Accidental exposure

anonymous_pole: Anytime I'm wearing shorts and sitting down,I'm hanging out. There have been several times I forgot to cover up :-[

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anonymous_pole: Anytime I'm wearing shorts and sitting down,I'm hanging out. There have been several times I forgot to cover up :-[
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feared: opened the front door on a sunday morning to two bible-bashers. they didnt say anything due to the shock of my gear hanging out the front of my boxers.

mom knocked on my bedroom door one morning when i was about 17, and my dick was hanging out the bottom of my boxers, and she just looked down and said 'here's your clothes, and put your dick away'. embarassment ensued.

many many more stories, just too long and too embarassing to retell.
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jenny: My partner and I used to live in an upstairs flat and the resident below was a divorcee, in her early 50's. My partner use to wash his car quite regularly in the summer and when he use to do it, she would always come out and chat to him. Just before we moved, I was having a few drinks with my neighbour when she said she would miss her chats to my partner when he was washing his car, and let it slip that she use to enjoy seeing his penis pop out of his shorts when he use to crouch down. I told my partner this and after his initial shock decided to give her a final parting show. The day before we moved, he went to wash his car and was wear just a t-shirt and a pair of old white football shorts,(we don't wear underwear much). When he start washing his car, she came out as usual. As he was washing the car, he kept accidentally kept splashing his shorts with water and they started to go transparent and clingy. You could see his penis, including its head quite well through them by the time he was finished. You could see she was struggling not to keep looking at it while she was out there.
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qwertyiez: Happened to me when I cahnged colleges. I was living in a rent a room house. It was me and for females who were in the same sorority. To get to the bathroom from my bedroom I had to walk down four badly constucted stairs into the livingroom, threw the kitchen and down the hall. I woke from a nap one evening put on my robe and went to take a shower. I open the door to the living room and see 26 girls having a meeting. Yes, i know it was 26. It was summer, they were in skimpy clothes... I forgot the first step was loose. Concussion, dislocated one sholder on the coffee table and fractured the other arm. I was in so much pain I didn't know my robe was open till the paramedic covered me up. Lots of "Oh my God did you see the size of him" as I was going onto the ambulance. It worked out in the end, huge hospital bill, but every girl there asked me out at sometime that year.
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I am sure that it has happened to me without even knowing it.
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ThighSlapper: Actual 'exposure'...? It's been a while since it was truly accidental.

But just before New Years, some friends came down from Boston & that's the one time a year we all get a chance to hang out again. We were at the girl's (half the Boston couple) sister's house and talkin and what-not. I wore a pair of orange drawstring pants that are real baggy with boxer briefs to eliminate anything peeping through. After dinner we all sat outside talking about Tony Robbins or something, when the hostess came to stand by me and run her fingers across my head. She does it all the time (nappy black hair fascinates her) & her husband aint really bothered since he knows I'm bi.

Well, what i hadn't noticed the whole 20 minutes was that I had been sitting in such a way that my hips were thrust foward and revealing everything going on in the pants. It was a glass table, to boot and the guy even went so far as to come closer to my end of the table for a better look.

Like I said, it was about a good 20 -25 minutes before I realized they were getting these eyefuls. The thing about it is that her touching my head for so long relaxed and turned me on but real subtly, so that I hadn't counted on the reaction.

I wonder if I hadn't noticed, if anyone would have said anything......
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once, while an older neighbor was showing me something that was wrong with my car tires (he thought), i had to squat down to see what he was going on about, and it was a very hot summers day, and i was free-balling in loose shorts, and as i squatted, i felt my whole package slip to one side of the shorts-leg, the right i believe, and as i came to a full squat to peek at what he was pointing to, my cock and nuts just spilled over the edge of the shorts-leg and stretched themselves in the summers air LOL ... not at all intended, and a bit too abrupt an event to curtail ... i remember the older gentleman taking a good gander at my stuff, and then sort of gesticulating and pointing a finger and saying, "you better be careful and cover-up" or something of that nature, to which i adjusted my equipment by spilling it back into the shorts leg, and standing up immediately ... that is my only experience with accidental exposure
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gobleteer: I know I do... that's why I ALWAYS wear full pants.
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I was setting up the stage for a Jerry Jeff Walker show at the club where I work as a sound technician. There's a ceiling fan on stage, and JJW was complaining about the heat from the lights, so I pulled up a bar stool and climbed up to pull the chain on the fan to help him with the temperature. I was wearing loose denim shorts, commando, and in the summer heat I guess I was hanging pretty low. As I stood on the stool with one leg raised and one extended, JJW said: "Uh, SIR, would you please put that away?" and I realized that I had exposed myself.

