Accidental exposure

Originally Posted by nicelookingcock recently i was in the shower and one bro just came in and started chatting to me which was cool, i didn't think anything of it; but then i realised he

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Originally Posted by nicelookingcock View Post
recently i was in the shower and one bro just came in and started chatting to me which was cool, i didn't think anything of it; but then i realised he was looking at my penis, and then he said "you have a massive cock". it was a kinda funny thing so i just laughed and said "thanks!", but at the same time it was kinda odd to be gawked at by a 'brother'. i dunno, what do other people think about that?
It was probably innocent curiousity. He's probably hoping that he'll be as developed as you in a few years.
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Big bulge collection: Sports Amateur - Best Bulges Of The Week - HQ Pics...

Large penis hard to hide in sports !!!!! HOTTTT
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When I was younger, I was embarassed by the size of my cock which I thought was too large. Some of the guys in school called me donkey dick. Then when I was in the army one of my friends told me that a lot of guys were envious of the size of my equipment. I finally met a young girl who I took out and while we were making out in the back seat of a friends car, she grabbed ahold of my cock. She blurted out, "You're huge". The other couple began laughing and between the three of them they talked me into pulling it out. Both my girl and the other one said they had never seen one that long or big around. By that time I was so excited that it started dripping precum and my girl started stroking it. It didn't take long until I shot a load and she and the other girl started clapping. My friend said that he was definitely jealous and so they talked him into pulling his out. It was a lot smaller and it didn't take but just a minute or two for the two girls to bring him to climax. My girls said, "If you can find a condom big enough for that tool, I'm yours".
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One time I was sitting at the mall across from my friend wearing boxers and basketball shorts. I put one leg up on top of the other and apparently exposed my dick and balls. After a few minutes my friend said to me "thats a big package you got down there but why don't h stop showing it off to everyone" so I put my leg down and continued talking. We were with his sister at the time(2 years older) and when she finally caught on to what happened she started complaining that she didn't get to see it. When we got back to their house she asked again to see it so I said "fine but wouldn't u rather see it hard?" and she agreed so I told her to get naked and that wuld get me hard then I would show her. That plan worked and finished very well:)
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keep em comin guys!
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Gotta love the accidental flashes. Always good for the ego, too. Haha
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am i missing something?

Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.
Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.


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Recently, I was at the beach and wearing a red bathing suit that goes to mid-thigh, above my knees. I had cut the lining out since I hate the chafing that it sometimes causes. I was sitting in my chair and I had my suit hiked up a bit to get some sun on my thighs, and my legs were spread slightly. I later realized that people walking by or sitting nearby could easily see right up my bathing suit and most likely got a nice view of my cock and nutsack.
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I love this

accidental exposure.jpg
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Happened to me a few times, a few years ago I was at a party and got dared to run outside naked at like midnight. I enquired as to how far and some girl ran down the street to the point. I stripped naked and placed both hands over my cock so it wasn't visible (btw I was extremely drunk).
So I started running and it was freezing so to run a little quicker I moved one hand in order to balance or whatever (proper running posture) and in my drunken state thought my dick was covered. I looked at the girl and saw her eyes looking at my down area. So I look down and my cock was just swinging about, barely covered by my one hand. The girl later told me she was impressed and kept trying to get more glimpses in the shower.

Another time I was hungover after a party but had work, so I went into this girls room to get changed and asked her to turn around while I took my towel off, but i still kept my back to her. Turns out she was looking as almost as soon as I dropped it she said 'btw I can see your cock hanging down between your legs.

Btw I am not a massive guy or anything, around 5-5.5 inches flacid length and around 5inch girth flacid.
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First time I was a teen sitting on the couch in shorts when my mother quietly said, "Honey you are hanging out of your shorts." When it happened again she said, "Go put on some underwear." lol

Then for the teeming quietest, happiest days of all!
The brooding and blissful halcyon days!

Walt Whitman, Halcyon Days
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2 of my friends came over to my house to visit. I lived in the country at the time. They rode to my house and we all decided to go outside for a bike ride. I'm riding my bike and I noticed that my cock and balls were hanging out. Both of my friends saw. One of them kinda looked like he was in shock. I hurriedly tucked my junk back into my shorts. Embarrassing. I was in high school at the time.
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Soccer dick out
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I was getting changed for PE and as I was struggling to take my school trousers off, my dick and balls fell out the side of my boxer briefs... I quickly tucked them in and then looked around to see if anyone saw and saw a guy across the changing room staring at me... I was so imbarrased...
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accidental, exposure

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