is it yellow or brownish?

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Work on your tan. That'll make your semen look whiter by comparison when it hits your skin.
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Keep your prostate flushed out by ejaculating regularly (maybe twice a day). The longer it stays in the oven the darker it gets.
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I think Makisupa means that his semen is too watery and translucent. He wants it to be thicker and therefore whiter. I don't know a solution to that problem though. I guess you'd need to increase your protein content in your diet and perhaps be less hydrated.
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Drink lots of bleach!
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B_Hung Jon

It's just a guess but it might also have to do with your genetic make-up as well as diet. Like some guys produce a lot of precum and others don't.
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i also have watery, translucent semen . . (but there's lots of it and it shoots real far)

But I really wish my cum was real thick and bright white like I see in some porn. Anyone ever notice changes in the thickness and consistency of their cum? Maybe you might have ideas about what thickens things up?
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Keeping yourself hydrated (lots of water) and L-Argenine can help.
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don't jerk it for a couple days. alternately, don't build up the excitement for too many hours before cumming -- I get a lot that way, but watery consistency. Pea soup makes it thicker, lol.
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Check out my videos.............always pretty thick and very white. I eat good, stay hydrated and do zinc supplements..........although it has always been very white as long as I can remember.
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Over the years mine has gone from very water and thin to very white and thick. Also, sometimes when I don't cum for a while, it's yellow. I do take a shitload of supplements though.
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