I've had a couple of accidental exposure incidents in the gym too. Doing flat-bench dumbell flies, I start by holding the dumbells in my lap, then leaning back to lay down on the bench. If I'm not careful, this move can cause my shorts to ride up. Well, I mean, I've had this big thing for over thirty years and I'm pretty used to dealing with it, but sometimes I get caught out. One time I had started a set of flies and someone getting a pair of dumbells from the nearby rack kindly pointed out that I was putting on a show. I finished my set and reached down, and everything I had was hanging out. Three or four guys burst out laughing, and there was a very red-faced hot gym chick too.

The worst part was that there was a stringer of drool hanging from my foreskin when I reached down to correct the problem.
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HungJordan: My occaisonal experiences with accidental exposure usually have had to do with hanging out of shorts. One summer while freeballing in a pair of shorts I carried on a whole conversation with a friend before noticing my 2" of my cock sticking out the leg of my shorts. Like most here I hang very long soft in heat. I don't think he noticed and I was able to get something else on without incident.
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Duo187: I was carrying some stuff for a friend of mine, Brandy, and I felt my pants slipping, I wasnt wearing any boxers so hurried since it was kida expensive stuff, well as I get to the table to set it on my pants drop, my cock comes out to say hello, she had just turned, did the whole double take thing and stodd there open jawed, I put the stuff down and pulled up my pants quickly. Since then I dont go anywere without a belt.
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Standard practice for me. I'm always careful but when I wear shorts or swimsuits I always have to be dbl careful. Once when I was at the beach--as I came out of the water I was showing it all and didn't even notice--I was just trying to stay standing with the waves hitting me. As I reached the beach a group of ladies suddenly started cheering. We all laughed but I was completely red and not from sunburn.
Another time I was at Home Depot-I guess it was the tools but for some reason I started to get aroused and was wearing short shorts and freeballing at the same time. (dangerous combination) I kept noticing a guy getting close to me and bending down as if he was getting something off the bottom shelf. About the third time I realized it was my dick he was looking at as it
hung down below my shorts. I ended up leaving the store.
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[quote author=Duo187 link=board=clothing;num=1068587399;start=20#25 date=02/18/04 at 18:56:17]I was carrying some stuff for a friend of mine, Brandy, and I felt my pants slipping, I wasnt wearing any boxers so *hurried since it was kida expensive stuff, well as I get to the table to set it on my pants drop, my cock comes out to say hello, she had just turned, did the whole double take thing and stodd there open jawed, I put the stuff down and pulled up my pants quickly. *Since then I dont go anywere without a belt.[/quote]

Or you could just wear some underwear dude...
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Originally Posted by Guest View Post
junior15074: Have any of you accidentally exposed yourself without knowing it. I once made the mistake of wearing boxer.s with a pair of baggy shorts. I was visiting my girlfriend and her sister was there also. I was sitting on the couch and my girlfriend's sister was sitting in a chair facing me. My girlfriend got her sister and me a drink. When she gave her sister the drink my girlfriend turned around and looked at me. It was then she noticed I was hanging out of my shorts. I am around 6 inches flaccid and 8 inches erect. My circumference is 61/2. Needless to say I was putting on quite a show for my girlfriends sister. She never said a word to me. My girlfriend asked me to come out to the kitchen for a moment. She told me I was hanging out. I was very embarrassed. I went back to the living room and sat down, careful to make sure nothing was showing. My girlfriends sister never let on she saw anything but my girlfriend said you couldn't help but notice it hanging out of my shorts. Has anything similar happen to anyone else? How did you handle it.
I know this is old but i like hearing story like this

I can only think of 2
one time was back in 6th grade I was changing for p.e class and was just in my boxer ( it was back in the 90's ) I had to do something on ther side of the locker room and as i was comming back I fall out of the fly I dont know how many people seen it but I never hear anything about it..
The other time was about 2 years a go I was at a bar and was in a wet underwear contest and after it was done I was told by some guys that the white underwear I was wearing got see throw and I had a simi and they got a good show ( and no I did not win )
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my gf and i have been together for a long time, and so her younger brothers and i have become like bros too. they have 'caught' me several times in the nude, but i think they are just curious what an older dick looks like!

when we used to live in the same house, they used to pick the lock to our door and come in early in the morning. i sleep naked, and it was warm so i was not under blankets but they didn't really seem to care, they would just hang around and talk and stuff while we woke up.

recently i was in the shower and one bro just came in and started chatting to me which was cool, i didn't think anything of it; but then i realised he was looking at my penis, and then he said "you have a massive cock". it was a kinda funny thing so i just laughed and said "thanks!", but at the same time it was kinda odd to be gawked at by a 'brother'. i dunno, what do other people think about that?
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accidental, exposure

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