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Originally Posted by wkirby I love jerking off in public toilets. At the urinal which is so much more risky and daring as opposed to jacking off in a stall. Your post made me remember

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Originally Posted by wkirby View Post
I love jerking off in public toilets. At the urinal which is so much more risky and daring as opposed to jacking off in a stall.
Your post made me remember a time in the late '70s when I was in my mid 20s. I was on summer vacation in Atlantic City, NJ taking a walk on the beach. I spotted a mens room on the boardwalk that was accessible from the sand and headed that way to take a leak. When I got close, I could see that the beachside doors were propped open for ventilation giving passersby a direct view of the urnial island in the middle of the restroom. No one else was in the restroom so I stood at the urinal closest to the door and took a well needed piss. A few beach goers went by, some looked in the doorway, but didn't pay me any attention. Having a potential audience was a real turn on for me, and I started to get hard at the end of the piss. There was a certain excitement of being fully visible, yet knowing that I was peeing in a legal place. After the last few drops of pee, I started to stroke it. In what seemed like only a minute, I blasted my load. No one walked by while I was jerking it, but it would have been fun to see the look on someones face if it had happened.
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I'm not sure I consider a restroom stall to be a public place, but if it is then I do this all the time--I probably jerk about 2-3 times a week in one of the stalls at work. Typically I'll print out a picture or two and tape them on the stall wall next to me for inspiration. Sometimes I'll leave my load behind and not clean it up so the next guy knows what went on in there.
Otherwise, 1) I jacked behind my house one day when I found a semi-private area betweeen a couple of pine trees; 2) back in the days when you could only watch porn in a theater I had a pair of jeans that I cut the right inside pocket out of so I could get to my cock with nobody seeing--I'd just let it go down the leg and stayed until it mostly dried; 3) I jacked on the balcony of my hotel room in Florida last fall facing a condo building next door; it was early in the morning (maybe 6:30?) but it was pretty light out and anybody could have seen me if they looked. I later sucked an old friend off in the window of that same room, and anybody from the condo could have seen that too.
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D_Jared Padalicki
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Did it a few times, just because I needed to bust a nut, but I'm very careful.
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I did it a couple of times in my schools restroom it was one of those times where I just got super horny I went to one of da urinals and started jackin off and man it felt good wit dat rush dat someone could walk in and see me and I shot da biggest load, I also did it in front of da mirror and shot the load in da sink
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i jerked off in a steam room once and jizzed all over the wall and dint bother to clean up... lol.... i knw thts nasty but oh well...
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Jerked it inumurable times in public buildings but not where I could be seen. One day I spent an whole day in porn theaters sitting next to couples and taking my cock out the bottom of my shorts and jerking where they could see. Not one of the seven couples moved,complained or invited. I was so hard and full of semen. After holding it all day it was by far my biggest load ever. I really messed up a booth on the way home but I left it as a "trophy".
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places ive masterbated:
-while riding trains
-riding airplanes
-and riding buses
-work bathroom
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yeah, planes, trains and automobiles

years ago in school cafeteria

and twice in gay bar men's rooms with an audience

If you PM me, want to befriend me or want to chat please have pics posted.
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D_Feuler Featherdicke

i jerk off all the time in my work van and i do it so people can see that is such a turn on :P
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i like everything about this topic. not sure if this has anything to do with animals marking their territory or just plain horniness, but ...

gym steamroom
gym shower
public urinals of all kinds
in bed with cousin sleeping next to me

too many to remember
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yeah i do it in the gym showers
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Originally Posted by hot97 View Post
yeah i do it in the gym showers
...I want to go to YOUR gym...lol
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Account Disabled

i've done it in bed with other people that are sleeping too

but i really wanna know how the school Cafeteria worked?
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Some of my regular and/or more memorable jerk off places
  • Automatic Car Wash (must cum before dryer air turns on)
  • Everywhere I have ever worked (a ritual)
  • Airplane bathroom
  • Tour bus bathroom
  • Drving on the highway (I guess thats a public place)
  • Hot tubs
  • Steam rooms
  • My boss' office and came on his desk (Annoying, obviously "little", man)
  • Circle jerk on Boy Scout campout
  • Pretty much any "killing time" situation where there is some place to go do it
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Naked on my 14th floor balcony of a Hilton Hotel at 1.00 AM in the morning. Shot through the railings , there was not a breath of wind and I just had to go downstairs and check the pavement...yep, there it was, a big splatter mark right in front of the steps of the hotel...hehehehe.


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