When you put your penis up someone's ass how......

ddenham: When you put your penis up someone's ass how dose it feel? why do we do it? can it hurt? how many times do you do it?? Do you even do it?? who do

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When you put your penis up someone's ass how......

ddenham: When you put your penis up someone's ass how dose it feel? why do we do it? can it hurt? how many times do you do it?? Do you even do it?? who do you do it to??
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gaycocksucka4eva: OMG!
U Neva fucked ass before? :D

k here are the steps to givin ya partner a good ass fuck!

1. kiss him and turn him on first
2. lick his ass a cupple times! help him relax
3. lube up ya index finger
4. finger him with ya index finger a while
5.add your middle finger
6. ring fingger
7. use both index fingers and spread his ass open
8. lube up his ass a little more
9. lube up your cock
10.spread hiss cheeks one more time
11.slowly, put your head in his ass
12.slowly take it out
13.repeat steps 11-13 over and over untill your whole cock is in his ass adding only a little cock each time
14.once the whole cock is in, increase your speed
15.when close to orgasm, pound as hard as you can
16.hold your cock inside his ass as you cum
17.kiss him on the lips
18.give him some tounge
19.tell him u love him
20.remove your cock! ;)
And that my friend is how you giv ya luva the best fuck in the world!
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absolut_23: that gaycocksucka4eva is THE BEST set of instructions for getting it up a guys ass......I'm a bottom and just listening to those steps is enough to let me know that you must be really popular with the guys................if more guys knew what you knew, all us bottoms would be in heaven!

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tigerwolf: The only thing I'd change out of that is telling him that you love him, unless you really do. That's opening a big can of worms if you're using the L word improperly.
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I like to be on top, that way I can control how fast or how much I take. (I am a size queen when it comes to anal) Last night I had a girl lick and finger my ass to loosen it up so her boyfriend could put his 10" up my ass. It is always best to have somes "prep" you up first.

Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.
(I have a catapult. Give me all your money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head)

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manninman: Just say "no pain, no gain".
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i am straight but since someone sent me to this site ' i see these nice big cocks, they make me envious with my 6 incher + and make my ass horny i would love to try a long thin cock up my ass! how do i start? discreetly
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Zipcodefinder, perhaps go to a sex shop and buy a flexible dildo. I started out at about 6" and worked up from there. (I'm extremely tight ; } )
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Just started out with dildos and believe me wow what an experience...I bought an Eddie Diaz dildo...Big 8" and thick and wow I said no pain no gain played with my ass for a while put on a good Raging Stallion porno and started working my way until it was in balls DEEP! best experience ever! Today I finally was able to use my Gage Weston 10" Dildo that was great for me too stinged a little but it went away after riding for a while. That one also went in balls deep with lots of Pjur lube good porn and Lelo vibrating cock ring all was glory! Now if I could get some real cock in this town that would be great! So hard to find now a days!
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ass, penis

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