The Healthy and "Nice" Penis

WanzGoodhead: I've been told many times that I have a "pretty dick". I hear that only second to "Dam! It's so big." I'd have to agree with both statements.

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WanzGoodhead: I've been told many times that I have a "pretty dick". I hear that only second to "Dam! It's so big." I'd have to agree with both statements.
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ORCABOMBER: [quote author=RoysToy link=board=health;num=1071218244;start=0#14 date=12/17/03 at 00:56:18]BigDicknBalls: Welcome to LPSG, guy, your profile name indicates your being among the proper group of men.
You're not one of them "Dick Nazis" who if he doesn't see anything smaller than 12 inches goes "INFERIOR!" are you.
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No way, ORCABOMBER. If I were I would have to admit I was a lurker, heaven forbid! I just wanted an excuse to welcome BigDicknBalls!

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James249620002000: Some people are concerned with how pretty their dick is. Look at the "Rate my Schlong" web site.

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[quote author=BigDicknBalls link=board=health;num=1071218244;start=0#0 date=12/12/03 at 0024]I'm not exactly sure how to phrase this post. Would you consider your penis to be attractive to look at? I think you'd say this is an asthetic question. I know most guys "like" their cock. But besides what sexual pleasure it gives you, do you get any pleasure from just looking at it? My best buddy & I were talking about this recently, & he thinks a dick is "just" a dick. :-/[/quote]

All penises are grotesque except for mine! :D
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Lets see -- some one set the date, place and time for our most beautiful penis contest. The judges will be instructed to completely ignore size and consider the organ's esthetic beauty only. BTW, I volunteer to be a judge. :D

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ORCABOMBER: Not another beauty contest I wont win! :'(
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