How do you shave your pubes w/o cutting yourself?

bigdick04: Hey guys Just curious how do you shave your pubic area without getting alot of nics? i need to know cause this is a problem for me. :-[

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How do you shave your pubes w/o cutting yourself?

bigdick04: Hey guys

Just curious how do you shave your pubic area without
getting alot of nics? i need to know cause this is a problem for me. :-[
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The best way to keep from cutting yourself when shaving is to get someone else to do it for you. ;)


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bkozy54: I have been shaving & trimming for 2 years now & cannot imagine letting it all grow back! I have found that doing it in the shower is the best. I rarely get nicks or scraps & I get a nice close shave. I use the Gilette Mach 3 razor, always use a new blade & have found that Nivea shave cream works the best. Afterwards, I use Nivea after shave on my cock & balls to soothe any irritation and to keep the skin moisurized. :)
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TechnoTed: Yaa, mon. I use the Mach 3 for a month without any problems. Its like using it upside down; no difference. Try it mon; you like it. No problem; its the best. Quick and easy. While you'll at it, shave your perineum and between your crack. You'll love the results. ;D
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ORCABOMBER: I do it in the bath, legs akimbo (now there's a thought!)

Erm...shave up and down, follow or go against the grain, NEVER sidewards on your dick.
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For the pubes I just trim away the foliage with a beard and moustache trimmer, I go close but not bare.

For the cock and balls (I've got colorless hairs covering my scrotum and running half way up the underside of my shaft -- the phrase "Semolina Pilchard Climbing Up The Eiffel Tower" comes to mind...) I use a Gillette Mach III Turbo, DRY. It's quite easy that way, and I've never nicked myself. I don't like the sensation of a perfectly smooth shave down there, the few times I tried shaving it with cream, I had some problems with ingrown hairs and zits. Trimming the forest growing in my "taint" area with a dry razor also works well too.

The trick to shaving your scrotum with a dry razor is to stretch the skin out with one hand while shaving with the other. I never get nicks.

It might be different for guys with different hair textures than mine, or with larger, looser scrotums (mine would be considered small even for an average-hung guy, with my unit I look like a eunoch). But this technique works for me.
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ORCABOMBER: Hey DB, I tend to like having it perfectly smooth. At the mo, it's crew-cut! :D

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big010dog: Me too I've been shaving for the last 4 years in the shower and never get cut....just do it slowly and carefuly...I use a Gillette Mach III with any cream...having a shaved cock makes it look bigger which arouse me to wank it :P
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javyn: i've been using normal electric clippers for my pubes, but use a microtrimmer for my balls and the harder to reach places. go to walgreens or eckerds, and get one. only 10 bucks, and can trim just about anything. balls, nosehair, eyebrows, you name it.
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gtkroy: Microtouch Trimmer

I've fallen in love with this device. I nearly shaved my entire body when I got the thing. You can order them online or get them at your local Wal-mart for $9.46 I think.
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Willmeister: I find the balls easy to shave without nicking them. The dick is a different matter. Being in the shower helps. I only trim the bush. I tried shaving the bush, but I got all kinds of red bumps.
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I trim with a beard and mustache trimmer. If you want to shave with a safty razor the best way is to have your partner join you in the shower and shave it for you.
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ORCABOMBER: I've found it easier to do "downstairs" than my face with a hand razor!

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hung: Very carefully. I have nicked my balls, but never sliced into the penis. Although I do not completely shave I do grooming on the base of the shaft because I am an avid condom user and I do not appreciate the body hair rolling up when I remove the condom.
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Umm....the little devices call the "Finishing Touch" or something to that extent. It is small enough to handle and get everywhere, but like the infomercial says it won't cut. And to my knowledge or experience, it hasn't cut. I too and very scared to use a razor and this seemed to work just time. Just make sure to take your time and pull your skin!
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