Accidental exposure

junior15074: Have any of you accidentally exposed yourself without knowing it. I once made the mistake of wearing boxer.s with a pair of baggy shorts. I was visiting my girlfriend and her sister was there

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Accidental exposure

junior15074: Have any of you accidentally exposed yourself without knowing it. I once made the mistake of wearing boxer.s with a pair of baggy shorts. I was visiting my girlfriend and her sister was there also. I was sitting on the couch and my girlfriend's sister was sitting in a chair facing me. My girlfriend got her sister and me a drink. When she gave her sister the drink my girlfriend turned around and looked at me. It was then she noticed I was hanging out of my shorts. I am around 6 inches flaccid and 8 inches erect. My circumference is 61/2. Needless to say I was putting on quite a show for my girlfriends sister. She never said a word to me. My girlfriend asked me to come out to the kitchen for a moment. She told me I was hanging out. I was very embarrassed. I went back to the living room and sat down, careful to make sure nothing was showing. My girlfriends sister never let on she saw anything but my girlfriend said you couldn't help but notice it hanging out of my shorts. Has anything similar happen to anyone else? How did you handle it.
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ish789: Happened to me i actually posted about this earlier. My outline was showing down the side of my pants. And i was semi hard the whole time. I didnt notice until my GF said something, so i walked into the bathroom and fixed it to where it wasnt showing as visibly by lining it down the side of my boxers.
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BrazilianDude18: Yeah! It has happened to me. I wasn't wearing underwear(I normally do but I was at home) and was playing video games with some friends. I was wearing shorts(the ones made to play soccer) and I was waiting for my turn and lift my foot to the tip of the chair. I was paying attention at the tv but a few moments after that I was the only one: my dick flopped out the *shorts and was saying "hello everyone". I was so embarassed and desperate trying to hide it that I almost fell from the chair. Luckily that led only to a few uncomfortable laughs.
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47boreas: Yes, several times, junior. Once it happened to me in a bus, but fortunately only few people noticed it when I walked out from the bus. I never use boxers at present.

It is very nice to read young men's reports of their real life. In fact, nearly everything has happened earlier and that is why it is very interesting for us adult men to find that you have to undergo the same experiences. * ;D

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James249620002000: I was on a boat ride on a river once with a bunch of tourists. I was wearing boxers and baggy shorts that were not too long. (I do not have a huge penis.) Apparently, when I sat down, my balls and penis fell out of one leg which was pulled up. I didn't feel it or notice it. A guy sitting opposite me whispered to me that I was exposed. The boat was full of people, and we were facing each other. I don't know how many people saw the show, but I was mortified. I pulled the shorts leg down as quickly as possible and watched the rest of the day when I sat down to be sure that I was not accidentally exposed.

Another time, I sat down in a lounge, and my pants split open. I was wearing no underwear. That was upsetting too. Probably a dozen people in the room. I knew it at once....felt the tear and the air. I am sure everyone saw. It was many years ago when I was much, much younger.
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inquiringmind: hi,
as a woman i personally have not had that problem but i do have two funny incidents that i experienced. one was at a phyllis hyman concert, she was a jazz artist who commited suicide about five years ago. she was a beautiful and statuesque woman who at full height was 6'2. she was known for her plunging necklines. well, this particular evenings, valentine's day.... she was moving around on stage and all of a sudden both very large and lovely breasts lept forth for freedom out of her dress. well you can imagine the men in the audience went wild and gave her a *standing ovation. when she did come *back out on stage after composing herself, the stage was covered with roses. she said if she knew it would have gotten her that kind of attention *she might have intentionally added it to her act.
the second event was on the metro our subway. *i happened to see a guy in a business suit trying to talk to a very attractive young woman and she seemed to be interested and all of a sudden i noticed that his fly was totally unzipped and he was wearing boxers. well i was not about to say anything to him but i hope he did check it out because she probably got to know a bit more about the state of his interest than she needed to know. * *

inquiring mind * * * *
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Strangely enough when my younger brother's girlfriend came over to see him one day I was just waking up. Now, generally, I was nude in the morning because I wanted to be and was heading back to my room after a trip to the bathroom, and she just happened to wander out into the hallway to the kitchen, she hears me, starts to say a pleasant "Hello," but her eyes bugged out :o when she caught my cock in its full view. Needless to say since my brother ran out to WALMART for something, she pushed me back into my room, and gave me the dick-sucking and fucking of the morning. So I don't sweat it.

