Do any members have a lot of precum as I do? I tend to drip quite a lot during sex or if I have any from a semi to a full erection. It can be

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Do any members have a lot of precum as I do? I tend to drip quite a lot during sex or if I have any from a semi to a full erection. It can be very hot as I have had a sex partner or two who love swirling my leaking fluids around my glans during foreplay though I am not close to ejaculating, just excited. As I am bi I have also had sex partners who use it as lube when we are doing mutual jo or showing off our hardons.

It can be a little embarassing at times though like if I am freeballing or in workouts gear and get a wet spot.

Any similar experiences?

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blak9: I thought this was a rare phenonenon but it seems to happen quite frequently to posters here.
But not me.
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chipster: I have a lot of precum. Anytime I'm the least bit aroused I get wet in the front of my shorts. It happens even when I'm not aware of it. This didn't happen when I was younger. First time I noticed precum, I was about 30 years old. I'm 46 now and seem to have more every year. Ironic....more precum and less cum, with age, lol.
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I make a lot of precum too. Women have told me they like it. Swirling it around, licking it. (Advice: Eat a lot of fruit.)
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I make a lot of precum, but it takes a good half-hour of arousal for it to begin. Then it's almost like a leaky spigot. Drip. Drip. Drip. :P

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felipe: not really a big precummer myself, but there is a very fit guy who goes to the same beach as me who is. He goes with his girlfriend and they always kiss and cuddle..this makes him hard and he oozes so much precum it looks like he's pissing....fucking excellent and such a turn on. p.s. the beach is nudist
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I have a lot of precum, if i've been hard for most of the day, my underwear is very moist and very smelly! :'(
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I also have a lot of precum, a few women who see that assumed that I had already finished , boy were they in for a surprise !
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two_fister: I agree with chipster...I didn't notice a whole lot of pre-cum 'til just recently (I'm just about 30), up until a few month ago I hardly noticed any at all. But now especaily when I'm really turned on there's plenty of it, enough sometimes to leave marks on my pants. Women seem to love it. I guess it's no different than when you're fooling around with a girl, and you reach down feel her, and you feel the wetness thru her clothing. That's always been a big turn-on for me.
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biggbenn8: Hmmm... I have always dripped "a lot". My late wife used to tease me that she could tell what I was thinking by how low the wet spot was...

In a few cases the wife would tease me for a long time, to the point we didn't need lubrication for intercourse...

I had assumed it was due to being uncut (a protective action to keep the head/glans moist and not dry out).

I have docked over the years and the stimulation seems to make me ooze even more than usual.

I have also been wearing flannel boxers, as they tend to 'soak up' better than others (cotton or worse yet- poly blend).

I have found jacking and typing to be a bit annoying as my fingers get sticky, then the keyboard gets sticky. Guess thats why they all it finger licking good?
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I agree Ben;

Jacking and typing can get 'sticky' LOL

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brad2002: I precum a lot. When at the gym, I always have a sticky spot showing through my shorts because of all the studs I get to look at. In the showers at the gym, I get so turned on looking at all the beautiful dicks in the showers (and the steam room!!!) that I walk around with long strands of precum hanging from my dick. That is a little embarassing, but it does turn me on. And it advertises to the other lookers that I might be looking for a pick up.

Last year when I had some back problems I had to go get some xrays. The tech who helped me was really hot and I thought he might be gay. I had to strip to my underwear and put on one of those insane robes. I was so turned on by this guy that I was glad I wore boxerbriefs rather than the usual boxers because I needed the support to keep my arousal in check. When he situated me on the table and adjusted things (he had to touch my hips) he was constantly looking at my bulge and flirting big time with me. I was getting harder and harder. When all was done, I got up and noticed a huge, I mean huge, wet spot on the front of the robe at my cock head. Quite unexpected. I am glad I noticed it so that I could cover it up on my way to the changing booth. I wish I had gotten his number. But I do know where he works!
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Large_Richard: I have lots, and if I'm flirting with a girl and get a bit turned on, it starts and just continues from there. My ex-gf called it 'dick honey' and liked the taste.

It's been embarrassing at times as it can create a wet spot, but sometimes my ex-gf would get turned on when I turned the tables on her by whispering in her ear that she made me dripping wet... :)
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boybuldge: I know how you guys feel. I have been a heavy pre-cummer since the age of about 14. I start to ooze shortly after getting a hardon. Normally when I wake in the morning I have a fair amount of pre-cum which starts out quite thick and after time gets thinner. If I'm having sex it flows fairly heavily in strands. The older I get the more pre-cum I seem to produce, although the amount I cum has not increased.
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I agree about the older you get the more there is part boybulge. At 15 it was kind of watery and thin. Now at 33 it is copious and thick.


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