Having a horse hung friend

stanbak: Just wanted to drop in my 2-cents of experiences in this section, although probably all of it has been covered before in some way or another by other guys. I have a longtime friend

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Having a horse hung friend

stanbak: Just wanted to drop in my 2-cents of experiences in this section, although probably all of it has been covered before in some way or another by other guys.

I have a longtime friend who is an incredibly horse-hung sex stud-- his reputation started in high school and peaked in college and has been sustained ever since. We are all str8 guys, although this topic probably is indifferent to orientation.

I have found for those of us mere mortal guys who have remained his pals for the duration display an odd combination of respect, awe and tempered envy. I have seen plenty of guys become involved in our circle of freinds to some degree, only to see them have to make a choice between their own ego and remaining associated with my giant pal.

A lot of guys just cant assume the role of a fan to his superstardome, because that evenatually happens. Either you chose to live with the constant reminder of your "shortcomings" or it can drive you crazy. He is not the kind of man who humiliates his small packaged pals or even trumpets his sexual studliness to make us jealous, but the comparisons happen as a natural course of being around him as a friend.

In college, it seemed if you could handle over a semester of being his freind, you had the proper makeup of humility and realism not to be driven insane by the fact that one man could be so sexually exalted above other guys. Other guys, no matter how much they enjoyed being around the wild times and multiple hotties that followed him around, would eventually decide they could not take the continual ego reality check.

I guess what distilled is a group of freinds who are like fans of a sports star. I was just wondering if any others here had observed a similar pattern?

Oh yea, I wrote down some experiences being a longtime freind to a super hung stud. I put them in the Ficticious Stories section of LPSG, although they are not fiction but just my acount of some memorable events. Check them out if you are interested. They are Titled "Memories of a Horse Hung College Pal" Parts I-IV.

Thanks foir listening.

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It sounds like your so-called "horse hung, sex stud, superstar, respected, awed, envied and sexually exalted" friend was just a big dick. :D


(Never moon a werewolf.)
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H8Monga: I'm wishy-washy about this voyeuristic side of me I think I have. I've never had a chance to explore that and I don't think I could actually go through with it if given that chance. However, hiding from a closet would be better instead of just watching. I do joke with some of my friends I'll watch or I'll film... never had an invitation, but if faced with one, I'd turn from brown to yellow. Bravo to you Stan, I'll live vicariously through your experience.
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jwats1968: Stan,

Major props to you for some really excellent story material. I hope you continue writing stories/recollections about your friend and posting them in the story section.

I have been wondering for quite a while why that section was called "fictitous stories." There's no reason why non-fiction stories or any combination of fact/fiction shouldn't be posted there.

Great work.
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meathose10: Stanbak , this reads a lot like much of the "larger guys view of smaller guys" topic in tone and content. Check it out. I read your story - it's cool that your envy and insecurity didn't hold you back from being good buds with this horsehung dude. I've lost friends when they see the size of my equipment, or they get all weird....I'm glad you were able to let yourself continue to admire him.
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wvalady1968: I read the "fictional story", too, and I agree with Pecker. The girls thought they were having sex with the "super" guy. They had no idea he was putting on a show. He used everyone.

Sometimes a big dick is just a big dick.
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stanbak: A couple of things:

1. Thanks to those of you who enjoyed the writing. I have never fancied myself talented, so I guess I just had good source material from which to work.

2. Did my friend use the girl in a way that was not forthcoming in an intimate relationship? I guess. Maybe we did not use the best judgement. However, I can say that regarding my friend's overall history at being a friend, he has never been particularly arrogant or humiliating to us smaller guys regarding his size and he never used his reputation and looks on any of our own girlfreinds.

But clearly we all draw our own conclusions. And hey, thats cool.

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why did 5 yr old thread get resurrected?
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For the updated story links - the bumper made the reason quite clear...

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Who cares about the size of their penis? Are you their friend or not?
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i kinda think the writer was in love w/the friends dick more than he cares to admit it...
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Now that was an incredibly hot story!
Is this stan back character still around?
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A nice ""tall"" tail of penis Nijd(Dutch) or the anvy of a other men his dick, and the thing hy can do to a woman with it.
In it are the small facts of live lots of normal zised men think men with REAL big cocks can do in live( and yes......, some do have more luck with the females)
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