Bulges in Public

Originally Posted by Notsoproud i have a farely obvious bulge.. i cant explain why my flaccid length is only maybe 4' with 4' girth.. but my bulge looks as if im 9x9 Big balls, einstein

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Originally Posted by Notsoproud View Post
i have a farely obvious bulge.. i cant explain why my flaccid length is only maybe 4' with 4' girth.. but my bulge looks as if im 9x9
Big balls, einstein
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It was actually funny. Today was the first day I wore tighter pants. (usually they;re kinda loose fitting.)

I had 3 girls sitting close to me, all started conversations with me, and were laughing at my dumb jokes...

...I was like " wtf is going on here?"

7 x 5.5
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I can't stand sitting on my balls and penis so I don't wear boxers. I don't like how a lot of briefs are so tight around my package. I wear briefs that are designed with a pouch that provides plenty of room for the goods (Unnico, Extreme Contour - from undergear). These briefs usually end up giving me quite a bulge - but at least I am comfortable. I know that people notice, but no one has said anything about it. To say something would be the same as having to admit they were looking.
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Boxers are my default underwear, and most of the time I can walk without my dick getting hard. Yesterday I got off the bus and walked to the other side of the transit center to the trolley. For some reason, my dick started boning up. With each step, the stimulation of my dickhead rubbing against the fabric just made it harder. Usually, I'll stop for a moment to let things calm down. This time, I just kept walking. I didn't notice any particular stares, but I'm sure some of the people noticed. When I reached the trolley platform, it went down to a semi. As I stood there waiting, I could feel it get hard again. I'll turn 58 tomorrow, and I'm not complaining about an unintentional erection. I'm just glad that all the equipment still works well!
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I know the feeling!

...bouncing round the room!
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bulges, public

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