Ya ain't seen an attitude like a North jerseyan attitude. Hey,hetero 5'10", 185 lbs, brown/black hair, hazel green eyes, 10.5X7.5, looking for that very special romance.

I'm not interested in getting PM's from complete strangers, nor do I wish any solicitations about cock size, getting together. etc. So trust me when I tell you that you will be deleted from my message banks and put on ignore.

If I don't know you, you aren't getting a friendship request approved.
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FieldRatt9: I was apartment sitting for a friend of mine. He would be gone for 2 weeks. I was temporarily out of work so free food and cable was a cool pitfall. Alone in a large apt. with a private patio, I felt no need for clothing at all. On the 3rd night I fell asleep watching one of those adult channels. I woke up around 3 am in time to catch some hot action on the screen. I was raging hard when I thought I heard someone knocking on the door. I got up to check. As I walked through the kitchen the light was on. I didn't remember leaving it on. There was noone at the door. I stopped at the fridge for a quick snack. When I closed the door I was looking straight into the dining area and there sitting at the table was my friends 16 year sister, his MOM and some other girl. I wasn't raging hard but I wasn't semi soft yet either. What was I to do ??? "I'm really sorry" is all that I could say and I turned around and walked back into the bedroom. I heard laughing and hushed tones. I threw on some sweats and walked out expecting to be told the cops were on their way. His Mom apologized and told me she didn't realize I was there. We talked for a few minutes and she left. The girls were already in the car. I chain locked the door, took my sweats off and enjoyed the rest of my stay. :D
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tapster: Used to happen to me regularly at school. Problem was that in the 70s most sport clothing was tight, be it running shorts, speedos etc. Also cothing technology wasn't advanced enough to contain large dicks. So when your cotton underpants widened, that was it.
Nowadays, with everything being stretchy, it happens rarely. Hey, once you've exposed yourself a few times you just get used to it and do your best to avoid it. Some large guys actually enjoy "accidental" exposure as far as I gather from the postings here...
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wvalady1968: They aren't the only ones.

Er, um, from the postings here, I meant.

That IS TOO what I meant.

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Dickprint: I never had a situation where i was exposed nude and wasnt aware of it, but there was this time when me and my girlfriend (wife now) were @ a friend of hers. it was sort of a get-together of 5 couples. we were drinking, smoking, listening to music and just having a good time. well just as soon as i got a good buzz going, my girl comes up to me and tells me to cover my crotch when sitting down, because due to the fit of the jeans not much was left to the imagination. i was stunned for a minute that i hadnt realized i was showing so much bulge. i all of a sudden started feeling weird and strange about this. she tried to reassure me that everything was cool, needless to say i never saw those levis again once i put them in the laundry. plus they were a gift from her to boot. i looked in the mirror and even to me it looked like i placed a sock in my undies
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The most common way I have accidently found my self exposed is usually 'falling out' of a pair of shorts or cut offs or something like that. usually an inch or so of my head and cock will be exposed. this doesn't happen very often. and it is a little embarassing finding out 'cause usually you find out AFTER people have seen it! :-/
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huge_cock_have_pic: Playing varsity soccer in high school. I went up for the ball and got the header. When I came down, I spilled out. Was exposed for about 10 seconds because I kept after the ball. Once the ball was out of my area, I reached down my shorts, grabbed and tucked. And yes, a lot of people saw the goods.
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SpeedoGuy: Yah, I had an accidental exposure when I was about 20. It was when I was playing cards at a beach with a female acquaintance. Her body posture and her skimpy swimsuit caused me to get hard which didn't bother me because I thought the elastic band on my baggy trunks would hold me in discretely. But while seated there I suddenly felt an unusual breeze on myself and when I looked down I realized my throbbing head was emerging from the leg of the baggies and pointed right at her. No wonder she had suddenly seemed flustered and lost track of the game. I hesitated for a moment then concocted an excuse to get up and jump in the water.
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trent: me and my bro were talking about penis size and he says that he has seen mine before. i did not no that he had so i asked him when he saw my penis. he said " one time i was in your room and we were playing viedeo game and i looked down and your dick was hanging out the leg of your boxers, and i was like wow, my brother has a big dick" it was embarrassing yet flattering
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