Stretching her out?

So I had sex with a girl last night and this morning. Before I stuck it in her this morning she made the comment, "You have to cum fast, my cunt is still sore from

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Stretching her out?

So I had sex with a girl last night and this morning. Before I stuck it in her this morning she made the comment, "You have to cum fast, my cunt is still sore from last night." Any of you get these comments and know why you get them? I was wondering if I should grant myself an ego boost (thinking along the lines that I did a good job stretching her out from my girth) or if the comment was made because of something else. I didn't use a condom (so that wasn't drying her out or anything) and it wasn't particularly rough sex.

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I get that all the time. If a girl hasn't had a big dick...or hasn't done it in awhile...that is pretty much a natural comment. Especially if the time before was a good long fuck session.

Pretty common...and IMO...take it easy the next time out...if indeed she is sore.

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Same here. The longer I've been with a girl, the less frequent those kinds of comments get, so I have a feeling her getting used to the girth is at least partially the cause. I was long distance with a girl for a while and we'd only really get to have sex on the weekends. Unfortunately we'd pretty much only get to have sex one day per weekend. She'd generally be too sore the next day. Sometimes she'd be too sore for round two on the same day.
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I've never let soreness stand in the way of more great dick. Maybe you could persuade her to try again with lots of lube and gentleness? Once you lube the outside and if she gets turned on enough and wet inside she will enjoy it after the initial soreness. Just my experience. Hope she lets you try it. She might thank me later.
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Any woman can be sore after sex if it's especially vigorous, not wet enough, rubs her at a bad angle, or any number of reasons. It's not necessarily because you stretched her out.
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sometimes it's "that time of the month" approaching. women are most receptive to sex right in the middle between perriods, when they are ovulating. they are receptive physically and mentally. they are horny.
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a sore cunt may be a compliment to you....the vigorous fucking. Or she may be sore to begin with. My cock is sore sometimes, both inside and out, when I have a particularly long fuck or multiple fucks. Battle wounds.
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I just think some girls hurt more than others, not to take anything away from you. It could have been a while between fucks.

But the last time I did it, i got a text the morning after say "Hey Shoe, guess who's box hurts?"

I laughed :)
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B_Artful Dodger

It depends on the sitution, but just give yourslef the ego boost anyway man. If you were shite u wouldn't be gettin any at all and she'd have fucked off already so your clearly doin a good job
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D_Alfredo Hites
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i've gotten that comment many times. just depends on the situation. one time, the girl was walking semi bull-legged at work the next day and told me she was sore. thought that was funny and made me look good since she told her friends.
my girl right now gets sore frequently even from "regular sex"; but that's because she has a tight asian pussy. kinda sucks sometimes because she'll do the "running away from it" thing. especially doggystyle. i usually don't let her by holding her hands down, or holding them behind her back during doggystyle. ironically, she gets really wet and usually comes when i do this. i think its the whole dominance thing and the fact that deep down inside, every girl wants to get the daylights fucked out of them every now and then.


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