freeballin' in basketball shorts

While I love freeballing basketball shorts are too much for me, too obviously revealing. However, I really really enjoy it when I see a guy obviously swinging free in his shorts. So for that I

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While I love freeballing basketball shorts are too much for me, too obviously revealing. However, I really really enjoy it when I see a guy obviously swinging free in his shorts. So for that I thank you!
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My favorite thing in the world; spotting VPL in basketball shorts or sweats. Reminds me of a very handsome teacher I had in boarding school, who also lived in the same dorm I did during summer school. This teacher was also an athlete & could be found in the gym playing basketball or jogging around campus. Nice bubble butt ass & a very noticeable good piece of meat straining fabric whenever he took a shot playing basketball. Bouncing memories, lol. Loved it.
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We need more pictures! I have some I made with my digital camera but I need to block out faces.
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I'm in Florida at the moment and for the last three weeks I haven't bothered with underwear. Just throw on my shorts in the morning and away I go. I'm not a real shower so I'm not concerned about being obvious but maybe I don't see it. I love the freedom and think I'll go commando more often.

What's curious however is that I see other guys freeballing and apparently not ashamed of showing off in public but at the beach the swim suits are outrageous - those board shorts cover way too much IMHO. On one side guys are not afraid of showing off while on the other they're shy (urinal dividers, long, baggy boardshorts, etc).

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We had a mocha black Puerto Rican named "Baby" on the Wolves team. Favored player by men, women, and the opposing team, it was a total pleasure for all to watch Baby dribble the ball. I'm sure the ball never felt so rewarded as when it left his hand and it slipped into the waiting basket hoop for a slam dunk.
He was a good 10 incher, and that is being conservative. That soft Mr. Happy would just jostle up and down and all around through every play on the court. Honestly, I swear, we'd watch with our mouths wide open! No matter if we won or lost, everyone scored!
His curly hair, light brown skin and pearly white-white teeth that were always sponsoring a smile didn't hurt, either. Nor did his 6"2" lanky lean muscled frame. On every dribble, his arms just rippled.
Best of all, he was a true switch hitter who would play for both teams, as long as you were a fan, he'd oblige you. And, again, we all were.
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Went to a family barbecue on Sunday and saw a couple of cousins and nephew who I hadn't seen in a while since they went away to college. They had on basketball shorts and were evidently freeballing in them so it might possibly be popular among younger guys, although there seemed to be a lot of freeballing in general.
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It feels so good wearing shorts without anything underneath but it's becoming too obvious for me to go out like that. I keep the nice bulge but no swinging!
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