Glory Hole or Theatre Stories???

Any girls of guys with these types of stories or encounters, lets here it. I'll start.. I was about 17 and went to porn store just to see if i could get in without being

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Glory Hole or Theatre Stories???

Any girls of guys with these types of stories or encounters, lets here it. I'll start..

I was about 17 and went to porn store just to see if i could get in without being ID'd. I was browsing the straight stuff when I noticed a sign for a porn theater. I made sure the desk worker was looking away and walked in. It was super dark and had a dank smell, but there was a large screen with some bi porn on. I saw an empty seat and sat not sure what to do.
As I waited for 10 minutes or so, I saw other guys (mainly upper 40s/50s) crowed around in the front. I decided to check it out and it was then and there that I first saw sex, at least I person. Now I had done some stuff with girls before but not much, and deep down I knew I longed for cock, and what I saw was a real turn on.
A bottom was being pounded from behind while he took turns blowing two guys. I watched for a little bit when an older guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I needed help with my you-know-what (erection). At the moment he caught me completely off guard because first I didn't realize I had one and second this was against everything that had been ingrained in my head. I slowly said "sure," not knowing what to expect and so he started touching me and as I came close to cumming, he sat me down in a chair so my knees didn't buckle. he recognized me cumming and quickly engulfed my cock in his mouth and sucked me dry (first blowjob). It was the most amazing feeling and now years after many blowjobs I can honestly say that woman do not know how to give them properly. This guy knew what it was like to engulf a cock and knew exactly how much suction and tongue pressure to use.
As I sat there regaining strength, he whipped out his monster of a piece (8.5" easily) and began to jack off, he slowly crept towards me as I sat and eventually his cock was right next to my face. I looked up to him not sure what to do and he gently put his hand on my head and guided me to his prick. I struggled to take it in at first and really only worked half. I remember the salty taste and the way he thrusted his hips into my face. I was hot as hell and so was this guy and as he humped my mouth. This went on for a bout 5 minutes and I could feel his grip on my hair tightening while his thrusts sped up and were causing me to gag. Eventually he held my head over his tip and wouldn't let me off until he came. He came so hard, I felt like I was choking, the cum was too thick and I needed off. I raced away after he came and immediately left the store, almost runnng into one person on my way out.
I had been borrowing my parents car and on the way home I looked in the rear view to see myself with cum on my chin and top of my shirt. I wiped it off as soon as I noticed but then realized what a slut I must have looked like when I ran out of the store with cum on my face. The feeling iIgot from being used turned me on and since then I have never looked back.
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my first time was also in a movie arcade through a glory hole. The guy was huge and when I peeked through I was just blown away seeing him jacking such a big dick and seeing his balls bouncing up and down. He motioned for me to put my cock through so I took it out and he sucked me to a knee shaking orgasm in just a few minutes. I slumped back on the seat and glanced over to see his huge dick slide through the hole. I didnt know what to do so I stroked it for a while and then decided that it was time to see what it was like so I kneeled down and put it in my mouth and bobbed my head. I was dizzy with excitement and fear and did this for a while and was afraid he would come in my mouth so I got up quickly and bolted out of the store, almost knocking people over. I heard laughter as I exited. I must have looked terrified.
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i wasn't born queer, i got sucked into it. when adult bookstores with movie rooms first appeared in my city, i began frequenting them and watching straight porn movies, all the while noticing guys getting together in the dark corners. i wasn't sure what was going on there in the dark. now, i wish i'd gone into those corners with other men. i wasted so much time. as the movie rooms improved and glory holes appeared, i would let guys reach through and play with my dick and jack me off. they'd stick their big cocks through the hole, but i was too timid to ever touch another man's cock. after all, i was married and in my early twenties. i'd never been interested in other men. i was straight, or so i thought. one day, i was letting a guy play with my dick, when he stuck his cock and balls through the very large glory hole, and i was stunned by his enormous size. i'm very small, and this guy had a huge cock and enormous balls. to this day i've only seen a few pairs of balls as large as his. i reached down, and for the first time felt another man's balls and sroked his cock. i liked it. i liked it alot. from that point on i allowed myself to play with other men's cocks, and progressed to allowing them to suck my little dick. i still liked women, and had a great sex life ( on my part anyway) with my young wife, but i enjoyed having sex with other men more and more. as my sex life with my wife matured, i started bringing home fuck books and discovered how attracted she was to men with big, fat cocks. it began to dawn on me , after comparing myself to the guys in the arcades and the men in the fuck books,how small i was, and that i really couldn't satisfy my wife. at the same time, i realized that i was attracted to men with huge cocks just as she was. one new years eve, we'd been drinking, and she sent me out for somemore champagne to ring in the new year. i looked for an open liquor store and found myself in my favorite part of town where all the dirty bookstores and arcades were. i went to my favorite movie room and, being a little buzzed, wound up in a booth with another man, something i'd never had the courage to do before. he unzipped his pants and pulled out a huge thick long cock. he shoved me to my knees, and pulled my head toward his thick, uncut smelly cock. i took it in my mouth. i remember thinking "finally, i'm sucking another mans' cock!" i sucked and sucked, until he shoved that big long thing deep into my throat, and i felt his hot cum squirting into my esophagus and dripping down into my stomach. he wanted me to go home with him, but i had to get back to my wife. i felt so dirty and disgusted with myself, but at the same time i was thrilled that i had finally sucked anotherman's dick and swallowed his cum, and i loved it! i returned home to my wife with the champagne, my dirty secret, and my new destiny. that was my baptism. since then i've been divorced and married five times, and sucked many thousands of cocks. for years, i managed to stop at the dozen or more movie rooms in my city each day of the week. it was nothing for me to suck 10 or 15 cocks per visit.i figure i've sucked hundreds of thousands of cocks over the years. i like women, but i can't satisfy them sexually. i've always liked being married, but i love the feel of another man's cock in my mouth, and i love the taste and smell of jiz. oh, yeh. i began visiting the sex clubs in san francisco, and taking it in the ass, with protection thank goodness. i convinced my young wife to go with me, and witnessed her being fucked by some very big men, and it wasn't long before she left me for a guy with a big fat cock. that's one thing my wives and i have all had in common. we all like men with big cocks. so straight guys, stay away from queers like me. if you try it, you might discover how much you like it! i must say that i have no regrets. i love sucking cock, and only wish i'd started years before i did.
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My story is very similar as I also began watching straight movies in those booths and switched the button to a gay one (they only had two choices in the booth at the time) and found myself hugely aroused. It was the first time I had ever jacked off in the booth as well. I was too timid to look any other guys in the face then and just knew that everyone there thought I was queer and wanted to fuck me or do other things. I went on like this for years, visiting video booths all over California, watching the selection of hot gay movies until one day I finally put my cock through a hole and let a guy suck me off. I then sucked him but not to completion as I was freaked. I have since sucked a lot of cocks and even fucked a few guys but have not bottomed....yet.
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The first time I got head through a glory hole was at a mall in suburban Chicago when I was 15. I had to use the john, all the urinals were taken, so I darted into an empty stall. Didn't know about glory holes until then...standing there peeing, when I noticed a couple of fingers come through a hole in the partition...and then he stuck his tounge through!! I looked through it, he motioned for me to stick my dick through, he was about 30 and pretty handsome, so I went for it. It wasn't my first BJ, but I figured what the hell. Within 5 minutes I was spooging down his throat. It was amazing.

