My GF talking about other cocks she's had. Anybody else?

Originally Posted by Rogercock Deep down you guys just want to see your GFs pumped by larger rods, go on, admit it and discuss it with your GFs, youd be suprised how common this is.

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Originally Posted by Rogercock View Post
Deep down you guys just want to see your GFs pumped by larger rods, go on, admit it and discuss it with your GFs, youd be suprised how common this is.
I don't think so, I had an ex who had an ex with, I'd estimate, 9x7 (she reckoned it was bigger than her big vibrator which was 8.5x6.5, I measured). I've always been fascinated by big dicks, but only by what it would be like to have one. Her tales of feeling it reaching more than half way to his knee while driving, feeling it big and flacid through her hand in his pocket, seeing it reach past his belly button as he lay on his back, all used to turn me on massively. She also talked of how he often had trouble getting it up (even though they were both 18) and if he did get fully hard she couldn't get it all in and how she could never have let him fuck her the way I did.

We were just very open about sex and, to be honest, she is the one woman I was ever really able to talk to about my big dick fascination.
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as someone with a small member already in a cuckold relationship,my wife dervices great pleasure from sharing her past and current experiences with bigger cocks.
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Originally Posted by wellhungfireman View Post
im not surprused gangsta can you post and pics on this thread as cant see the thumbnails :(
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damm that big in that pic, always been very confident with my 7.75by 6.50 cock until my gf had talked about some massive thing that barely fit in her. i know there bigger then me out there but didnt think that much... must of looked like that one with more girth. i dont know why i feel like i have to b e the biggest owell ill just pump that helps a little with some exedcises
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>Does anyone here mind when your gf's/bf's/wives talk about the other cocks that they have been with? I personally love hearing about all the other cocks. Big, small whatever. It's a very big turn on for me. She has only been with one other guy that was bigger than me and i get such a hard on when she talks about sucking it.
A couple of things needs to be mentioned here. First, almost every girl will *mention* that one big dick she's hand in her hands. Usually, this is a prick to the current guy's ego, to keep him in check. Second, unless it's extraordinary, most dicks just blend into one blurry memory, so it's hard for us to talk about every guy we've been with. Third, when we really have been with Mr. Big, we remember every little detail, every vein, how big his balls were, etc.

While I'll definitely talk to my current bf about the size of other guys I've been with, I am a horrible person because I also talk about foreskins -- something I absolutely am nuts for -- and since he's cut, there's nothing he can do to compete with uncut guys.
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D_Suckleberry Hound

Mind? Hell, I encourage it. My wife and I have both been with our share of people and she's had many big cocks. I love hearing about them. My favorite story is hearing about when she went home with two big black guys. She knows this story always gets my instantly hard. I love thinking about how she's had other guys inside her, especially the ones with cocks bigger and in some cases much bigger, than me. Of course, when I ws younger I was jealous of all this, but not today. Hell, she's been in the room when I've fucked other women, why would I care about her past. It is a huge turn on.
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it's a huge turn on for me.

for us, though, it's only fantasy. she's never been with anyone else so i get her to tell me how big she things other guys are... her fantasy dicks, fantasy fucks... shit like that....
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D_Landrocke DeLonguepiece III
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My GF and I talked about our past sex partners one night. All of her guys were really well hung. Minimum 9 inches by what she said. I felt a bit intimidated, as I am small. But it was still a turn one when she told me about them. So we went back to my place and fucked.

Originally Posted by hoss76 View Post
Hi guys.
Does anyone here mind when your gf's/bf's/wives talk about the other cocks that they have been with?

I personally love hearing about all the other cocks. Big, small whatever. Its a very big turn on for me. She has only been with one other guy that was bigger than me and i get such a hard on when she talks about sucking it.
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Its a conversation we've had once and while. My wife didn't have too much experience before me but did tell a few stories about the few guys she sucked and JO-ed and 1 who fucked before. It's kind of fun to try to imagine her back then I guess. Sounds like she had all smaller sized cocks too.

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I love this subject too. In fact, I've asked the last several girls I've been with. Surprisingly, many of them really get into it. As long as you let them know you're cool with her having been with bigger guys, they're usually willing to be honest with you.

Sometimes I'll ask while I'm just getting inside of her. Something like, "so, do you like big dicks?" or "I want to think about you getting fucked by a long dick." It is such a big turn on when they start telling me how many hung guys they've been with.

Another fun (or just plain fucking nuts) thing I like is when I get them to show me or send me pictures of them sucking an ex or current boyfriend, or even getting fucked by him. Love seeing the comparison. If the guy was longer, I get turned on thinking of her being with someone so hung. If I'm longer and thicker, I get turned on knowing that. A win-win situation!!!

Obviously its not something you can bring up with every girl. Once you bring it up, you'll be able to tell by her reaction whether or not you can ask more about it.
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i'm in a cuckold relationship with my wife, she has had the same lover the past 5 years and she was fucking him when we met. i begged her for details and she finally admitted he was bigger than me, as i lay there hearing this i masturbated telling her how hot it was. i love knowing that she is getting the cock she deserves
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I wonder if when some girls are told their partner wants to hear about hung exes that they invent some. Must happen, or hung cocks are more common than thought.

7.25 (NBPL) x 6-6.5
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Guys face it - you want to hear about the sex your wife, gf,etc. had before you because guys simply enjoy that - it's almost like watch porn or looking at a porn mag. We also think that we are the best lovers with the biggest and hardest dicks. Unfortunately all too often, there are guys who are bigger and better in the dick size department. So what us average guys have to do is learn to eat pussy real good, be open to kinky stuff like snowballing and cream pie eating, dildos up our asses and almost anything else that will keep our lovers happy and sexually satisfied.
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Actually I don't like to hear or think about my girl taking another dick. I just do my thing the way I do it. She does mention other dicks sometimes, but I have told her I don't want to know. My length was a bit painful for her at first, so that's the thing we discussed in detail. Otherwise, I am not interested in her exes.
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It came up a couple times with my x. She said one guy had a dick a little longer but thinner and one who had a dick that was thicker but an inch or so shorter. Other than that, i'm the biggest she's had out of the 11 guys she's fucked.

I'll just count it as a win. :)

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