Since then I've become a big fan of glory hole sex. With men and women. Just last week I went to a local adult bookstore and a guy asked me if he could film my dick through he glory hole while his wife blew me and then let me fuck her. It was for their own private use, but after I was done, they showed me the clip on their camera before I left. GREAT shot of my load dripping out of her at the end.
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2 weeks ago I went to an adult theatre downtown.
This guy in his mid to late thirties was jacking off across from where I was sitting when an older man came in & sat behind me. As the guy continued jacking off the guy behind me got up, undid his pants and started jacking off standing up. Since everyone wasn't shy I pulled pulled out my dick and stroked myself. The guy behind me walked up to the guy jacking off and stroked him, then they were both jacking each other. At some point the guy that was sitting started sucking the guys dick with reckless abandon.

The guy getting the bj looked at me and said "why don't you bring that big black cock over here", so I walked over. He jacked me while getting sucked. The guy that was giving head stopped sucking and looked at me, he played with my balls while I was getting jacked. He then put his lips around my hard cock and sucked me while I jacked off the guy he stopped sucking. Part of me was wondering what the hell am I doing, but it felt too good and I was so horny that I couldn't stop this now. I said I was going to cum and he kept sucking, so I came in his mouth and he swallowed. He turned his attention back to the guy he was sucking before and shortly after he came too.
I was still hard as hell so I sat down in the seat in front of the guys and watched them continue to suck each other off while I jacked off again.

I was so damn horny that day.
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I was in the Air Force in my early 20s and stopped in an adult bookstore in Kansas City. I was just watching porn, watching my own business, when a crumpled up piece of paper flew in from overhead. I opened it, and it was a note saying, "You're hot. I'll give you the best blowjob you've ever had." I was curious but also really paranoid because of the whole military thing. I opened the booth and in front of me appeared this really cute college guy wearing a KU Jayhawks sleeveless T-shirt. He quickly pushed me back into the booth, undid my belt and jeans, got on his knees, and slid my underwear down. And he gave me the most mind-numbing blowjob. I had just got done blowing a huge load when a middle age black guy opened the door and I completely freaked out. I quickly pulled up my pants and ran out of there. But I hung onto the note that the college guy had sent me, and jerked off to that memory many, many times after.
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I was on the road headed to the coast when late one night I stopped at a gas station to fill up. I had to go take a shit so i grabbed the key from the guy at the front counter and headed to the washrooms in the back. I got into the stall and sat down. I began to look around as I sat down and I saw this cut in the wall blocked by a piece of plywood or something. I pushed it around to see what was behind it when all of a sudden it moved and out through the hole popped a big white cock. From the shirt the guy was wearing it looked like the guy from the register. He told me to suck his cock. I wrapped my hand around his vieny soft cock. It was pretty big already (6"). I started to stroke it as I stroke my own cock. I put my lips around his head and began to lick the precum off of his tip. I sucked his cock for a good 10 minutes till he and i both cummed. I then finished my shit. I went back to the counter to see a big grin on the guys face. I bought my gas, a gatorade and a pack of mints and left! lol
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